Tuesday, October 14, 2008

call of the career

In August J had the call of a career. I haven't said anything about it because I didn't want to violate hippa...but, I think it is okay now, since he was awarded for his actions on the call, and it was all explained in a public forum. He made a shift change with another emt, and had been on shift for just a few minutes, when tones went out for a preg woman in labor. Soon after they said she was 23 weeks along, and the foot was hanging out! Now, for a little history....J has dreaded the labor call. Most people like these calls, but J wasn't interested. But, when it happens, you don't have a choice. He and the Medic on duty responded. He said at the top of the stairs were a few pit bulls that they had to get through to get to the woman in the bathroom. Anyways, they got her in the ambulance, picked up another medic at the firedept on the way to the hospital...and off they went. the first Medic delivered the baby and handed her off to J and the other medic. When she was born she was blue and not breathing. but they started cpr on her and by the time they arrived at the hospital she was breathing. Like I mentioned before, she was 23 weeks along....not even 6 months....She was 1 lb 9 oz. J said her head was about the size of a light bulb. She was 12 inches long. Now, she is over 2 lbs. and has been doing very well. They are just waiting for her weight to come up so she can come home. All of the responders were each awarded a medal... for their amazing work. The medic who delivered the baby was asked to sign the attending physician spot on the birth certificate, and the parents were there. It was awesome. they also did a slide show of the baby with the song 'the first time....ever I saw your face......' it was killer.
This is one photo from the slide show. I want to respect the privacy of the family but I also wanted you to see how little she is...She is a miracle. J was on a high after that call. He called me right afterwards, just saying he was in awe...It was awesome. What I originally thought was going to be the dreaded call, became the call of a career!

Today I was able to pick blackberries....only for the 2nd time this season. It took awhile, but I got quite a batch. They were beautiful, but I got a lot of scratches, and amazingly my feet were soaked even though it was around noon and the last time it rained was yesterday morning. Oh how I love the PNW. I think we still have berries because we had such a cool summer and warm fall. Anyways, I am thankful, since I haven't been able to pick much.
Jam tonight...well, I was trying to decide...do I want more jam, or a pie. I love love love blackberry pie! I think I may have enough for both! Weeeeeeeeeee....

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The Freemans said...

Very exciting! Congrats to Jeremy on his award. Have fun with your berries! :)