Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Last weekend we were able to attend the baptism of my beautiful niece. I love baptisms. Here is mom and dad with the special girl. And here she is with Grandpa and Grandma Simpson.
We had quite an experience while we were driving to the stake center. We were following my brother and his family, and my parents were behind us. All of a sudden our car started sputtering, and we realized we were running out of gas. We were on some country road...so we kept going as far as we could. There were alot of hills, so we joked about making it to the top of the hill and coasting down. It was funny and dumb...that we didn't notice our situation. I was just glad J was driving. hehe....anyways, we finally died on the top of a hill. J told the boys to jump out and push us so we could coast down, and told me to drive and he jumped out. While we were switching, I noticed the church was right there...halfway down the hill! Talk about tender mercies! The guys coasted us into the parking lot. We went to the baptism and didn't have to worry about the car until after.....and we found a gas station with fuel at $3.16...last we paid it was probably $3.59....but, the gas can (1 gallon) was like $10. and then the station where we filled up, was not that inexpensive, even though it was the same company.

We found other success on that trip. J found the watch he's been wanting for $64 rather than $300! He was so excited! And Kas found a cute snowboarding jacket and pants. sorry, no photos yet. Now she can't wait to get on the slopes! well, we are all excited for that!

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