Friday, September 19, 2008

This and That

These are our first day of school photos. kindof got missed with all the stuff going on. Elijah has this specific shirt because when he was little he would tell people his name was batman. He is in 6th grade this year. And, here's Kas, with a couple of her friends, Riley and Summer. Kas is on the right. She is in 4th grade this year. She loves her teacher, and one of her best friends is in her class.
Kaleb wouldn't let me take a picture of this is what I got. I teased him that I wanted to take a photo of him in front of his school. HA!!! talk about embarrassing your kids! He is in 8th grade, and is acting more and more like a teenager, as the days go by. He is an awesome teen though. I feel very blessed to have the kids I have!
Earlier this week, J and I took the boat out for crabbing. It was a beautiful day. Look at how smooth the bay is. We haven't had a great summer, but these last few weeks have been beautiful. I was glad we became beach bums, and enjoyed the water, instead of working....We thought this was a NOAA looked cool. we also saw a float plane on the water right after it landed....haven't seen that before. and pelicans migrating. I took some photos, but they didn't turn out.
J made this 'deadliest catch' hook. this was the first time we tried it out and it worked great! This is Buck, one of the guys who works for us.
Look at that throw!!!
The crab have to be 6 or 6.5 inches for us to keep them. We caught lots of crab, but were only able to take home 4. which was still a nice treat. We usually dip it in garlic/butter, but one of the guys that came with us made fry sauce...seemed crazy, but tasted great. Look how calm the water is. I don't know if I have ever seen the water this calm. This is Grays Harbor. I loved the day....I love being on the water.
Which reminds me, this morning I went for a walk on the beach. I have lived at the ocean for the last 11 years....and mostly grew up around large bodies of water. I was landlocked for only about 8 years of my life, and didn't like that at all. So, I was walking this morning...and realized that even though I have TONS of shells, etc....I still cannot go to the beach and not pick up shells. I always plan on not bothering. There have even been times where I really didn't want to pick up any...but I can't hardly pass up a cool, unbroken shell and not pick it up! It is a bit ridiculous!
On another note....I made this baby afghan for a friend a few weeks ago. The last one I made, was way misshapen, so I was glad this mostly kept it's form. I usually can't take a pattern and make it exactly like it says....I have to make it my own. Anyways, when the weather starts to get colder, my hands crave the yarn!
But, I started working on a quilt today. I am going to do a jean one, with the fringe...not sure how it was going to turn out. It will be a camp's all good. anyways, enough of this for now! I think I am caught up.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cancer Scare and catching up!

I have been a little scarce on here do to a cancer scare in our family. Jeremy's parents came to visit for Elijah's birthday. On their way here, Gayle started having complications that kept here new Seattle in hospitals for 2 days. They thought they found the problem, gave her drugs, and sent her on her way. they made it here around 8 or 9 oclock tues evening. We waited until they got here to celebrate Elijah's birthday, which was a little crazy since the next day was the first day of school. On a side note, they so generously brought us fruit and veggies from Yakima! What an awesome treat! peaches, corn on the cob, and a few other things...YUM!!! Anyways, when she should have been feeling better, things just got worse.

The next day at lunch J and I went home to see how things were going....she said she was going to take a nap and then they would come find us. Next thing we know, they are in the hospital again. After a few hours of speculation, they decide to do a C Scan....and find a lump on her kidney....even though they didn't really say, the assumption was cancer. They told her to get home asap....She was in quite a bit of pain at this time, but we all decided the drive would probably be the best way to travel....just a few hours longer after waiting for a flight and all....We gathered up their luggage, and as we were leaving we realize, I should probably go with them, since they were going to be leaving around midnight, and Randy'd already had a stressful, sleep deprived few days. Thankfully she had some wonderful nurses at our little hospital that made the drive doable.

Like I mentioned earlier, we left around midnight, and drove all night long. Randy drove, and I played nurse...she was in the back, hooked up to a constant saline drip. I know were were a sight. she was actually still in her hosptial gown with loads of hospital blankets, thanks to generous nurses. They had us totally set up for whatever we would need. We had to make a few stops to rearrange things and relieve comfort, and even made a pit stop in the ER in Pendleton. We joked about all the nice, helpful people they met on their trip! HA! They were all nice and wonderful....and inspired!

Anyways, we got into Caldwell, I can't remember what time...I think early afternoon. Made a quick stop at the dr's office and then straight to the hospital. Randy and I were almost giddy when we walked into the hospital....cause now she was in trained hands....a huge weight off our shoulders! The next day she had her kidney out. and is now home, and doing better. thankfully. Even though there were some hard, scary moments...she is doing great considering. I am so grateful for medical technology and wonderful people who become nurses...and doctors, who care enough about their patients to come in on their day off to relieve pain. We actually met a fellow 'advrider' which was amazing! I am so grateful for the tender mercies along with the trials. I am so grateful for family and for pulling together to get things done. J stayed with the kids, kept things running at home, while he finished up some jobs that needed done. and then came on his bike. We were able to stay a few more days, go for a ride w/ the adv doc, and go home when Gayle was finally resting well. Her tests are, things seem to be good. Her remaining kidney is functioning well, and the cancer doesn't seem to have spread anywhere else. Yeah!
So, now...back to real life! It just goes to NEVER know when life is going to take a turn. We can just do the best we can and count on the Lord to let things fall into place.
oh...another tender mercy.....J prepared the corn and froze it....and by the time I came home the peaches were still good. In fact I even had a day break, where I made two more peach pies...for the chief....and then was able to can 2 dozen jars. They brought me 3 cases...when I got home one and about a third of the cases were gone. I asked Kas about them and she said they were desperately trying to eat them before they went bad! Isn't that hilarious! Can you imagine 3 kids eating 3 cases of peaches before they go bad!!! I have no photos. I almost grabbed my camera...but thought our trip wasn't a photo experience. I wish I would have can't even imagine how that car was stocked!

in other normal, everyday news....Kaleb started cross country, and Elijah started football! Elijah was ordained a deacon today! yeah!!!! That has been a much anticipated event. My mom and dad and Amber came for that. I did another teaching in SS and RS today...crazy sunday. and we did some great pours. Hopefully I will post photos soon.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Elijah turns 12!

Elijah had his 12th birthday today! J worked, so we are going to officially celebrate tomorrow. Because he is turning 12 he will be graduating from Primary, which he is excited about. But, we have been desperately working on finishing his articles of faith the last few weeks. We'd been working on them, but he seemed to have a really hard time. But, it seems these last few weeks he's gotten them pretty easily. He got the 13th down today! I am proud of him. He will recieve his Faith in God, but always just fell short of achieving his cub scout awards. He is excited to join Boy Scouts though. Except that J was just released from being Scout Master a few weeks ago. J will still stay involved since the boys are though.
Elijah will start 6th grade on wednesday. He got the teacher he wanted, and is excited to be the big kid at school. He will be one of the oldest in the school, since his birthday was the day after the deadline. He is also one of the shortest in his grade. But, the beauty of it, is he likes being short. In fact today we were spring cleaning their room, and he tried on clothes he'd gotten when he was 5 that he could still put on! He likes who he is, which is awesome! and we love him.
He's happy being a band geek, and is proud to play his dad's old trumpet.
This year he picked up the guitar...and is doing very well. I am thrilled.
He loves doing new things. Here he's driving the boat, crabbing....he's learning to ride our TW 200, even though it is a little big for him. He plays football, and is pretty athletic. Does a little Karate, and will probably wrestle as well.
He's already gone to a few Priesthood meetings with his Dad and bro. All my guys will have the priesthood. :)....makes a mom happy!
Elijah built a killer pinewood derby this year. He designed it himself...used rope for hose, and his truck was faster than anyone until something happened to a tire. He did AWESOME...and we were proud!
Here he is with his best friend Knolen..who happens to be shorter than he is! He has lots of friends and is nice to everyone. He is a good kid all around.
We love Elijah very much. He has a big heart, has a lot of talent, is a sweetie, smart...and just an all around good guy! Happy birthday!!!!!