Thursday, December 17, 2009


As you know, we have been focusing a lot on has seemed to overtake our lives lately. Tonight is Elijah's last meet it should mellow out at least a bit, cause now Kaleb is in full swing.

But, December has been much more than wrestling. Christmas is the next obvious thing, but it has also been set aside a bit. This year I was determined to give Kasidee a worthy birthday. Her birthday is on the 19th. It seems to always land on the last day of school before the break...and always right amongst the preps for Christmas or a trip or something. She has never had a friend party. So, this year I promised her we would pull it together and have a party.

Last month Carrie did room makeovers for Maddy and Sadie...which encouraged me to do the same for Kasidee. Her room was not cute at all. I didn't take before pictures, cause...well, I would have been embarrassed. She had the brown panel walls that are common throughout our house. and way way way too much stuff. In her defense, Kas comes by her 'pack rat' mentality honestly. Both J and I would rather keep something-just in case-than toss it...and I think we both picked up those traits from our parents. But, it was amazing how much stuff she had crammed in her room.

Mom, Amber and Jessie were willing to come help me, which I know I couldn't have done it without them. We took everything out, except for a few pieces of furniture that were also getting an update.
Kas told me she wanted orange, lime green and yellow for her main colors. and she likes polka dots. so....we painted the walls green.

When we started I thought I thought I'd made a big mistake....but the next morning, I knew it was perfect.
Her light yellow bed, got a bright yellow wash.....we decided to go bold with the raspberry closet....Kas didn't want a closet door....
and her dresser got a white facelife, with orange accents....isn't it cute!I have a cute old chair that also got a new orange do! and her drafting table got a facelift as well. We loved watching it come together. Originally Kas wanted her great reveal to be at her birthday party, but Mom and the girls came a week early and I wasn't going to keep her out of her room for the, we picked her up,
went to Alex's for dinner...payback for all the hard work.....

do we look tired? we worked hard! :)

and then she saw!
her new room.....
she'd already picked out the comforter...

the bookcase was the only new furniture...before she had 2 small ones and a nightstand full of, this gave her a lot more room. it was from ikea...thanks mom for picking it up for me. It has quotes all over orange! couldn't have been more perfect!

Right after she saw her room Mom and the girls had to leave. They literally worked like crazy the whole time they were here! I owe them bigtime!
But, it was fun!

Elijah got her some hooks for her wall, so when he got home he put those up for her....

cute polka dot hooks.... The beautiful thing, was afterwards...she said she didn't want to put all her junk back in there. Her beautiful room motivated her to throw it out or give it away! Yea!!!!!
I think I scored a lot of mommy points for this birthday present! she loves it! and I do too. double bonus!

The following evening was the work Christmas Party. I think J has worked the last 2 years of it, so it was nice having him there the whole night!
Kas found her friend right off the bat...and they went off chatting.....
Santa and Mrs. Clause came, but I didn't get good photos of them. Here are a few favorite boys in their chairs.
It was funny,...when Santa called each kid see what they wanted. Elijah said--dirt bike (no surprise there),
Kas said-- Pony (kindof no surprise)....and another girl said--Unicorn and her brother said--2 headed snake! another little boy said--an elf, so I can ride him! I think there were a few more very interesting comments, but I think those were the best. Santa was great, though. and went right with it.

I made J dance with me before we could leave. He hates it, I love it.

And then Marsha grabbed him. hehe
I also made the kids go dance. they need to learn how. haha. Lynn, Elijah's wrestling coach and a fellow ff, jumped up to encourage him. He said any wrestler can dance (Lynn is an avid dancer)...and showed him a few moves. It was soo cute!

We had a good time. Reminded me how many good people J works with. So, grateful to be a part of the (now) Public Safety family.

I had to throw wrestling in here...
on Tuesday Elijah had a meet. I missed his first match(but he pinned the guy). His second was with Jessie....
who I think is an awesome kid. He is a great wrestler. and has great sportsmanship. Elijah beat him 4-2 but, it was a close match. He was the kid who was undefeated until Elijah came along! I am such a sucker cause I was glad Elijah didn't pin him.
and then Wednesday night (last night) was the Elementary School Christmas program. Kas and her class sang a song in Polish. Her teacher made the cute costumes. Kas is in the middle.

As mentioned on facebook, I broke down and got a little, fake tree. so, after the concert, Kas and I decorated it.
Now we can have Christmas....but, not before a few more meets, and a birthday party! wootwoot!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Kaleb's wrestling

Well, Kaleb is off and running with his wrestling. I think I have mentioned it already a bit. Here are a few articles about his first two meets in the local paper.

In this dual with Hoquiam, it says he pinned his guy but it doesn't mention that before the pin his score was like 25 to 23! which is amazing. they both worked hard, and it was an exciting match to watch. I want to get the video on here, but haven't figured out how to make it work yet.

His last meet at Granger wasn't as fun for him. He had 2 losses. The consolation is that the best wrestlers in the state all come from that side of the mountain. But, he still went with high hopes. I hope this just makes him more determined, not discouraged... His next meet is saturday.

Elijah will be done this week. He has 2 more meets. It should be fun!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Last weekend was Kaleb's first meet in Westport. We have heard that they take forever, so we decided to bring the motorhome. I know we are silly and take every chance we can to use it. I'd been sick the day before, so it was nice to think I could go out and take a nap in between matches if I needed to (I didn't). and we could get snacks from out there. When we came home, everyone was sprawled out everywhere sleeping. Pretty funny!
Kaleb did good. It is always a little nerve wracking (how do you spell that) at the first meet, to find out how your kid is faring. I know he has been working hard in practice and training...and we wonder if his mma training is going to help or hinder. He said in mma, it is good to fight on your back....but not so good in wrestling....anyways, he was pinned his first match, but he fought good and showed he is very strong. He fought defensively most of the match, but would kick some good moves out throughout the whole match. I was amazed by his strength, and endurance.
His other two matches he pinned the guys pretty easily. And then first place pinned second place pretty it seemed like a solid spot for him. I was very happy with the results. I see great things in Kalebs future regarding wrestling.
I don't have pictures...but hopefully will be able to post some of the video....
I am falling in love with wrestling and am glad the boys are in it.
I know it is thought of as an aggressive sport, which it is....where boys fight...which they do, in a sense....but I see alot of life lessons being learned along the way.
One of my biggest concerns with wrestling is the weight issue. I don't think it is going to be much of an issue with Kaleb. BUT, if they handle it right it is a good practice of self control for a good cause....
I have been amazed at the sportsmanship I have seen on the mat. Guys will fight with all they have, and then when it is done they are helping their opponant up, hugging them, shaking hands, etc. showing respect and concern.
We have had a couple of guys come up afterwards and compliment our boys, (one was after a win and the other was after a loss). The boy who lost even brought his buddy by to show him who beat him. They both had total admiration in their eyes. No anger, or jealousy. It was awesome. I have seen teammates cheer their guys on...give moves that might have helped. concern again.
While they are is just the two boys on the mat. noone can come in and rescue them. The coaches are in the corners yelling out advice they can take or leave. But, ultimately it is up to each one to win or lose.
If you are not aggresive and wait to see what your opponant is going to do (probably more my speed) you are going to spend time fighting defensively...which is hard work and seems it is hard to switch to offensive fighting. It is important to be confident. To know what you are going to do before you get out there and not be intimidated! just do it!
These boys are learning to think and act while they are in stressful situations! if they are in a hold, they have to figure out a way to get out....or listen for their coaches, who see the whole picture and know what is going to work the best. I imagine as these boys grow up and get into real life situations they are going to be better able to handle split second decisions while under stress. They have to do it on the mat, or they are dead!
These were just a few of my observations this last weekend. I am excited to see the season progress. It will be very busy. which is a bit hard to do at Christmas time. but it seems we need to get used to it. This is going to be the norm for the next 6 years ( no, Kas will not wrestle!...even though I did see some girls pin their boy opponants! just can't even imagine being those boys!)