Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wrestling Districts

Before we get into wrestling, I have a few photos to show you......

You just might be a redneck, if you bury your 4x4 on your back lawn! and I mean BURY! btw those are BIG tires! I have huge ruts in my lawn now. I wonder if we will get them smoothed out before the lawn starts growing over them! hmmmmm

You also might be a redneck if you use your barely running piece of junk (don't tell the guys in my family I said that....especially Elijah) truck to get out. Every time they started trying to jerk the truck out, the white beast would stall. It was pretty frustrating! Elijah tried first, and then Kaleb. I think they were relieved when J switched them out and it even stalled on him. I think eventually with the help of the wench (I am not refering to me here!) they were able to get out. The white beast is still in the back yard! I am not sure if they ran out of time, or it wouldn't make it back around! This happened friday night, right before Kas's talent show. We were gone all day Saturday, and I forgot all about it, until I came out ready for church sunday morning, and I had to drive the very muddy truck to is either that, or the motorhome. the car is toast!
anyways......Kaleb had his district meet on Saturday. His coaches decided to have him wrestle 145 because that gave him a sure shot of making it to regionals. He started the season at 140....and then gradually throughout the season worked his way down to 135. So, last week he has been eating ice cream and other goodies to get his weight back up. I think he went in at 137 or 139. Later we heard the first guy he wrestled came down from 160 to 145! gads!!!!
He didn't feel well all day. probably a nervous stomach.
After each round they have to take a rest, so that noone wrestles another match before 45 minutes or the guys will go out on the mat, and play, rest, warm up, wrestle. I love watching them. It is obvious the team is close. they play around a lot.
Here Kaleb is wrestling our heavy weight...I mean he is getting smashed by our heavy weight!
One time Elijah couldn't handle missing out on all the fun. Even though he is only in 7th grade, he has been training with the high school since his season is he knows the guys pretty well. He ran out and tackled a few. I loved how they wrestled with him...these guys are probably practically twice his weight...but also treated him with care so he wouldn't get hurt.

But, they also aren't making it easy on him! :)
See the little brother. The guys will also let him pin them, and wrestle around! I just love it! J kept telling the little guy to elbow his opponant. finally the coach said there are no elbows in wrestling! it was funny! He didn't want J teaching him bad habits even this early on.

Poor Kas, has to entertain herself many times! She has missed many a saturday supporting her brothers! I hope they appreciate it!

In his second match, Kaleb had to wrestle a teammate. I didn't like that too well. Not as easy to tell him to kill him! ;) This is right after his win!

He finished 3rd! which was great. Kaleb is the only freshman in the group...his first opponant was a senior!

I loved this shot! Look how grown up he is! It just makes me crazy!

regionals in tacoma next weekend!

In other sport related news...Elijah started training with the basketball team. He is starting middle of the season, so might not get any game time. We will see. Many of his best friends play and they kept begging him to go out.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I don't know why I have to wait

until I have a number of things to post before I do....
We have been working on our garage. Anyone who knows us, knows how much junk was in there! It was cram packed full with stuff. Toys...Tools....Junk we don't get rid of...even stuff left here when we moved in. J and the boys (mostly) worked hard to clean it out. kill all the rodents, throw out the bad, give away the good....and we made space....
for a wrestling mat. and a few punching, kicking bags. J also got my work area opened up...but I don't have a photo of that yet. maybe soon.

Kaleb is still in wrestling. Districts is this weekend. Regionals next, and State the following. He is very excited for these Tournaments, but I think even more excited for wrestling to be done. He is worn out and ready for a break. We are too!

Kas's last game is tomorrow. She's doing well. learning. she is probably the fastest girl on the team, and it shows on the court. Just like Volleyball, they play with 6th graders who tower over most of the girls. So, we anticipate a great season next year when they have grown a bit! ;)

Today I had a little time to kill, so I went for a walk on the beach. We are dealing with a few stresses right now, and the ocean is very therapeudic. It was a good walk for me. Time to converse with myself and God, clear my head, and get a bit of a workout in.
I usually don't find agates....and while I was conversing with God, I mentioned that, and how nice it would be to find just ONE! I have friends who have tons. I have one friend...Gina...who probably found hundreds--maybe thousands. and I couldn't usually find any. I am not jealous or anything....I think they just know where to look. and I don't.
BUT, anyways, I mentioned that I would appreciate finding just one....and look how many I found! I whole pocketful! they were even good sized! and all different colors. I couldn't believe it! I must say, I felt loved! and that was good timing for me! I kindof needed it this morning.
I also found some sea glass. I love sea glass. Reminds me of a dear friend...Jenn :
This was my whole stash! I still picked up a few ordinary rocks. either cause I couldn't resist....well, because I couldn't resist. some were the color of my wall in the living room,. others were the beautiful red that I love. or an incredible combination!
I don't know why I love rocks so much. Someday I am going to have a rock garden full of the rocks I have hand picked! :)