Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jeremy Getting Tazed

this video has been requested by popular demand. Enjoy!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy birthday to J today! we made a quick trip to Olympia on the Dakar..which was fun. then worked a bit. he came home and promptly fell asleep. and then we ate dinner and he went to bed. Oh the kids got him a movie, so we watched that while we were eating. Very lame, but he was able to do what he wanted. He worked last night...and was up on a call most of the night. The joys of adult birthdays. I did make a yummy dinner. Grilled tri tip roast. tortellini salad...garlic french bread. Yummy. and Elijah made a cheesecake...the fake kind..with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. at least we ate well. Carrie has drooled over her tri tip for forever, but this was my first opportunity to try it...and I am sold! I marinated it for a few hours, and the grilled for about 30 minutes. it was a little pink inside. Sorry I have no photos. It really was a drab party!

I sure love J. and am so glad he is my man! He is very talented. smart. fun. Sometimes he can be so sweet. He likes to be a brat, but he also lets me beat on him a bit when he is. We've been through a lot, our years together...we have grown a lot, laughed a lot, experienced the best and worst of life...and lived to tell about it. I feel very blessed to have this man as my partner!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

BMW, Family and Dance Festival

We went up to Tacoma on Thursday to get J's bike...the Dakar...Someone hit and dragged it while we were in Utah...So, he has been going through withdrawls for weeks. He was also very sweet and set me up with nice riding gear...with padding and armour, so I can be safe while riding. I did not know this previously, but BMW riders have a tendency to be 'safe' riders. They usually won't ride without a helmet, and think it is crazy to ride without riding coat and pants, even in the heat. because 'skin' is very expensive to replace...fine with me! I don't have a photo yet...but will post one soon. We figure the boys can use my gear when they ride as will be small on Jyj but will work.
After the BMW shop, we went to Palizzi's. Ann was able to come home...she has been in Utah with the boys since Kristy's death, but was finally granted a month long vacation. Mom has been there this week helping out. so, J rode home that evening, since he had to work friday, and I stayed to visit for a few days. We had so much fun with the boys. Brandon had to take a bike ride with J, Carter wanted to, but hated the helmet and wouldn't ride....which was fine. I am amazed at Ann....her strength...the stability and love she has for those boys. If anyone can help them have a good, normal life, her and Al can do it. I just hope and pray the courts will give them the opportunity.
Ann and I spent many hours talking, about the why's and what if's and blessings that come through tragedy. She has been very blessed through this ordeal. It is such a testament of God's love, and the plan in EVERYTHING. She knows she has been prepared her whole life for this time...but why did it have to happen? Why did Kristy have to die in such a horrible way? How can someone who loved you do something so horrible. Hopefully someday we will see the purpose in it all. I do know Kristy is in a good place, I trust it was her time to go. She was, and is, very beautiful. There is till much that has to happen. Dave's trial has been delayed 2 months again. Seems like par for the course.....just so long as he is in prison, I guess it doesn't matter soo much.

So friday night, we went to the Regional Youth Dance Festival. It was at the Tacoma Dome. It was great. The kids did such a great job, the costumes were beautiful, the youth were beautiful. I just loved it, and the feeling there! I decided I would bring the boys for the saturday showing. Jessie and Jonathan were coming down Saturday to bring them to me....yipee! and visit. I wanted the boys to see all the LDS youth. I heard there were 2100 participants. we live in such a small branch with a small youth program. I know sometimes Kaleb feels a bit alone in his standards. But most of those youth were also trying to live well. and then there had to be many more who chose not to participate, like Kaleb. I love the Gospel, I love the programs we have, the support, the teachings that give us the right direction. I love that we have the help we need to get through any trial. I love that families are forever, and the atonement will make everything right eventually. I know this is true. Today in Sunday School, we talked about Anti Christs.....I am so GRATEFUL that I KNOW Christ lives, and that I know he atoned for our sins, that we can be forgiven and made whole through pain, I know we will all live again and that our time here is fleeting, and for just a moment. I am grateful I know what is really important in this life. I don't have to be wealthy, or have the most fashionable clothes, and that even if we are a little redneck, we are acceptable to the One who matters the most.

well, I think that is plenty of rambling for now.

Monday, July 21, 2008

my new addiction

I get caught up in the ride really digging our new hobby...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

We watched Dark Knight tonight. It is good...and I have to agree-- Heath Ledger did a great job. I wondered if people were hyping it up....since he passed on, but you know how sometimes actors always show the same personality....well, you could not see him in the joker at all! I was impressed...and he was creepy, sick (didn't really like that part, but showed his talent). I'm a softy, I cried a little for him after the movie was over, and then pretended I got something in my eye...cause I'm such a nerd!
I also love Christian Bell's husky batman voice! :) mmmmhmmm. i would recommend it if you don't mind a little gross. I did have to close my eyes or look down a few times...but like I mentioned earlier, I am a softy.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Did anyone see Oprah yesterday? Now I am way out of the it could have been a rerun. I only saw the last 20-30 minutes of it. about the dangers of webcams with teens. and the boy who had a porn business with his...and that that really is the main reason kids have them....not necessarily initially..... scary. It just shows that our kids are so bombarded with evil. Made me very sad...but glad I guess that the info is getting out, so we can be aware. The warning they gave was NO WEBCAMS for teens. The part I saw also talked about the thousands of clients..pedophiles...who work together to get more kids involved and hooked. seduce and bribe them to send a photo, etc....and that they are average, around kids a lot, seemingly normal people. scary. fortunately, we aren't an up on electronics type of family. But, we do all have to be wary. The biggest mistake we can make is think our kids are safe from sickos! is my prayer that living in the country, outdoor rather than indoor activities will protect them, and good living and education on what's right and wrong...acceptable and not...etc. I am soo grateful for the church organizations we have as a support...anyways. let me know what you think?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dang...I accidentally posted the second half before the first. I finally learned how to do it right and then forgot in my rush to get done and get to bed. Sorry. Oh well. I am learning. I probably could fix it if I search hard enough, but I am too tired. good night.
After everyone arrived, we had projects for the kids, played...4 wheelers, dirt bikes, the big bouncy, etc..and ate...we Simpsons are famous for eating good. I even tried to plan easy meals, and it was still ridiculous! but yummy! we changed things up a bit though...because I got tired of cooking or cleaning.

Anyways, the weather was pretty good for our neck of the beach. Showers occasionally, not warm, but also not cold... but on the 4th, at the beach it was windy. we had wind whipping the sand up. so, there was usually smoke or sand in the eyes. We were such a beauty of a bunch. Thank goodness for hoodies!
Jessie and Jonathan

Glenn and Carrie
Tanner Olivia

You might be a redneck, if you use a bungee chord for a hair tie! I think she later switched to a piece of caution tape!
How do you like Kaleb's getup! he's the cutest of all.
Later he switched to these to protect his eyes!
Tonight was supposed to be the dutch oven pizza night. We weren't in the mood...seemed like a lot of work, so thank goodness for food storage, we threw together a few stews...regular, and a man stew with kilbalsa ( I know I probably spelled that wrong). and chicken chili. We had three different kinds of rolls, and two desserts. It was awesome. Everything I tried was delicious.
Olivia used pillsbury biscuits, with butter, italian seasoning and johnny's garlic...and made pullaparts. I did homemade rolls with similar, and judd brought rhodes with olive oil.
These look like the stews...I forgot Jessie made something vegetarian..I think stew.
It is tradition for some of our family to make 4th of July shirts every year. It is funny cause some years mom's help a lot, and other years the kids do it all...I think a mom helped with this one. I think it is Kaden's.

Here are the kids posing with their shirts. sorry, I don't have a close up. They are very cute though.
Judd got quite a few fireworks from the Queets res. We were disappointed he didn't wait until dark....but this is a good shot. I did not get many fireworks photos.
We had to make a caution line for the they wouldn't get too close to the fireworks going off. I didn't get a photo of Jake though. He grabbed long handled pliers, pulled a burning log out of the fire and used that to light most of the fireworks. You might be a must be in my blood. I even offered him a lighter, but he turned it down. I think he used it all night.

More hoodie photos. Jessie and Rylee and Penny.

Kaleb spent a lot of time with Matthew. Shayne is the bald guy.
midnight snack...after moms and dads went to bed, they came in looking for something to eat. I thought it was cute they shared a bowl of cheerios.
I wanted to take a photo of Kaden. He is growing up so fast...but he got super silly and started dancing around for the camera and making poses. I have a dozen photos of him, but you get this one. The funny about it is he used to be quiet and would hardly give anyone the time of day. He is quite a character. Kale is in the background with mom.
Ted brought music...I loved listening to the guys sit around and play...and that Elijah was so interested. I think guitar is his new passion...which makes me happy. Judd came in a little later and played Father and Son for of my favorites.

We had such a great time. I was sad to see everyone leave....but have been 'on vacation' for so long that it was also good to get back to life. My whole immediate family was there...which is a bit of a miracle. My only regret is no big family photo. We planned it, but never had everyone around at the same time. By the time everyone was here, Jeremy was out patrolling the beaches and playing firefighter. But, I know we have tons of photos...and hopefully with everyones...everyone will be represented. There is nothing like good family, and I have been immensely blessed. It was awesome to be surrounded by so many for these last weeks. It will have to last me for awhile...I am back here with just Kas and J...the boys are up north...and don't know when the next trip is planned....yes, I do...Hawaii in FEB! Yipee!


Our trip home from Idaho was long....It took us about 13 hours...In the motorhome we drive a little slower than usual, we took the scenic route, and our stops seemed to take longer than usual. Even Konu was eager to get out! Kaleb was soo funny...when we were 4-5 miles from home...Kaleb threw out a woowoo for home...and then we went about crazy. It was awesome.

Carrie came home with me. The Ed/Clea Simpson reunion was going to be at my house thursday thru sunday. Some of my siblings were going to come a few days early for an extra campout...that turned into a day trip....but, anyways, Carrie was having problems with her starter...she couldn't get her truck, Jeremy used his ingenuity to use the 4 wheeler to move it over to the driveway slab. He and Jake ended up tinkering with it and getting it going...yeah!
So....we wanted to camp at Kalaloch..but by the time we traveled, and with weather questionable, we decided to do the day trip instead, which worked out great. First, we did the little Quinault hike....through the rainforest...(it's all a rainforest)
J, Kaleb, Bubba, Elijah, Cole, Levi, Elise, Judd, Ellie, Amber, Emily, Rylee, Bea, Brooke, Maddy and Kas...the dogs are Alie and Sitka
Bea and Ellie posing...aren't they beautiful. The amazing thing, is Bea is a week older than Ellie.
Clovers everywhere! Love them.

Here's another poser...Jyj

Kas and Maddy got ahead of everyone and took a wrong turn and got lost. Fortunately some other hikers helped them, and we found them quickly...We felt very blessed they were found quickly and helped along by good samaritans. They were pretty shaken up about it all.

This is the beach at Kalaloch. We built sandcastles, ate lunch and jumped driftwood...It is like this all up and down the beach...which is amazing to us...there is no driftwood in the summer in Ocean Shores...everyone uses it for firewood.

These trees are in the campground at Kalaloch. I love it here...did I already say that? There is a little forest there that totally feels like a fairy land. A few years ago Elise found it, and named it the Wildering Wood..I thought she was so clever...making up a name like that...well, this time I found out she heard it on a Barbie movie...oh well, it still seems magical!This rock is at Ruby Beach...another favorite place. We live in such a beautiful part of the country! I was so happy to be there with my family!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Starting the trip from Randy and Gayle Towery's in Caldwell, ID. Heading for Stanley, Elk Creek, Silver creek Plunge, Banks, then back to Caldwell. 400 total miles, 70 of that was dirt road....
Jeremy wanted to take this route, because this was some of his stomping grounds while he was growing up, and logging and fighting wildfires. Plus it is very beautiful.
Between Idaho City and Lowman
Stanley, ID. At the ranger station. Those are the Sawtooth Mountains. Very Beautiful. This photo doesn't do them justice!
Pine Flats hot springs just outside of Lowman, ID. The river was very high....higher than we've seen in forever....some of the springs were missing.

part two Idaho trip 6/08

We had pasta primavera for dinner. quick and easy and small. Jeremy cooked dinner and I set up the tent.
We stayed the night at Silver Creek Plunge. This is a new backpacking tent we got, so were trying it out. It worked great. Mountain Hardware...not sure which one. There is a door on each side which I really liked.
We ate indoors.
We were being lazy and rode over to the pool, doesn't J look cute! We arrived into camp around 8 pm, so after setting up camp and eating we had just enough time to swim and then sleep. We had a great time.

The next morning we toured through crouch. My mom and dad used to live another old hangout spot. It has changed a lot.
Banks. We've stopped here many times through the years. We did eat lunch here this time, Jeremy had breakfast for lunch and I had a delicious chicken sandwich.
We took our time the rest of the way home, and arrived there in the early afternoon. It was a perfect trip! Except no showers at silver creek plunge...but I survived without! ;).

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

While we were on our trip to Idaho J and I took a bike, camping trip. It was awesome. I don't have any of those photos with me...J's camera. But, I will add them when I can. hopefully. It was very beautiful!


Well, I have alot to add..and have needed to catch up but haven't had the time. I still don't have some of the photos I need, but will add parts of our trip to Idaho and our Edward and Lureta Simpson Reunion. We had a a great time. We left the weekend after school let out. We were able to bring our newly acquired motorhome which came in very handy. We also brought along the J could take it home. We hauled it until we reached White Pass where we unloaded and Elijah jumped on with Jeremy.
We loved traveling in the motorhome. It is not very big, so fairly easy to maneuver...but with plenty of room. We made the trip there in two days because we left later in the day. It was so nice having everything handy. J and I never dreamed we would be wanting a motorhome, but this deal kindof fell in our laps, and we are loving it much more than we expected. The kids also appreciate the space.
Elijah spent a lot of time in that very position. I must say, the kids got very creative with their seatbelts.
One of the main reasons we made the Idaho trip at this time was because Randy was putting on a production, and he invited J to participate in the choir. He directed a 80 something choir and 20ish orchastra. He did a great job. It was Joseph Smith the Prophet, by Rob Garner ( It was a beautiful production, and everyone did an incredible job. We were very happy to be a part of it. Randy has done a few productions the last ten years, but we have been far away, so not able to participate. Jeremy felt very honored to see his dad in action. He is very talented.
Can you find J in this photo? Some of the men he is singing with, were around while he was growing up. It was fun for him to be a part of it all. J had to leave as soon as the program was over, on Saturday night....which was a bit scary for me. He had to be in Hoquiam for training in 11 hours, which meant he drove all night, on the bike, through the mountains, and trained all day....before he could sleep. You know, J thrives on these kinds of challenges, and I stress....he called me when he would stop...and of course didn't have any problems. I think he is still trying to catch up on his sleep though! We had about 5 more days to hang out....Carrie came a few days early to help me with some projects..which was fun. I still seemed to not get as much done as I needed or wanted. it is amazing how that works out!
The kids spent a lot of time in the hottub, except with the water not very hot,..Kas actually turned it down to 75 degrees...but I convinced her that would be terribly cold...and she would probably want it warmer. The kids had a lot of fun with Megan. She is super cute.

We also went to Sonic most days for a refreshing drink. We really are lightweights with the heat!
Amazingly we found another dog to take home. I hope we don't regret it. Her name is Ali. She is pretty cute and has a cute personality. She is a healer...but looks like a fox. I felt bad for her cause we had to keep her tied up most of the trip...we didn't know what she would do. she managed to chew a shoe to shreds. of course it wasn't ours...Maddy's....sorry.....Teaka was constantly trying to fight her...make sure the new girl understood she was the top dog! And Konu wouldn't leave her alone...He was not being appropriate. It was pretty annoying. thankfully a few weeks later, things have calmed down some.
We were very happy to see Grandpa Ralph. We usually saw him coming and going to play horseshoes. It is great he can still play. He has an electric chair that gets him around. He is doing well, which was great to see.
He let the kids take a ride up the block with his chair. what a treat!
The Edward and Lureta Simpson reunion was held in Owyhee, Oregon....somewhere like that. I met dad at Doris' where he drove us to the camp. While there we found out Doris just got engaged. We are very excited for her. She is marrying her sisters brother in law. They seem very compatible, and I am very excited for her to recieve this blessing. She has had to work very hard for a long time, and now she gets to be a ranchers wife. She has not been interested in marriage, so it was quite a surprise. The reunion was fun. There was a good amount of people, and it was nice catching up. For us the weather was good, it was warm, but there was a nice breeze. Eric and Nathan put it on, and they did a great job of having lots of toys to keep everyone entertained!

The kids loved the slide....actually, I loved it too...well, I would say it was a love/hate relationship. The water was cold, but felt good in the heat! We spent a lot of time there!
We had a talent show, Kas and Maddy sang a song together. This is Glenn singing, Somewhere, Over the Rainbow....he did a great job. Kaleb and Jyj and some of their friends had Alli find Kaleb after he hid. It was cute, and may have been a bigger hit, if it hadn't been so dark out, and we could actually see it happen.
My cousin Eric brought two electric bikes, which were a big hit for kids and adult alike. They were small, and seemed pretty easy for most of the kids to maneuver. They were constantly running through camp. There was also a good sized swimming pool, with kids constantly in it, and a blowup jumping toy, many tire swings, a few 4 wheelers, etc......
One of the highlights of every reunion, is the auction...which funds the next reunion. Uncle Leland's carvings are the biggest hit. He brought quite a bit more this year, since he wasn't able to attend last year....which meant everyone could get something. I got a few great pieces. I think I bought the three heart hanging in the middle, and also a smaller one of the same.
Here are a few more carvings. Dad and Leland are in the background. They are the appointed auctioneers. There were other things to auction...,but mostly the carvings.

Judd brought Sherrie, which was awesome. It was great getting to know her more. She made a beautiful quilt for the auction.
Isn't it gorgeous!
Jyj and his new friend...cousin...both got these cool dog canes.
Here he is on the trip home....holding it. Isn't that cute! Jyj spent a lot of time in that position while we were traveling!
We were very happy to get home. It was a GREAT trip...but long. We hope Ali likes her new home! Dad and mom, and Carrie caravaned with us home. It was fun, but very long. Next was our next reunion, and the 4th of July....more to come!