Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February so far!

Valentine's Day gave me a chance to reflect a bit on how blessed I truly am!  I have an awesome husband, kids I adore, a huge family that I love.  and many friends.  I think my greatest 'love' gift is my knowledge of a loving Heavenly Father and Savior! who can pick up all the matter where we are on the LoVe spectrum! 
My goal was to do better on blogging, so here is my attempt.  I have had a heck of a time with pics, and even posting.  I am not sure what is up, so I hope this isn't too crazy odd looking once all is said and done!
 Jeremy and the fire dept had some ff training  this month where they learned new techniques.  The following morning one of the local businesses had a fire, and the fd were able to use their newly learned training, and saved a popular business.  It was awesome.  Jeremy wasn't able to fight the fire, since we had mud scheduled that morning.  We were still proud of the fd for doing such a great job!

The boys made it to State Wrestling!  We are soo excited for them!  For Districts, Kaleb got 1st 
@ 152 lbs, and  Elijah got 2nd @ 126 lbs.  At Regionals, both Kaleb and Elijah got 2nd!  So, tradition at NBHS for State Participants, is a bleach job!  Guess what we did for FHE?!! 
My friend bought this hair dryer for me she found at a thrift shop.  Prob a few years came in very handy that night.  Kaleb had a few people, presumably girls, tell him they would kill him if he bleached his red hair...which of course made it all the funner!  ;)  
It is a pretty shocking look!  They have scared me a few times.  Kaleb's hair is still a little brassy which is driving me crazy but, he thinks is part of the look he it's staying that way!  at least until after state!

 The boys have worked hard, and it has paid off.  Kaleb's goal this year was that he would not be pinned.  I think he got pinned once, maybe twice, but that was much better than previous years.  He won quite a bit more than he lost.  and Just had a great season.  Elijah went out with a bang.  He is a natural, but a freshman coming in is always difficult.  I think he had to learn how to lose a bit, and not let things get to his head, but He's heading to State as a he obviously had a great season! 
 There are soo many things about wrestling that I love.  We have great coaches.  Sometimes, I don't appreciate the calls of the refs, but they do care about the boys.  Many times they have come up to congratulate, or tell the boys something they can do better.  I love that!  The boys have a sense of comraderie among each other, and become friends off the mat, help each other up, cheer each other on, etc.  And, getting to know the other parents in the stands, and hanging out all day...just to see our own kids wrestling maybe for a few minutes total!  I am glad it is almost over, cause it really takes over a big part of our lives, but will miss it!  I am not going to be able to go to State to cheer the boys on, cause Jeremy has a test in Idaho, and I feel the need to head that way!  I feel bad, but expect to be able to go next year!  

The snowy owls have descended on our beaches.  We went for a walk to see them. 

 Got a glimpse of a few...had a pic that I just accidently deleted.  I am having a heck of a time with this post...I have probably deleted 4-5 pics so far already!  and am afraid to try and re-add them and mess things up more!  But, just as interesting as the owls, were all the fancy cameras out there!  and the people.  The beach they are at is one of my favorites in the area, but it isn't usually so popular, but there are tons of people out there now.  I guess we have people from all over the country just to get a shot of these owls.  I am not sure why they are so rare...
 We went on Mom and Dad's 47th anniversary!  which is quite a feat now adays!  
Anyways, in a few days we shall have some great news...did Jeremy pass (of course he did) and how the boys did at State!  
Life is good.  We are crazy-busy...which is pretty typical....and very blessed!

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