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Well, I have alot to add..and have needed to catch up but haven't had the time. I still don't have some of the photos I need, but will add parts of our trip to Idaho and our Edward and Lureta Simpson Reunion. We had a a great time. We left the weekend after school let out. We were able to bring our newly acquired motorhome which came in very handy. We also brought along the J could take it home. We hauled it until we reached White Pass where we unloaded and Elijah jumped on with Jeremy.
We loved traveling in the motorhome. It is not very big, so fairly easy to maneuver...but with plenty of room. We made the trip there in two days because we left later in the day. It was so nice having everything handy. J and I never dreamed we would be wanting a motorhome, but this deal kindof fell in our laps, and we are loving it much more than we expected. The kids also appreciate the space.
Elijah spent a lot of time in that very position. I must say, the kids got very creative with their seatbelts.
One of the main reasons we made the Idaho trip at this time was because Randy was putting on a production, and he invited J to participate in the choir. He directed a 80 something choir and 20ish orchastra. He did a great job. It was Joseph Smith the Prophet, by Rob Garner ( It was a beautiful production, and everyone did an incredible job. We were very happy to be a part of it. Randy has done a few productions the last ten years, but we have been far away, so not able to participate. Jeremy felt very honored to see his dad in action. He is very talented.
Can you find J in this photo? Some of the men he is singing with, were around while he was growing up. It was fun for him to be a part of it all. J had to leave as soon as the program was over, on Saturday night....which was a bit scary for me. He had to be in Hoquiam for training in 11 hours, which meant he drove all night, on the bike, through the mountains, and trained all day....before he could sleep. You know, J thrives on these kinds of challenges, and I stress....he called me when he would stop...and of course didn't have any problems. I think he is still trying to catch up on his sleep though! We had about 5 more days to hang out....Carrie came a few days early to help me with some projects..which was fun. I still seemed to not get as much done as I needed or wanted. it is amazing how that works out!
The kids spent a lot of time in the hottub, except with the water not very hot,..Kas actually turned it down to 75 degrees...but I convinced her that would be terribly cold...and she would probably want it warmer. The kids had a lot of fun with Megan. She is super cute.

We also went to Sonic most days for a refreshing drink. We really are lightweights with the heat!
Amazingly we found another dog to take home. I hope we don't regret it. Her name is Ali. She is pretty cute and has a cute personality. She is a healer...but looks like a fox. I felt bad for her cause we had to keep her tied up most of the trip...we didn't know what she would do. she managed to chew a shoe to shreds. of course it wasn't ours...Maddy's....sorry.....Teaka was constantly trying to fight her...make sure the new girl understood she was the top dog! And Konu wouldn't leave her alone...He was not being appropriate. It was pretty annoying. thankfully a few weeks later, things have calmed down some.
We were very happy to see Grandpa Ralph. We usually saw him coming and going to play horseshoes. It is great he can still play. He has an electric chair that gets him around. He is doing well, which was great to see.
He let the kids take a ride up the block with his chair. what a treat!
The Edward and Lureta Simpson reunion was held in Owyhee, Oregon....somewhere like that. I met dad at Doris' where he drove us to the camp. While there we found out Doris just got engaged. We are very excited for her. She is marrying her sisters brother in law. They seem very compatible, and I am very excited for her to recieve this blessing. She has had to work very hard for a long time, and now she gets to be a ranchers wife. She has not been interested in marriage, so it was quite a surprise. The reunion was fun. There was a good amount of people, and it was nice catching up. For us the weather was good, it was warm, but there was a nice breeze. Eric and Nathan put it on, and they did a great job of having lots of toys to keep everyone entertained!

The kids loved the slide....actually, I loved it too...well, I would say it was a love/hate relationship. The water was cold, but felt good in the heat! We spent a lot of time there!
We had a talent show, Kas and Maddy sang a song together. This is Glenn singing, Somewhere, Over the Rainbow....he did a great job. Kaleb and Jyj and some of their friends had Alli find Kaleb after he hid. It was cute, and may have been a bigger hit, if it hadn't been so dark out, and we could actually see it happen.
My cousin Eric brought two electric bikes, which were a big hit for kids and adult alike. They were small, and seemed pretty easy for most of the kids to maneuver. They were constantly running through camp. There was also a good sized swimming pool, with kids constantly in it, and a blowup jumping toy, many tire swings, a few 4 wheelers, etc......
One of the highlights of every reunion, is the auction...which funds the next reunion. Uncle Leland's carvings are the biggest hit. He brought quite a bit more this year, since he wasn't able to attend last year....which meant everyone could get something. I got a few great pieces. I think I bought the three heart hanging in the middle, and also a smaller one of the same.
Here are a few more carvings. Dad and Leland are in the background. They are the appointed auctioneers. There were other things to auction...,but mostly the carvings.

Judd brought Sherrie, which was awesome. It was great getting to know her more. She made a beautiful quilt for the auction.
Isn't it gorgeous!
Jyj and his new friend...cousin...both got these cool dog canes.
Here he is on the trip home....holding it. Isn't that cute! Jyj spent a lot of time in that position while we were traveling!
We were very happy to get home. It was a GREAT trip...but long. We hope Ali likes her new home! Dad and mom, and Carrie caravaned with us home. It was fun, but very long. Next was our next reunion, and the 4th of July....more to come!

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