Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I am sorry my posts are soo long! I try to make them shorter!!!

Anniversary Ride July 2010

You know...I thought I already blogged our anniversary ride, but I guess I just fb'ed it. We waited until July to go...when we had a bit more time, and while the kids were away. We had 3 days...so decided to do the Olympic Penninsula loop. I have lived here forever, and had still not seen the upper part of the Olympic Penninsula..so this was a perfect opportunity! We went to Sol Duc Hot Springs last year, and decided that would definitely be a stop this year. Except we were going to camp this year. We stopped at our usual favorite spots on the way...Kalaloch, Forks, etc... But also tried to make decent time.

We made it to camp at Sol Duc. We got the bike unloaded, the tent set up and then took a nap! Yea, we're getting old! ;)

It was soo nice to get the boots off! I loved this shot of our different boot sizes!

This is out of sequence, but lunch at Kalaloch.

We had a fire. I brought s'more stuff.

There's a trail that leads to a waterfall.

It was beautiful!

I love the Pacific Northwest rain forest!

Drive by of Cresent Lake, which is between Sol Duc and Port Angeles.

Cresent Lake....gorgeous! First time for me!

Port Angeles

Port Townsend ...as you can see we scored with the weather. It was gorgeous!

Our destination! The Inn at Port Ludlow! I'm in love!!!

Really liked the room! And I definitely used that tub! after 2 days of riding!

We traded the champagne in for truffles. yumm

There were soo many cute touches in the Inn. I would have posted more...but this is already very long....so I didn't.

Yummy breakfast.. The eggs looked like sour cream dollops.
the view from our room. sorry about the screen....

the back of the Inn.

Loved it! We will definitely be back!

So, we thought we would be adventurous for our ride home. Instead of taking the highway, we decided to go over the mountain....

Our nice wide road narrowed!

Oops... road block! We thought we could get around those trees....and move a little stuff...and keep going....

Until we saw where the road had caved in! No getting around that! Dang...

All we could do was turn around and hope to find another route!

We worried about that we would hit another block and have a long ways to backtrack...especially after we started climbing!

and reached this spot!

Umm...we were up there a ways!

My hunny on the bike with all the gear.

This is the road I didn't want to take back down! scary!!!

The road got pretty small! with tall grass in the center in some spots! I started to wonder what we would do if we had a break down! We had the gps...that worked up there...but I had no idea how far we were from civilization! It was a little freaky...but soo exciting as well!

the view was InCrEdIbLE!!!!!

See the road we took! Crazy!!

The road is getting bigger....a good sign! :)

We were very happy to find this road! back into civilization!
We made it to Wynoochee Lake! wew!!!

Enjoyed our lunch there. Wynoochee Lake is only about an hour from our house.
And then I found that my transplanted Hydrengeas had bloomed while we were gone. Sweet surprise!
It was such a great trip!
Jeremy and I were married 16 years ago in May. It has been quite a ride...but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am very blessed to have J as my eternal companion!

Answered Prayers

I had the sweetest experience this morning.
J just pulled a 3 day at the station....which means a 72 hour shift. He got off at 8 this morning. I am not sure why, but day 2 and 3 into his shift I was having some major anxiety. It is something I deal with periodically...so not really anything new.
It was especially cramping my style this time cause I first needed to go to the dentist (1 hour away) yesterday and then today I needed to go to a root canal specialist in Olympia (1.5 hours away).
I did not want to go. The first night I didn't sleep most of the night because of my anxiety. Last night I did sleep well, but woke up many times..worrying about the drive in the morning. I had to leave right at 8 am to get there...basically after my seminary class, I wasn't feeling well...was discouraged about another root canal...worried about some loved ones in hard situations, and then just having basic anxiety. And, then to top it off, we had a storm last night...winds, rain...not too bad, but enough to add to my worry.
I obviously needed to get the work done, but was seriously considering changing my appointment to give me a few days to get over my anxiety...but I knew that wasn't smart either.
When I woke up I decided I would prepare like I was going, but if I was still anxious about it, I would cancel when it was time to go....after seminary. While I was teaching my class I got a text from Jeremy...who'd been up most of the night running calls....I know ..... I heard them.... ;)
I hadn't told Jeremy of my stresses...and my struggle with not wanting to go. I hadn't really had the chance, but also knew he had a busy day ahead of him with construction after being at the station for so long.
BUT, he told me to call him before I left. While I was giving my lesson, I'd pretty much resolved to myself that I would get the dang thing out of the way...and that I needed to quit being a wimp. When my class was done I called....and J told me that he'd realized this morning that he should take me! I almost started crying. I probably should have been a big girl and told him I could go on my own, but I couldn't. I just felt so grateful....
My prayer was answered.
I am grateful for a husband who listens to promptings...and still takes time out of his too busy days to let me be a wimp...and I am grateful to a Heavenly Father who answers those prayers that remind me He listens even to the little problems.
I am blessed.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bellingham Trip July2010.

So, this is old news, but I haven't posted it yet, and have cool photos to share....so...I am attempting to catch up. Sorry It has taking me so long...I have been such a slacker and am hoping to get better.
So...towards the end of July I went up to Bellingham...For Brooke's Baptism, to pick up Kas, visit my family, see the boys....etc. Grandma Clea planned a cousins week with all theGrandkids that could come, Jake and Olivia had moved up there, and Carrie came to visit. It was an awesome trip.
I love this photo of Emily and Kale...at Brooke's Baptism.

A shot of Jake's cute family.... We are so excited to have them in Bellingham...and hope it is a great change for them.

Brooke with her Simpson and Johnson Grandparents.

Elise and Seviah came with Carrie...Seviah and Brooke were inseparable.

After Brooke's Baptism, we went to a park, for food and relaxation. It was very nice.

Some of the girls also made Tanner a birthday cake...so he blew out some candles. Tanner is 12!

Kas and Maddy slept at Jessie's most of the time.

Lilah was soo happy to see Kas. She'd been in Utah for a month.

We picked berries...and taught the girls how to make Jam. Elise was very happy to make some for her family....since Lori couldn't be there. She took the job very seriously and did a great job.

Like I mentioned earlier, Grandma planned a cousin camp....which gave the mom's a bit of free time. Carrie and I took advantage of that and camped out at their place and then went on a hike with dad. I can't remember which hike it was, but it was beautiful. I hope to take my family there sometime.

Dad and Carrie.

I brought Lilah...who dragged me the whole way up...well, until Dad took her to give me a break. She has too much energy for my good! ;)

It was such a beautiful hike.

I love Mt. Baker!

Beautiful all the way around.

Carrie and I relaxing at Mom and Dads. they got the hammocks out for us, the sun was shining. It is soo peaceful there. We loved it...except I guess Carrie did have an allergy attack...I think. I guess I loved it....maybe it was more stressful for her! ;)

Gramma wanted to take the kids on a Ferry ride. We decided to go with them. We didn't ride the HYAK, but I took a photo of it just because! HYAK is our high school Mascot.

The kids were soo excited getting on the Ferry. You'd think we were doing a cruise or something. It was fun watching! I think most of the kids had been on the Ferry before but didn't remember.

Maddy with her wind blown hair!

The views were gorgeous!

Grampa being Grampa!

More gorgeous views!

Grampa, Em, Ellie, Carrie, and Grandma

It was really a gorgeous day!

We got off at Friday Harbor for ice cream....had the choice of getting right back on, or waiting about 2 hours...Grampa decided he didn't want to wait around, so we got right back on....oh well.

Jessie enjoying the sunshine....or showing off... ;)

I just love this...

And this. I always think I would love a sailboat.

Part of the clan

I didn't see the boys much, since they were in their classes...training.

They were having a great time. and only a few times felt like they were missing out. They love their classes...and worked really hard this summer.

Tanner turned 12! He had an official birthday party. It was soo cute, cause Shayne was trying to plan something spectacular for his party...but most of his cousins wouldn't have been able to come. He told his dad that he just wanted to have a party with his cousins. So we went to Whatcom Falls, played in the water and had pizza and ice cream cake. The kids had a great time. It is awesome to see the cousin love....living in Alaska, I didn't grow up with my cousins..so I am glad our kids get to a bit more.

Whatcom Falls is great for cliff jumping. Most of the kids went off this one...not too tall. Some of the Moms went too. Not me. I had the camera!
Elijah waiting for his turn.....
and jumping!

I think this is Kas....

Sorry, my pictures are out of order...and I can't get them to get in order...

Tanner cutting his birthday cake. Using the sword is a fitting tradition in his family! :)

We had such a great week there. J stayed home and worked. I brought Kas home, and Left the boys, for another month or so....which is always hard for me to do. I love my kids and love having them around. But, am also so grateful they can take advantage of Shayne's studio and spend time with Family.