Thursday, February 26, 2009

some of my favorite things about the road to HANA

"The famed Hana Highway twists and turns for 52 miles along the coast, negotiating some 600 curves and passing over 54 bridges." I don't think most people would consider it a 'highway'! It is very narrow and some places where it is just one lane. It is very green and beautiful. Pretty much a day event. The amazing thing, is people live all along the route. Hana is a small town, but there was a chapel there...probably bigger than the one in Ocean Shores...I can't imagine driving that road every day. But it is very beautiful.

When we were there, the waterfalls where flowing pretty heavily. Towards the end are the Seven Sacred Pools...which really aren't sacred, and I think maybe not even 7...or so I am told. But, anyways, there was so much water in them you could hardly see the distinct pools. Anyways, it made for beautiful waterfalls all along the route...these are just a few.

It also meant mud. I was determined to do some exploring and hiking around. so we got dirty!

I did wear the right shoes though...except amazingly, they did give me blisters! I think from the sand. Jeremy had a bit of a harder time negotiating the mud in his flip flops. I told him to bring his chacos! There were street vendors at a few of the bigger stops along the way. this guy made beautiful baskets out of banana leaves. I got one. That was one thing I really wanted from my last trip, but didn't get cause I thought I would have another opportunity.
aren't these beautiful. and inexpensive when you buy them here.

shell lei's. I loved them but didn't get any.

Jeremy paitently waiting for me while I shopped. He was an angel! And Tanner. He'd jumped int he car with us!
I loved the varieties of trees, and was amazed by the interesting root systems.

The bamboo forest was another amazing thing. Sorry I don't have a better photo of this. A friend told us about a hike at the seven sacred pools. It was about 2 miles in. There were a bunch of waterfalls in the end. We went through the bamboo forest on this hike and saw other waterfalls. It was beautiful and a good hike. Here we are close to the end.

This is one of the grossest photos of me...but because I love you I am sharing it with you. If you want to know what I will look like it is!This one is much better!

The Hana day was very fun. I love the drive. Last time we were on Maui, we took it twice! It is definitely a must see!
More later.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I posted some Hawaii photos on facebook. I think you can see them if you take this link. and then click the (next) on the top right hand corner above the photo. Let me know if it works.

we had a great time. It was everything and more than I anticipated, and I much needed break. Except....since I have been home, I have been cold, and tired! I am definitely ready for spring.

It was very nice to have a get-a-way with Jeremy, but we are also silly, cause we missed our kids so much. We wanted them there experiencing all the cool things we were experiences. We decided this was an oportunity for us to, we can plan a family trip in a few years. Jeremy was able to get his scuba certification...and is hoping at least the boys can do that as well.

Well, we left for the airport sunday afternoon. after church and getting the kids settled and all. We went to Ann's...we are going to stay the night there and Al will take us to the airport early in the morning. We picked up Lori from the Airport that night. She flew in from SLC and is going to take 2 of Shayne's boys in the morning on a different flight. J and I are going to fly with my parents and Amber.
I sat right next to Amber and J sat across the aisle from me. I missed being able to lean on him. but was glad we were all able to sit together. The flight was long, I read most of it. J slept.

Once we got to the airport, we realized we were really in a dilema. I'd waited to reserve a car, cause I couldn't decide what car I wanted to rent...well, we were thinking of a sporty car, verses a jeep. I wanted the I did try to reserve a week or so before our trip, they said they were out of cars...all cars. I figured we would be able to find something once we got there. no luck. We couldn't find anything at all. Jeremy called a friend who used to live there, to see if he knew of some place....and then we saw Shayne, who'd flown in the day before and was coming to meet up with us and get his kids, and Lori. He said he'd accidentally reserved 2, maybe we could get the one he decided against. and thankfully we were able to. It was a nice sized suv....we ended up loving it...and it is something we wouldn't have gotten originally.

We stayed at a place where Shayne has used before when going for Karate training. It is a little lodge and cottage out in the country in Makaowa. Jeremy and I stayed in the cottage.
There were 2 big one with a king size bed...which Shayne's family used, and one with two twin beds. That room didn't really work well for anyone so they decided J and I could have it cause we are pretty comfortable together on a twin bed. We like to snuggle....We used the other bed for all our stuff. It worked out pretty well.

One of the differences I noticed here, than at the condo by the ocean we stayed at last time...were the bugs.....mostly little moths at night. If a door was left open they were all over inside. I went out on the deck to read one night, and couldn't handle it cause they were so numerous and annoying. A friend mentioned that the resorts spray to keep the bugs away.
We also found geckos in the house a few times. Otherwise, I really liked staying out there. I guess cause I am a country girl at heart.
This was our first glimpse of the ocean. Isn't it beautiful! I love how bright blue it is! There wer surfers here...that was fun watching.

On tuesday we took the trip to Hana. We saw lots of waterfalls and beautiful plants and cute little villages. I would love to take a full day and stop everywhere and explore. My computer is giving me problems so I am going to have to post more photos later. anyways, this will get you started. Hopefully the link will work as well.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Candle making by kas!

Elijah's candle was purple with some other colors on the bottom i can't remember the rest right now this one is mine..........i got a little scared because the colors weren't dry when we put the rest of the colors in it

that is one of my besties,summer we always are SO funny together!!!

we have been friends since kindergarten we met when every one was asking to sit by me on the bus i don't just mean 1 2 or 3 people asked me i mean like 7or8 people asked me!! and summer thought that i was so cool and she asked so sweetly if she could sit by me and i said yes and she thought it was so nice that i turned down all those people to sit by her!!

look at summer she looks so weird!there is all of our candles kaleb put 2 wicks in his if u can see!!
it is on the end were kaleb is

I am way behind with this but Kasidee turned 10 in December. Her birthday is close to Christmas....which always seems to make it inconvenient. This year, our branch (church) had a Christmas party on that same day, and I was in charge, so once again, her birthday took a back seat. As you can see, we tend to wrap her gifts in Christmas wrap. In fact, I wrapped all her presents and decided that day which were going to be Birthday and which were going to be christmas....lame, I know. Anyway, we went to the Christmas party, which was good. and then when we came home, She opened her presents. It was late, she had no cake...cause we had desert at the party...But, she is a good sport....Every year I vow to do better, but don't seem to do it...
She loves jewelry, and accessorizing.

She loves Pet Shop toys.

She loves makeup, and being pretty.

The next morning, fireman santa showed up at our house with stockings!

Kasidee loves her friends. She has a group of friends that she is very devoted to. This is Summer, one of her favorites. She also loves her cousins...the only problem is they live far away. She wishes she had a sister, but will have to do with good friends and good cousins to make up for it!

Kas is my girl. She helps me keep the testostrone levels down at our house. She is the baby of the family and takes on that role quite well. She is beautiful, smart, talented, creative. She loves to accessorize, and isn't afraid that others won't think she's cool...she knows she is. She can write a poem or a story at the drop of the hat, she memorizes amazingly well...which is something I always struggled with. She likes to make things beautiful. I love that she is a me. We are the only two in our family even though I am desperately trying to convert a few more over....

She loves animals...all of them...all the time. She will totally curl up with the dogs, sleep with them, she always wants them to be around. She would have lots of other pets if we let her...

She isn't afraid to do a little hard work. She can build a fire quite well, and knows how to make kindling. She is not quite as strong as her brothers, but she won't let that stop her from doing most anything. She does like being a girl though...and has a great balance.

When we were getting to know Kasidee, we were hoping she was a bit tomboy and a bit girly girl...and that is exactly what she is. I am amazed by her talents, and abilities and look forward to watching her grow up and continue to develop them. I am not looking forward to the tween years with this girl though...I can already tell we are going to have a few battles. She inherited stubbornness from someone!
....I promise next year I will do better for her birthday!