Monday, October 6, 2008

We had our Tuna Feed a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I was so busy cooking and trying to keep everything running smoothly that I wasn't able to take many photos. The Tuna Feed is a tradition that we have in our branch when the tuna is running. It is basically a potluck with tuna as the main dish. We cut the fresh tuna in small, bite size chunks, wrap each in a half slice of bacon, with a water chestnut tucked in there somewhere...and then grilled until done. They are killer yummy. I like canned tuna alright, but had no idea what fresh tuna was all about, before my first tuna feed some 10 years ago.
So, I was determined to have one this year...even though things seemed to not work out for it. We did get it scheduled, and had to change because of scheduling conflicts with members, and we rescheduled it, and then at the last minute we still had major helpers not be able to show up. But it was still a great time and great food. J was on duty, but fortunately he was able to come and help out and eat.

This is the cake Kas made for the event. It cracked right away, but was still yummy! She loves chocolate with white icing...I like all chocolate....and so does her daddy, so it was good. in fact I think it was all gone by the time we went home. Anyways, she has been really enjoying cooking lately. While I was in Idaho with Gramma Jello, she called me to tell me a friend had invited them over for sunday dinner...and gave them the option of picking the dessert. Kas said she would let her know...and REALLY wanted to tell her she would take care of dessert. That's my girl!!!! Our friend ended up making them yummy cinnamon rolls....and Kas actually hasn't done many recipes ALL BY it could have been very interesting, but I loved the enthusiasm, and desire! So, now all my kids are turning out to be great cooks! They all have their specialties. maybe sometime I will have to blog their foods. pretty interesting and good.


Elli said...

Sorry the tuna feed didn't go quite as planned. I totally would have been there! I thought it was a lot of fun!

The Freemans said...

Miss this one, too! Well, not the tuna so much, but the feed part. And the people part.

Congrats to Kas on her cake! Doesn't matter what it looks like as long as it's yummy, which is sounds like it was. Success!!

Dan and Lacy King said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMM it all sounds yummy to me! I hope with us being on the east coast now we will be able to do some of these awesome "SEA" traditions! We'll see, I may be calling you for some ideas!

batch5 said...

OH! I forgot about the tuna feed!! It WAS delicious. Thanks for bringing back a good memory.