Saturday, November 28, 2009

sport update

Kas finished out her first year in Volleyball a few weeks ago. She had a great time, decides she loves the sport and is looking forward to playing again next year. We saw a vast improvement with the girls throughout the team. Because of changes in some of the other schools--they ended up playing against 6th graders the whole season. So, it will be great seeing how they do next year. Amazingly, there is not a large amount of 5th graders this year, but they still put out quite an impressive team. I imagine almost ALL of the 5th grade girls went out for volleyball. And then Elijah finished out his football season. They didn't have a great win lose ratio, but I think the team did very well. For most of the guys-Elijah included- this was their first year of tackle ball. There were only about 4-5 out of 20 something that were 8th graders. We had a relatively small team....but they play well together and we are planning on seeing great things next year.
Kas is planning on playing basketball next....At the awards ceremony, Elijah got a Coaches award for coachability. They expounded with: 'the ability to take constructive criticism and utilize it to make yourself a better player. Also eager to learn and exerpt abnormal amounts of energy! ' haha...I love that....exerpts abnormal amounts of energy! does that sound like Elijah?
He had such a great time playing and did well. The coaches also said that Elijah was put in his position and then stayed there cause it worked perfectly for him. I think I already mentioned his defense position... but was pretty much the same with offense. He played well, but even better, he had a lot of fun during the season. It was fun being the E-TRAINs parents! ;)
so, now we are on to wrestling. Elijah started the last week of football. Kaleb helped out with the jr high team until the high school season started. Elijah's first meet was canceled due to weather. His first meet was last week and he had 2 matches and pinned both guys at his first ever meet! I think having Kaleb show him what he's learned is going to be a big asset to Elijah. Kaleb's first meet in next weekend. I imagine the next few months are going to be big time wrestling. We try to go to every sporting event...and the high school travels quite am sure this is going to be quite an experience for us. but I am excited. The boys have been looking forward to wrestling. so.....should be fun!
We'll keep you posted!

Monday, November 23, 2009

notes from school

Oct 8

Dear Mom and Dad:

The reason for this letter is to help me achieve my goals. It will help to remind me what I have to do to become a firefighter, pass all of my classes, and help people that need help. I will explain to you how I will do that.

For my academic goal I want to pass all my classes with A's. To do that I will go to all of my classes; do all of my homework, and study for all of my tests. I want to be a positive force in both middle school and high school.

For my career goal I will volunteer at the fire station and eventually become a full time fire fighter. And on my days off I will work construction for TBC Inc......

there is more to the letter, but this is the part that melted my heart. Elijah has always idolized his dad...and here, even as a 13 year old teenager, he still does. Jeremy is a full time firefighter and TBC, Inc is our construction company.
Elijah wrote this letter for his first parent teacher conference which was a few weeks ago. I love that it is soo important for him to help other people.

Kaleb, as a 9th grader also wrote a letter for us. It was soo funny... he is quite the comedian. His advisory teacher didn't give us the letter, but it really portrayed the difference between a nervous 7th grader, and a 'been there, done that' 9th grader. His spoke of working on not being tardy, so the attendence secretary wouldn't harass him anymore and his goal of straight C's! goals to make any parent proud! ;)
Kaleb doesn't have to worry about catching the bus anymore, since he attends early morning seminary....he is always at school early now.
and the C's.....well, we won't discuss that one!
Kaleb has also expressed his interest in becoming a firefighter as well. gone are the days of becoming a scientist. ;) (after actually taking Science, and realizing he doesn't really want to take years of college. haha!) So, I think we are going to become a fire fighter family. Except I don't see Kas heading that way. Maybe she will marry a fire fighter! or become a Paramedic...which I doubt. Earlier she wanted to be a Vet until she found out they did surgery and other gross stuff. Now she is thinking of a groomer! ;)
Speaking of Kas...I am certain if she would have written a letter like that it would have been very well thought out and written and it probably would have also been illustrated!

I love our kids and feel very blessed that they are a part of our lives. They all have amazing talents and noble desires.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

what a week!

Wow. what a week we have had!!!!
as most of you know I had my birthday last monday. I am officially well into my 40's now. and amazingly, it is good.
I had a wonderful birthday, except that Jeremy had to work...calender mix up. It was okay. when I was younger, that probably would have devastated me. fortunately, it has become one of those little things that doesn't really matter now.
I have already been enjoying my big present...the kindle...and I am really enjoying it. It has far exceeded my expectations. I read The Undaunted on it, and loved the book. It is a story in church history that I was not familiar with, of people called to settle an area...but before they settled it, they needed to find a way to get there. I could totally picture my family taking on an adventure like that. It was hard and I guess in some ways regarded as a failure. But, there were also many strong, faithful families who accomplished practically the impossible. Check out the website:
J also gave me a cute pair of earrings...diamond ones. I was amazed that he actually went jewelry shopping. I think the boy is growing up. It was very sweet. and I felt very spoiled. I really never imagined I would have real diamond earrings in my life.
I went to breakfast with a good friend.
My kids made dinner for me. Kas helped make her first lemon merenguie pie, which is my traditional 'cake'. I had many well wishes. it was a very sweet day. I am very blessed.

On tuesday, J had to do a few hours of overtime. When he was about done he called me and said he needed to talk to me right away. We found out some crazy news.......

DW story on fire chief elimination
By Tom ScanlonPosted Thursday, Nov. 12, 2009 at 1:07 PM
Today’s Daily World story:
By Rachel Thomson
OCEAN SHORES — Mayor Dean Bunkers, in an attempt to close the $1.3 million shortfall to the City of Ocean Shores’ 2010 General Fund budget, plans to eliminate the position of fire chief and put one person in charge of the police and fire departments.Fire Chief Jim Hodges is on paid administrative leave until Dec. 31, when his position will be cut.The mayor has appointed Police Chief Mike Styner to serve as the interim fire chief. Starting Jan. 1, Styner will serve as director of public safety, supervising both departments.
Bunkers announced his decision Wednesday afternoon. “The layoff of the chief will be a painful but necessary decision brought on by the worsening financial crisis facing the city,” Bunkers said.
The council met on Monday and authorized the mayor to make some layoffs, including positions at the Interpretive Center and the library. Layoff notices are likely to arrive by the end of the month.
Bunkers said city procedures require that “certain steps” be taken before Hodges’ layoff can be finalized. He said he would provide more details next week.
Bunkers said he would present the City Council with reorganization options for the police and fire departments, including combining the fire and police chief positions.

Chief had just gotten back from his meeting from the mayor. Everyone was just walking around in a daze. There was no warning. No one knew if this was even legal, and or how the new chief (Steiner) would do.
Almost a week later, there are still alot of unknowns on the table. It is just crazy!
We'd wanted to go camping for Veterans Day, but with all that was going on with J's work, we decided he should stay around to find out what was going on.
We thought we were going to have a leisure Veteren's day, but it quickly turned into a work day when the sun came out for most of the day. We poured concrete, helped some friends get a nearly capsized boat out of the water, which ended up being a bigger ordeal than we expected, in major rain. It ended up being a crazy, busy day. and then J had to go back to work to cover for a sick guy.
J and I did some early Christmas shopping on thursday while we picked up some friends at the airport. We had a good time.
and then friday....a few days ago, one of the volunteers (firefighters) brought me a bag of oatmeal, raisins and brown sugar...hinthint. so I did a little baking for friends.
This week ended up being crazy. It will be interesting to see how everything turns out.
this was definitely a week of the good, the bad and the ugly!
hopefully this next week will be better.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

flu season

Well it finally found us these last two weeks.
First with Kaleb.
After sleeping for 2 days solid, he felt ready to tackle the world again, just to stay home a day or so later. He called before school started and said he was feeling horrible, so I went to get him. As soon as we got home he asked if he could put his jammies back on. He got on the couch and slept for another day. While Kaleb was back at school, Elijah was on the couch sleeping. It was crazy. I have never seen my kids sleep through an illness like this. But, it seemed to help. When they were feeling better, I came down with it.
I hate this worry about spreading the flu. I was at the halloween party and my throat felt dry. I figured I might be coming down with what the boys had, but it came so sudden and dry, slightly irritated throat has been common this fall. I stayed, cause I wanted my family to help clean up. The next morning was about the same. Not really feeling bad, but the throat didn't feel better either. Do I stay home from church? J was on duty that night, and hardly got sleep and he was going to church. Should I make him take my class, without time to study and hardly any sleep. I stayed home. The rest of the family went. I felt guilty and wimpy, but didn't want to spread germs. I ended up sleeping most of the day. It was a good choice, but I still felt guilty.
This was a busy construction week, where I was needed most every day for at least a few hours. Working on the job I am not around people much, and I wasn't soo sick that I couldn't do anything. But my muscles hurt, my brain was foggy (ok, more than normal). and I would be wiped out easily. I was sick most of the week. I wondered if it was because I worked.
Monday, I get a call from J. He says he is picking Kas up from school. She got into a fight. I knew he was kidding, but he keeps explaining. tells me who the other girl is ( one of her 'first' friends from Kindergarten, but not a bestie now). He says there is hair chunks out, scratch marks, bite was bad. I know he has to be kidding, but he keeps on about it. And, actually makes me wonder. I start heading over to the school. but he insists he's got it under control. She was just sick. Fever. achy. Just feeling bad.
So, Kas and I were sick together. Lots of laying around and reading. (when I wasn't working, and she having a 'bed' in the back seat of the car. ) I felt horrible, but such is life of the self employeed concrete sick days when there is good weather.
Kas finally went back to school friday. She tried thursday, but still had a low grade school. When she went back, there were only 10 students in her class. Many teachers missing, all her besties were out. CRAZY!!!!!
yesterday I felt much better. Today I would have felt even better, but I stayed up until some people get up in the morning, finishing a great book....another post I am sure. So, I was dragging all day.
One of the symptoms I have heard with h1n1 that I didn't have was stomach stuff...which I seem to be getting today.
So, did we have the swine flu???not sure. probably really doesn't matter. I have seen a few lists of the difference between a cold, flu and h1n1...which is very helpful, but what if we have symptoms from all.
Fortunately, it seemed pretty mild. and we didn't have any of the other things going on. Knock on wood. I know stuff can still happen. But, I am grateful that is over and done with. I am certain we wouldn't have gotten the vaccine. Hopefully the rest of the season will be uneventful for us though!
Oh, and J hasn't been hit yet. We have all been throwing down the oj, vitamin c, and immune fizz or emergenC....and hopefully soon the new yoli drink ( ) keep us healthy. I think it helped.
I pray for all those who haven't been so fortunate. It is amazing the people who have worse reactions.
even though, we weren't hit hard, I am grateful for the peace of mind, that we are not alone...and that things work in the Lord's due time, and way.
Once again, I am so grateful for the gospel in my life!