Sunday, February 6, 2011

Well, Jeremy has been gone now for 5 weeks. 
We weren't going to be able to see him for another 2 weeks. 
That wasn't acceptable to me...
So we made arrangements and planned a meeting!  :) 
Thursday night....
Jeremy got out of his schooling at 5 and I could leave by around 12 or it was going to be perfect!
Well, I made arrangements for the kids and stuff
and headed out. 
I was soo excited, even for the short time we would be together.
I got a few books on cd...because I was going to spend plenty of time in the car.
In fact...I think I spent as much time in the car, traveling as I spent with Jeremy! 
Jeremy thought he was going to be able to get out of class early, but he ended up being late...
so I drove the extra 45 or so miles to LeGrande. 
I reached him around 8:30 or 9:00.
He'd gotten a room for us.
and was at the store getting snacks for us. 
and a swimsuit for me...I forgot mine.
and they had a hot tub. 
We relaxed in the tub, which was great after the long drive.
had a picnic on the bed!  highly recommended!  ;) 
and just enjoyed being with each other! 
oh how I miss that guy!
The next morning I gave him a haircut....
in the it wouldn't make a big mess.
I can imagine what the cleaner thought with the scragglies we didn't get!  ;)  
After checking out, we had a few hours...
we tried to find a scenic route. 

 The view was pretty. 
But, we couldn't find many roads into the mountains.
We both had to leave in the early, after a few hours...we had lunch.
We tried to find a restaurant...but settled for Denny's.
Ate lunch.  Dreaded the fact that we were leaving each other.
But, also being anxious to get on the road, so I wasn't home too late.

 Realized we kept forgetting to take a picture together! 

 Made a few attempts.....but got a few good shots!
 And then we were off.  While J was getting ready to go, I willed myself to not cry...
I would see him again in a few weeks...
and I had a lot of alone time ahead of me. 
I did pretty good...
I think.


I am so glad we were able to make the arrangements. 
It was soo nice, and needed...for me. 
and I got some good shopping in to and from!  ;) 

I am so proud of J.  He is doing such a great job. 
I am proud of the kids...and the help they have been throughout this whole thing.
I am grateful for our friends and church family...we have been truly blessed! 
Life is good.  Dreams do come true!