Monday, September 1, 2008

Elijah turns 12!

Elijah had his 12th birthday today! J worked, so we are going to officially celebrate tomorrow. Because he is turning 12 he will be graduating from Primary, which he is excited about. But, we have been desperately working on finishing his articles of faith the last few weeks. We'd been working on them, but he seemed to have a really hard time. But, it seems these last few weeks he's gotten them pretty easily. He got the 13th down today! I am proud of him. He will recieve his Faith in God, but always just fell short of achieving his cub scout awards. He is excited to join Boy Scouts though. Except that J was just released from being Scout Master a few weeks ago. J will still stay involved since the boys are though.
Elijah will start 6th grade on wednesday. He got the teacher he wanted, and is excited to be the big kid at school. He will be one of the oldest in the school, since his birthday was the day after the deadline. He is also one of the shortest in his grade. But, the beauty of it, is he likes being short. In fact today we were spring cleaning their room, and he tried on clothes he'd gotten when he was 5 that he could still put on! He likes who he is, which is awesome! and we love him.
He's happy being a band geek, and is proud to play his dad's old trumpet.
This year he picked up the guitar...and is doing very well. I am thrilled.
He loves doing new things. Here he's driving the boat, crabbing....he's learning to ride our TW 200, even though it is a little big for him. He plays football, and is pretty athletic. Does a little Karate, and will probably wrestle as well.
He's already gone to a few Priesthood meetings with his Dad and bro. All my guys will have the priesthood. :)....makes a mom happy!
Elijah built a killer pinewood derby this year. He designed it himself...used rope for hose, and his truck was faster than anyone until something happened to a tire. He did AWESOME...and we were proud!
Here he is with his best friend Knolen..who happens to be shorter than he is! He has lots of friends and is nice to everyone. He is a good kid all around.
We love Elijah very much. He has a big heart, has a lot of talent, is a sweetie, smart...and just an all around good guy! Happy birthday!!!!!


CTR2002 said...

Happy Birthday!!

Dan and Lacy King said...

HA HA HA! I remember being so excited to get out of Primary too when I was a kid. Now when I have to sit with the boys in primary (because they are naughty) I think to myself, "Why did I want out of here? This place is cool!" OH he will be thinking that too when he is sitting with his kids 15 years from now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIJAH! By the way... YOU LOOK EXACTLY LIKE YOUR PAPA!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Elijah! I can't believe your are 12 already!