Friday, January 23, 2009

Kalaloch Beach

We decided to go to Kalaloch Beach during the 3 day weekend for MLK day. We were only able to go overnight, but just getting away for a day seemed awesome. We left Sunday afternoon. It is about a 2 and a half hour we got there right as the sun was setting. We saw the top sliver as we drove into the park. At the campground there are spots right on the Ocean Bluff, but we weren't able to get one of those...we did find a nice secluded spot, though...that worked perfectly for us.
We made a simple dinner of chili, chips and cheese, and had a fire that night with s'mores, and then watched The Man From Snowy River. I am sure you can imagine...that was a favorite of mine and Jeremy's when we were growing up.....I remember my dad having that show on every day and Jeremy probably did as well. So, even though we haven't seen it for about 15 years, Jeremy still practically had every moment memorized. He had us rolling on the floor, it was so funny. The kids weren't quite as impressed with the movie. It is amazing to see the dork factor in old shows and stuff....Anyways, we had a great time....If you ever want to get a good laugh...sometimes at your an old favorite movie to your kids!
We went to bed early and made everyone vow to sleep-in in the morning. which is usually not a problem with my family!

The next morning the guys did a run on the beach, while Kas and I relaxed, took care of the dogs, and started blueberry muffins...from a box.
They had a good run, and were about sick when they made it back. But...not too sick for breakfast... muffins, bacon and bacon greased eggs. YUMMM! perfect camping breakfast!

Afterwards, we all headed down to the beach. Jeremy got a tripod for christmas, so he did a lot of experimenting with it....with family photos...It was pretty funny watching him set the camera up, and then have to leap and scramble around the beach debris to get to us in are a few:

Here are the dogs, enjoying the beach!

We decided to take the same route the guys took for our walk/play. They thought it would be fun and we hadn't explored that area yet...we were pleasantly surprised!
Kas quickly had her shoes off enjoying the surf. I am not sure if you can see the shoe progression in the photos..but she started out in my chacos...and ended up with my hiking boots. the chacos hurt her feet.....and she'd only brought sandals for herself....
There were rocks to climb and get out to during the tides. I thought this looked awesome of the boys.

We love scrambling on rocks.
isn't this cool. It is amazing what power the tide holds.
There were quite a few tide pools as the tide was going out. here are a few finds:

Some of the rock formations were awesome..

Family picture worthy even!
We found a few caves to play in....or at least pose in.
Kaleb, Elijah and Teaka

Kas and Konu

Hunting for shells, or rocks......

Here are a few things that made it back. sea glass, a few shells and rocks that still looked good when dry!

The kids found this net they wanted to take are not a true blue harborite, unless you have an old net, or some bouys hanging somewhere in your yard. Kaleb treked it back with help from the others occasionally.

They found a spot by they highway they could ditch it, and we'd get worked..but what a workout for Kaleb. Elijah helped when he could.
Here they are loading it on the motorhome. It was heavy! I think it is still up there actually! I can't tell if Kas is trying to tell them what to do. It looks pretty funny!

We had a great time. Lori laughs at us, cause we live at the beach, and still choose to vacation at the beach..But, we love it. The weather was beautiful for January...and we just had a great time. I am so grateful for my family. We have a lot of fun together. And we are very blessed!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Year's Revolutions

That is what they were called tonight as we discussed them in fhe. New Year Revolutions. not sure what that means, but I wanted to share a few that my kids came up with: Kaleb's made me laugh the most....
His first resolution is to 'be better than everyone else' ...and then he drew pictures of himself winning the race, pinning the opponant, and lifting twice as much weights as the others. I wonder what kind of issues he has to want to be better than anyone did make me laugh though....but of course the mom in me had to give just have to continue to improve speech....not compete. I am certain it was one of those in one ear and out the other speeches....
The other goal I know he has just to bug me is....'be more of a redneck' these stick figures are holding duct tape, have holey shoes, more stuff in his wallet, and on his, that boy makes me proud! I guess I should be grateful he doesn't have a picture of him in his 'bogs-a type of rainboot' at school!
Elijah's most interesting ones are to pin Kaleb...heehee. and get rid of the coyotes that are killing our chickens. I have a love/hate relationship with the coyotes. We knew they were coming around. Our friend put a motion camera out by the chicken coop, and they have been out there 10-12 times this last year. They have killed some of our chickens and are obviously coming back for more...but I am a sucker. They are beautiful animals. big, great stance....It is funny to think of coyotes as beautiful...but these really are. so, I hate to think of them dying, or killing them...Elijah's first goal was to kill them....until I whimpered a he changed it to 'get rid of them'....soften the blow for me.
Of girl, had normal, typical goals...stop biting nails, save money, etc. We had fun talking about Revolutions...and it was interesting to find out how they think. I know Kaleb likes to do a good job, but I would have never dreamed he wanted to be 'better than everyone else'....he must get that from his dad! ;). I really didn't think he was that competitive.

We also rocked out to 80's music tonight. What a blast. Take me back.....and then I have been finding old classmates on facebook....that really takes me back. I think we all look great at 40+!! hehe.

I just heard that Towery's kitchen is almost done. I can't wait to see the end results! weeeee!!! Hope they post some pictures...hint hint....

Saturday, January 10, 2009

even more Idaho

I found some more photos and wanted to add. Here is Brian helping the kids with the floor. That is probably my legs sitting on the, that is not all I did...but who else would be wearing flip flops in the winter! I have a cute story about Megan. She wanted to spend the night with us in the motorhome, until bedtime...and then she wanted mommy, or to sleep with Grandma in her bed. We were not doing a great job of convincing her until I showed her she was going to be sleeping in the Winnie the Pooh sleeping bag...and then nothing else mattered. She laid right down, and settled in. Here she is with Kas in their sleepover! She loves her big cousin Kas and Kas loves her!
I did find a few photos with the countertop on. they aren't great....but you still can see how good it looks...You still see a little of the old glue and such that will be covered...but it's work in progress. It would have been nice to see it all done..but we will..

I laughed so hard when I saw Randy with his beloved whipped cream! I made him pose. But, this REALLY was the way I found him!

Also, the hottub was a big part of the trip. Everyday Kas went in the hottub. One morning she woke up and asked to swim first thing! Here she is with Melissa her old bud. 'just like old times'.

We really crammed a lot in that trip!

more Idaho

Here are a few more photos of our trip. J, Elijah and Kurt on their trip. I thought this was a great photo. Look how cute Elijah is with my gear on. He actually probably uses it more than I do! He loves to ride with his dad! Grandma and Grandpa took us out to dinner. Jeremy took this with his camera.
I have more that I will download in another post....stay tuned....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years trip to Idaho

I am so far behind....and can't seem to find the time to post. So frustrating....but maybe I will get there some day. We were able to go to Idaho for New Years. It worked out perfectly for us to be able to finish replacing the cabinets in the kitchen....and do the floor. Do you see how their kitchen..after the old cabinets were out looked kindof crack we've ever been in one and know what it would look like...but we did enjoy immensely covering up that old gross glue! Do you see Elijah cutting the pergo? He worked very hard to develop his sweet skills...later you will see how beneficial this was! Jeremy and the boys put the floor in with me helping every now and then. I was having my own issues with the sneezing and feeling pretty typical, Idaho allergy!!!ugh!!!Anyways, the floor they picked is beautiful and looks very good with the cabinets. We decided while we were at it we would cover the dining room floor as well. We couldn't get enough of the same, so went for the darker color...which I think looks beautiful. I loved it...and felt like it really looked good in that room with the built ins. How exciting. The story behind the dining room floor......Brian (Wendy's dh) came over to help....but about 10-15 minutes into the project, Jeremy was out in the motorhome cramped up and pretty much helpless. Even though Brian is very mechanical minded and a smart guy, he'd never done pergo before....or any floorcovering it seemed....they boys had helped J with the kitchen, so they pretty much taught Brian and I the techniques....and we did it. It was awesome that my 12 and 13 year old were the pros on the floor. Jake (my bro) came over and gave us a few pointers as well. It was awesome. I was very proud of my boys...and grateful for Brian's patience, and willingness to let the boys teach him a thing or two. He did a great job with them and it turned out wonderful! Here is our Teaka modeling the floor for us:

I don't know why I don't have a photo of the cupboards all done...but this gives a little idea of how beautiful they are. Ryan ( the talented finish carpenter) will put beadboard on the walls and trim and make everything beautiful. The countertop is a darker color that looks awesome. I love all the colors, and know it is going to be beautiful when it is all finished. This was such a fun project for us to do. and an interesting way to spend New Years Eve.

In Gayle and Randy's sitting room is a cubby that Tammy had when that was her room. All her friends signed it, and put cool....usually...things up there....Anyways, Ryan made a cool door for it and it became storage. Well, Kas and Megan had other plans... They were down stairs exploring and found a bunch of treasures that seemed perfect for that spot. Kas brought it all up and 'remodeled' the room. It was soo funny watching what she would bring up...and where it would go. i saw a lamp shade go in...and then quickly out...too much space...a pencil sharpener....a candle lamp, these cute cabinets....anyways, it is super cute now...and perfect for Megan, and Ashlyn in the near future!

I was able to visit with Jake and his family for a bit before they got out of town. I didn't get a good shot of all of them, but they are a beautiful family. Here Jake is showing us his skills with the eskimo yoyo mom made for Christmas.
We also spent some time with the Freeman's. I found out K, who just turned 11 is almost as tall as me...already!!! eek! Isn't she beautiful! J and I went on a double date with Kurt and Maryhelen. just like old times. It was fun.

And then we met them at the YMCA. Caldwell has a beautiful Y. Almost everytime we go there we see someone we know. J saw a guy he used to fight wild fire with...and one of my old missionary companions was there with her kids. What a treat. The kids were excited to take a chance at the climbing wall. J can still climb the rope! What a man...and look at his cute hiney!

Kaleb made it to the top in no time. He had to climb barefoot cause he wore his bogs (waterboot) inside.....yes...I know...redneckville. I think they do it cause they know it embarrasses me. I hate them, except in the severe rain....which wasn't happening in Idaho.

I guess it worked for him though!
and then Elijah had his turn! By the time Kas worked up the courage, or desire to go, it was way past time to she will have to wait for another day.

On our last full day there, J and Kurt were able to take a day trip on the bikes. (Elijah was on the back!) It was cold that they were well layered up. They found a good route...and took off. I know they had a great time, and got to do some good riding. J's been wanting to ride with Kurt so it was nice they could get it worked out.

We had such a good time.. Visiting, remodeling, eating, shopping.....catching up on home. The time flew, and it seemed like before we knew it, it was time for home. We are grateful we were able to go...and even fill up once or twice at $1.59...what a bargain! Being sick and such, we didn't get to do near as much as we wanted, but we were able to cram a lot into a short amount of time.