Wednesday, November 6, 2013

night visitor

Oh my gosh.  We had the craziest morning yesterday!  This last week I have been having a bit more anxiety than normal.  One early morning I thought I heard someone go out the side door.  I made Jeremy get up and check.  Another night, neither Jeremy or Kaleb would answer my text messages, for about three to four hours...even until 1-2 am.  I finally called Jeremy at work, woke him up and asked him to DROID Kaleb, who of course was safe.... at Jennie's..... watching a movie.   But, Jeremy didn't get much sleep the rest of that night, and felt horrible the next day at work.  I felt like I was getting a little out of control.  So, early yesterday morning, I woke to a sound of scampering....  I assumed it was out on our deck, but I was pretty certain the window was closed...and there is no way I would have been able to hear anything so loudly.  I have been known to suddenly wake to loud sounds that really don't exist.  I normally would have woken up Jeremy, but after the week we'd had I decided to just deal with it and go to sleep.  I was pretty sure we were safe.  So, I hunkered down and tried to fall back asleep.  About 5 minutes later, Jeremy suddenly jumps up and yells....something just ran over my back!!!  He rationalized that it was probably a moth or something...but I knew better...the rustling I heard on the deck quickly became rustling of our blanket...and I realized something had run across the bed earlier.  eek.  I told Jeremy I was almost positive it wasn't a moth.....We turned on the light...reassured ourselves that there was not still a mouse on our bed, and then I decided to use the restroom--it was about that time....
I go to the toilet room, sit down...and all of a sudden I see a big mouse run from behind the toilet seat  and under the door.  I screamed...of course!! Jeremy jumped up, grabbed a flip flop and started tracking the thing.  I am sure we were quite a sight!  We finally had him what to do?  Jeremy had my make noise so that he wouldn't get away, and guard the room...while he ran out into the shop to find mousetraps....which he couldn't find, since we have about 10 cats...who, incidentally, should have kept the mice out of our house.  Jeremy and I traded places. because I thought I knew where some were...I didn't...but, I did find a rat I brought that in.  we set it right underneath the hole where the mouse was hiding, and went back to bed.  This whole ordeal took about an hour of precious sleep.  ugh!!! After seminary I got sticky traps from Ace, and set a few up when I got home.  I was determined to get that mouse out of our room, and then house for that matter.  This has been the first mouse we have had in the house since we moved in...about 2 years ago.  pretty frustrating, since, like I mentioned earlier, we have an over abundance of cats.  I don't really like cats, but have appreciated their work in keeping the mice out...until now!!!!  ugh.
We survived the night.  Got the mouse out of the house...except I did have to wait for the kids to come home to take it out for me.  I just can't handle mice.  And hopefully we will be a little more careful, and not get more.  ugh!!!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Well, since my last post before today was Feb 2012, I have a lot of catching up to do.  I decided I really needed to write a little more today....since I have a lot of catching up to do.  I read from my last post that we were on our way to Idaho, and the boys were on the way to State.  I remember it being a difficult choice to leave the boys on this great occasion, to support Jeremy...but then when all was said and done, I knew I had made the right choice.  Jeremy had planned to take his bike to Idaho, because I would have needed the car to go to State, and he likes any excuse to ride.  But, we surprisingly had bad weather...which could have been very dangerous for him on the bike.  And, even though we all knew Jeremy would do great on his test, he still felt pretty stressed about it.  He did pass, and transitioned easily into his Medic career.  Thankfully, the fd made it work.  We felt very blessed through that whole ordeal.  We even learned later of many blessings that were happening that we were not even aware of.  It was crazy.  And we felt very humbled.  
The boys had their State Experience.  They didn't place, but they did great, and had great fun.  We were real proud of them.  

Before Kaleb turned 16, he never let on that he was interested in girls at all.  But, as soon as he could date, he pretty much constantly had a girlfriend.  He usually only kept them for a few weeks, or months, until Jennie came along.  He asked Genevieve Swanson (a Sophomore) out for Prom, but even before the dance, they were pretty steady, and are still going strong.  

About the time school got out that year, Elijah brought a friend over to hang out.  This friend turned out to be Savannah Lee.  He had asked if he could take her to Prom, because she was feeling bad that she didn't have a date, but since he wasn't 16 yet, it wasn't an option.  He kept saying they were just friends, so it would be cool....but they became pretty inseparable after that first day she came over to 'hang out'....and they are still pretty inseparable.  

It has been awesome and a little scary watching their relationships blossom.  We feel very blessed that they are great young women, who've easily fit into our lives.  

Ok.  I am off for now.  But, hopefully I will add more sooner than later.  

Back at it!

It has been about a year and a half since I have been on my blog.  and it sounds like my goal in my last post was to be a better blogger. can see how well that went.  ;)  Well, lately I have been feeling like I need to get back into blogging.  I have no idea why...and of course, because of my anxious nature...I have lots of speculations why..... but I decided to act on it and start again.  I am going to have to relearn now to use this site...and figure out how to get photos off my phone and onto here...but here I am.  another try.  we will see if I do any better.  

Our lives are soo full...and busy.  We are smack in the middle of teen life, and girlfriends, and sports, and a high school graduate on to bigger and better things, work and church and all the normal things of life, pets and gardening and family. 
It is pretty awesome,
and crazy,
and amazing,
and sometimes sad....
so here I go.......

So, we started seminary this year.  Book of Mormon.  yippee!!!  I have been waiting for three years to teach Book of Mormon, even though I have really enjoyed every year of study and learned allot...but I know the Book of Mormon the most.  And, honestly...I have neglected my Book of Mormon study for the last few years, so I was excited to get engrossed in it again....with a reason besides just for me.  It is like revisiting an old friend.  So awesome.  The church just redid the Seminary manual, and some of the scripture mastery...which is pretty exciting.  Seems like in many ways they simplified the program.  But, I still have a hard time getting the lesson done in the appointed time.  I always have a goal to memorize the scripture mastery with the students.  I have been doing okay, but my memory is getting worse and I hope this helps in some way...working my brain. 

I love my group...just wish all the kids would show up.  It is crazy, when I know it is soo important and can help them so much in this crazy life...but they aren't interested, or willing to make the sacrifice.  But, I will take the kids I have and work with it.  Well, I think this is a good start.  until next time....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February so far!

Valentine's Day gave me a chance to reflect a bit on how blessed I truly am!  I have an awesome husband, kids I adore, a huge family that I love.  and many friends.  I think my greatest 'love' gift is my knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father and Savior! who can pick up all the matter where we are on the LoVe spectrum! 
My goal was to do better on blogging, so here is my attempt.  I have had a heck of a time with pics, and even posting.  I am not sure what is up, so I hope this isn't too crazy odd looking once all is said and done!
 Jeremy and the fire dept had some ff training  this month where they learned new techniques.  The following morning one of the local businesses had a fire, and the fd were able to use their newly learned training, and saved a popular business.  It was awesome.  Jeremy wasn't able to fight the fire, since we had mud scheduled that morning.  We were still proud of the fd for doing such a great job!

The boys made it to State Wrestling!  We are soo excited for them!  For Districts, Kaleb got 1st 
@ 152 lbs, and  Elijah got 2nd @ 126 lbs.  At Regionals, both Kaleb and Elijah got 2nd!  So, tradition at NBHS for State Participants, is a bleach job!  Guess what we did for FHE?!! 
My friend bought this hair dryer for me she found at a thrift shop.  Prob a few years came in very handy that night.  Kaleb had a few people, presumably girls, tell him they would kill him if he bleached his red hair...which of course made it all the funner!  ;)  
It is a pretty shocking look!  They have scared me a few times.  Kaleb's hair is still a little brassy which is driving me crazy but, he thinks is part of the look he it's staying that way!  at least until after state!

 The boys have worked hard, and it has paid off.  Kaleb's goal this year was that he would not be pinned.  I think he got pinned once, maybe twice, but that was much better than previous years.  He won quite a bit more than he lost.  and Just had a great season.  Elijah went out with a bang.  He is a natural, but a freshman coming in is always difficult.  I think he had to learn how to lose a bit, and not let things get to his head, but He's heading to State as a he obviously had a great season! 
 There are soo many things about wrestling that I love.  We have great coaches.  Sometimes, I don't appreciate the calls of the refs, but they do care about the boys.  Many times they have come up to congratulate, or tell the boys something they can do better.  I love that!  The boys have a sense of comraderie among each other, and become friends off the mat, help each other up, cheer each other on, etc.  And, getting to know the other parents in the stands, and hanging out all day...just to see our own kids wrestling maybe for a few minutes total!  I am glad it is almost over, cause it really takes over a big part of our lives, but will miss it!  I am not going to be able to go to State to cheer the boys on, cause Jeremy has a test in Idaho, and I feel the need to head that way!  I feel bad, but expect to be able to go next year!  

The snowy owls have descended on our beaches.  We went for a walk to see them. 

 Got a glimpse of a few...had a pic that I just accidently deleted.  I am having a heck of a time with this post...I have probably deleted 4-5 pics so far already!  and am afraid to try and re-add them and mess things up more!  But, just as interesting as the owls, were all the fancy cameras out there!  and the people.  The beach they are at is one of my favorites in the area, but it isn't usually so popular, but there are tons of people out there now.  I guess we have people from all over the country just to get a shot of these owls.  I am not sure why they are so rare...
 We went on Mom and Dad's 47th anniversary!  which is quite a feat now adays!  
Anyways, in a few days we shall have some great news...did Jeremy pass (of course he did) and how the boys did at State!  
Life is good.  We are crazy-busy...which is pretty typical....and very blessed!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2011 recap

Well, It has been too long since I have been on here.  And looking at most of my blog list, probably hardly anyone noticed.  I have spent the last few weeks trying to decide if I was going to continue.  I am hoping that our lives have settled down a bit, and I can get back into the habit of posting regularly...mostly for the purpose of recording our family history....journaling...and if anyone is interested, they can continue to follow. 

2011 was quite a year for us.  Good, Bad and Ugly...that is for sure. 
Jeremy's schooling...3 months away from home and countless hours at the Fire Dept...and unfortunately many, many more hours than we anticipated....even worst case scenario.  BUT...he finally got his calls completed this week!  so, we can move on to the next phase...
Lori's Breast Cancer ordeal.  took pretty much all of 2011!  she had one final (hopefully) surgery last week.  Fortunately, she seems to be cancer free...we hope she stays that way.
Her cancer prompted me to finally get my first mammogram at 45...well, probably 44.  which turned out fine. 
When Jeremy came home from Idaho, he brought a friend, classmate...Sam, with his dog, Ottis.  They ended up living with us for about 7 months off and on, sometimes his wife would come and stay.  They were in the process of relocating and finally moved up here in November.  We love them, and really enjoyed having them with us. 
We also had some other friends live with us, while they were in the process of relocating and finding a job.  They were a family of 5.  They mostly slept in the Motorhome and shared the house, kitchen, so they wouldn't go stircrazy in there.  They were with us for about 3-4 months.  It went amazingly well, I think we all felt amazingly blessed through the whole ordeal.  They expected to be here only a week or so tops, but life didn't work out that way.  They had little ones 4 and 6, which was a joy to have around again...and a teen daughter whom Kas LoVeD!!! 
About the same time everyone moved out, we found out the house of our dreams was for sale, and we actually had a shot of getting it.  We were able to move in on Nov 12.  My birthday present.  :)  I painted all day for my birthday.  Everyone was super I bought myself a pie, and we basically ate it on the fly...but it was still an incredible birthday.  I was moving into a dream house that would be ours!!!It is a big, beautiful house, with a big shop, and 10 acres.  We are in heaven...pretty much. 
We felt very humbled, awed, blessed.  It has been truly amazing.  I think we have experienced enough in life to know that we can't take anything for, our amazement still continues... 
Business is still going.  I don't think we could live off our construction income if we had to, but it is definitely a nice supplement.  We feel totally blessed in that as well, because many businesses are going under.  At first it was out of towners, which was good, but then some of our friends started going under, especially ones who were hard workers with mad skills....people we care about...and it didn't seem so great.  We have had to take more jobs that we normally would have turned down, when construction was booming, but such is life.  It will be interesting to see what 2012 brings.  Will things continue to go down, or gradually start picking up???  we shall see. 
2011 was a big year for our kids!  Kasidee entered Jr High this year, and turned 13 at the end of the year...which put us into a new era....of a family of teens!  All of my kids being out of Elementary School was a weird thing.. it had me freaked out for a bit.  My daughter going into 'the big school' also was a little hard to take.  But, we are moving forward...and adjusting to this new phase.  Elijah is taking drivers ed...and will get his license.  and Kaleb officially started dating in 2011! 
We also have a new dog, Jack.  He's a male boxer about 4 years old...I think.  Great dog.  pretty much.
I almost forgot 2 things.
My parents and Amber are here for the winter.  Our house has somewhat of a mother in law apartment attached, so they are staying there.  They have been helping out a bunch with updating the house and outbuildings, and stuff.  They have been a great help, and good to have around. 

and....Almost my whole Simpson family came for Christmas.  It was soo great having everyone here, and we really missed those who couldn't come.  I hate living away from everyone. 

Well, I think that is the highlights.  We feel very blessed, and are grateful that the hard things, have worked themselves out, and the blessings have been incredible.  I forgot to mention, football, karate/mma, baseball, basketball, wrestling....we are busy, busy, busy..and very proud parents.  They guys have also been working on kayaking (thanks to Sam) and surfing. 

It will be interesting to see what 2012 has in store for us.  Hopefully, Jeremy will get his paramedic, and still have a job by the end of the year, and we will have done a bunch more to our place.  I know we can count on continued blessings, even along with the hardships.  But, knowing that the Lord is with us....helps us get through every situation. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I am soo behind! and have so much catching up to do....I just did a long post and totally flubbed it, cause I posted stuff I already had and didn't realize.  This is going to be harder than I thought.  and I already knew it was going to be hard!  ugh!!!!!  Oh well.  We will see how it goes.  
while Jeremy was gone, we had more wrestling and Kas was involved with basketball, which she really enjoys.  
 I refinished this shoe rack... to the green...which I liked much better...

I have really been enjoying bike riding. and every chance I could get the kids out with me I would.      
 more work....rot repair...pretty common on the beach.  especially with houses built from out of town contractors...they just don't get the sideways rain!  ;)
 I refinished J's dresser!  hehe.  I don't know if it will be his style....but it is mine.  :)  and he wasn't here to object!  doesn't it look beachy!  :)
 Lots of friends over.....
 It's been so nice living closer to friends....
 Easier for them to get over here....
 We had some good storms.  I was out at the Jetty quite a bit getting good, big wave photos!  I love it!!!
 We did a few hikes.... mostly in Quinault.  The joys of hiking in a rain forest in the winter... the waterfall's also the trail!  :)
We kept ourselves very busy.  Which made the time fly by!  But, I was very happy when March rolled around and we were close to Jeremy coming home!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Well, Jeremy has been gone now for 5 weeks. 
We weren't going to be able to see him for another 2 weeks. 
That wasn't acceptable to me...
So we made arrangements and planned a meeting!  :) 
Thursday night....
Jeremy got out of his schooling at 5 and I could leave by around 12 or it was going to be perfect!
Well, I made arrangements for the kids and stuff
and headed out. 
I was soo excited, even for the short time we would be together.
I got a few books on cd...because I was going to spend plenty of time in the car.
In fact...I think I spent as much time in the car, traveling as I spent with Jeremy! 
Jeremy thought he was going to be able to get out of class early, but he ended up being late...
so I drove the extra 45 or so miles to LeGrande. 
I reached him around 8:30 or 9:00.
He'd gotten a room for us.
and was at the store getting snacks for us. 
and a swimsuit for me...I forgot mine.
and they had a hot tub. 
We relaxed in the tub, which was great after the long drive.
had a picnic on the bed!  highly recommended!  ;) 
and just enjoyed being with each other! 
oh how I miss that guy!
The next morning I gave him a haircut....
in the it wouldn't make a big mess.
I can imagine what the cleaner thought with the scragglies we didn't get!  ;)  
After checking out, we had a few hours...
we tried to find a scenic route. 

 The view was pretty. 
But, we couldn't find many roads into the mountains.
We both had to leave in the early, after a few hours...we had lunch.
We tried to find a restaurant...but settled for Denny's.
Ate lunch.  Dreaded the fact that we were leaving each other.
But, also being anxious to get on the road, so I wasn't home too late.

 Realized we kept forgetting to take a picture together! 

 Made a few attempts.....but got a few good shots!
 And then we were off.  While J was getting ready to go, I willed myself to not cry...
I would see him again in a few weeks...
and I had a lot of alone time ahead of me. 
I did pretty good...
I think.


I am so glad we were able to make the arrangements. 
It was soo nice, and needed...for me. 
and I got some good shopping in to and from!  ;) 

I am so proud of J.  He is doing such a great job. 
I am proud of the kids...and the help they have been throughout this whole thing.
I am grateful for our friends and church family...we have been truly blessed! 
Life is good.  Dreams do come true!