Sunday, October 26, 2008

unexpected visitor

So on friday, we were pouring the rest of a driveway and steps, etc. and all of a sudden a new fire engine pulls up. One of J's best friends is in charge of the vehicles at the fire dept. They are looking at getting a new engine, and someone brought one down for them to check out. J's friend brought it to the job site so we could get a look at it. The guys who work for us are volunteers, so they were also very interested. We all forgot about the concrete...while they checked out all the cool things on the engine...and I took photos. It was funny cause the salesman just stepped away and let them have their time checking everything out. I thought Travis was such a good friend for keeping J in the loop. but when I told him that, he said J told him he HAD to bring it by.

I thought it was still cool. There are benefits for working in a small department...and having the right friends! ;)

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Dan and Lacy King said...

That is FUN! I am planning on taking the boys to the fire department soon, I believe they are having a Children's day so I think they will love that... To tell you the truth I want to see the engines too! THEY ARE SO COOL