Monday, January 18, 2010

the benefits of a storm

We have had our share of storms this season....fall/winter. high winds. heavy rains. power outages. I think we have had 3 in the last few months! But, I was reminded in the last storm of the opportunity that we have not taken advantage of....BIG WAVES!!!!!!
After the last storm we went out and saw some killer waves, but I forgot the, today we made it..I think close to high tide, with the camera, and saw some gorgeous waves! Of course, the camera does not do the sites we saw justice! It was amazing out there! I love the power of the long as it stays where it belongs! :)
While we were enjoying the waves I told the kids of their younger years, when we would stand up there while the waves were crashing over us....and they were soo little....what were we thinking!!!!

I was hoping to run around on the rocks a little and get a bit more of a workout...but it was too windy and wet to enjoy...I thought I was going to fall through the cracks and my kids would have to drag me to the car!
Elijah exclaimed that we do not get to the Jetty enough. It is one of my favorite places in the world, so I don't know why. I guess we need to make more time for it!
We were only there for about 45 minutes or so...I would have loved to have walked the beach and looked for treasures...I hear that is another after storm benefit...that we don't do.
But we had a date with J for dinner at the fd. This was his third day on, so I was missing him!
Glad we took the time to visit the Jetty! I do love living at the ocean!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


One of the things that I think I am going to do in 2010 is craft more. I have really been in the mood to get my sewing machine out and finish a quilt I started last year, and then let sit for months and months.
I am feeling like scrapbooking...which I haven't done for probably a few years.
crocheting is something I do alot of....but have felt the need to hunt down more patterns and do more.
I used to be quite the crafter....but life has gotten in the way and I rarely do it now. I think living on the edge of the earth hasn't helped either...less ideas.....but, I have been blog hunting and have found a lot of cute things. has just fed my desire to create.
Time is what has held me back lately. I don't want to get a project out and not be able to spend good quality time on it. But, I am going to make time....once I get some other things year end books for the business! and winter cleaning!
anyways, I am kindof excited about this desire. My creativity has been hybernating long enough. Hopefully I will have something to show for it in the near future! ;)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

a very loooonnng post. sorry

I have to do way too many of these catch up posts....But, we have been super busy.....with work, the holidays family and wrestling. It's pretty much all been good though, so I am not complaining.

We had a wonderful Christmas. J had to work Christmas Eve, and we were heading up to Bellingham as soon as he got off work, which was Christmas Morning, so...we had our Christmas a few days early so the kids could play a bit with their gifts before we left for a week.

As, I mentioned on facebook, I actually bought a fake tree this year. I HATE fake trees, but it was late in the season and I still hadn't had a chance to get the tree, and I didn't want to pay a bundle for a tree we used for a week! Anyways, I got a small is cute, and convenient, and we will probably end up using it more than I want....But, I still love the real ones. We got this awesome family photo from J's parents! Ryan made the frame. I love love love it! and can't wait to get it up on the wall.

Kaleb got J this present. Can you guess what it was? Amazingly, J couldn't...I think until he felt it. I love the kids' creativity in gift wrap. btw, it's a belt.

Kas loved her pj's dad picked out.

We didn't realize Elijah's pj's were actually boxers. they were in a tabasco bottle bank. oops.

Kaleb's pj's were in a similar container...but a Guiness can. I told him that didn't give him permission to drink it.... ;) I just picked them for the Irish in him. We got the kids the WII for Christmas. Kas got a phone, so now we all have them. and We got the boy's each remote control helicopters.
We spent time in the new the bays...flying them. It was fun!

Like I mentioned, we headed up to Bellingham Christmas morning. I loved seeing the packages in the cars on the road. I also loved seeing the houses with lots of cars in front...which meant families and friends were together. Of course we took the motorhome, so had a pleasant ride and got up to the families in time for Christmas dinner.
Shayne and my parents live up in the mountains, It is so beautiful, quiet and peaceful there. We had such a nice, much needed break from all the craziness of life.
For our Simpson gift exchange this year I had Jessie. So, I made her an afghan. I had a hard time finding the perfect pattern, but I did. and I loved it. I wanted something romantic, but not too dainty. I found this pattern that had hearts throughtout. I don't know if you can see them. but I LOVE it. In fact I think I will make one for myself....modified a bit.
do you see the little hearts?
I used a verigated yarn,which made a pretty pattern I think.
Jessie was very pleased. She'd made a masculine afghan for Jonny a few years ago, so, I thought she deserved a pretty one.
Monday after Christmas we went snowboarding. The snow was HARD and we all got a few injuries. but it was still fun. Here's the guys on their last run. Kaleb is behind J.
Snowboarding is a sport we all love alot.
Mt Baker resort.
Beautiful scenery.
We take the motorhome which makes it even more enjoyable.
I loved the drive... the frosty trees.
We were hanging out at Jessie's when Carrie exclaimed that J was such a redneck. I looked out the window and noticed he had MY towel and was wiping the dirt off the motorhome on the spots he wanted to put his bumper stickers! He didn't bother washing the whole thing. Just what he absolutely had too. It was soo funny.
I thought he was sweet letting the girls help though. He would ask their opinions on where they should go. It was super cute.
The boys had one day of class at the studio. Here they are practicing.
Carrie showed us how to make some super cute pendants she learned for a super saturday. We had so much Jessie's again. They guys went to see Sherlock Holmes.
here are some of them.

They were addicting to make. couldn't stop at just one or two. I think I ended up with 20 between Kas and me.
This photo cracked me up. Kas sleeping with her knee socks! For those of you who don't know...sleeping in socks is pretty much a gagger for me! I know she was doing this just to get me. HA jk!!!
Wednesday morning J and Kaleb left for home....for work and practice. They were a little excited for the ride...and I was just grateful that we had as much time as we did have together.
New Year's Eve was spent at Jessie's again. We had a good time, except that Carrie and Glenn were both miserably sick.
Food was the main event, as always. (and there was some healthy stuff there!)
Jessie has gotten into mediteranian stuff, which was yummy..
We tried deep fat fried ravioli. At first we were breading it and then frying, but all the breading came off in the them we just fried them. They were good. If anyone knows the right way to make them, I would love some pointers.
And, our family tradition is MIGHTY MOOSE BITS which was a recipe my parents made up when I was very young and has been a family tradition for as long as I can remember. The first time they made them, they used venison...but we use beef now.
bite size beef chunks baked til tender (about an hour) dipped in pancake batter and then cracker crumbs (we used panko this time and they were very good and much easier)..and then fried til golden brown. Serve with ranch, or any other dip. Mom usually makes potato salad with them, and I usually serve them with the raw veggies and baked potatoes. but this year we just did total appetizers. It was wonderful and fun.
Here are some random photos ...Jonny with Kasidee's hat...
Kas with her pendants....
Mom and Jess.....
Amber with the hat I made her.....
We came home friday afternoon. When we were about an hour from home we got a flat tire....on the motorhome! We pulled off onto a good spot, thank goodness! and Kas, Elijah and I changed the tire. We called J and he and Kaleb came to assist, but they were an hour out....
and we had it changed in about 45 minutes!
Elijah is such a stud....did most of the remembering how to do it, and the harder work. I have awesome kids.
We all worked together and did it. I was soo pleased and J was beaming by the time he made it. (we waited for them).
Anyways, we had a wonderful holiday. I felt very blessed throughout it all.....that we could have such a good vacation, and awesome family, and great times.
Now we are back to the grindstone....but still blessed! ;)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, new theme...

Are you glad to see the passing of 2009? In our testimony meeting today I was a little surprised to hear how happy people were to see it go. I hadn't thought about it. It has been a struggle of a year in some aspects, but also good for us....but I do have family members who have really
I don't necessarily have any high aspirations for 2010.
I do hate how people are calling it twenty ten. what do you think?

Well, every year I have a theme for the year instead of resolutions. It really is probably the same thing...different name. and a lot I have a better chance of accomplishing it.
I really don't recall what my theme was for last year...I guess I should check.

but this year, I picked one that even rhymes.....
BETTER THAN I'VE BEEN FOR 2010. (that is two thousand ten! ;) )
My goal for this year is to do better at the things I know I should already be good at.
be better at loving others.
which includes visiting teaching, reaching out (and not letting my shyness get in the way), service, kind words and thoughts towards others...etc...
better lessons in church...which would include better preparation ( I am a procrastinator), which also goes along with better scripture study, more sincere prayer, etc.
I want to be better disciplined with taking care of my body. I do want to lose a few pounds. I am presently at my heaviest....not counting pregnancy weight...and I am not content to stay there. but I have been terrible at losing weight. I really don't believe in dieting and depriving...and I love to eat. so, I want to use more self control...and learn to eat what is best for me. and not just the most convenient or yummiest. Still totally not sure how I am going to do it...but working on a plan. which will also include exercising.
better mother, better wife, better friend, sibling, better money know.
Not alot of pressure....because even a tiny bit of an improvement is better. and I am good with that. I have never been a high achiever! ;)

well, now it is out there...and I am accountable to you!

I hope you all have success in your goals as well.

I have a lot of catching up to do. Hopefully in the next few days I will be able to get to it.
we've had wonderful experiences with the holidays and family.....