Friday, August 29, 2008

our first eggs

We got our first eggs this week...two so far. they are perfect...and I was surprised to see they weren't gross and dirty...that is just how it was found. We haven't opened them up yet...we were kindof waiting for everyone to be here together. Kas was so funny. She said she wanted to make a cake with the first eggs. :)....
I kindof think I want to wait awhile until the chickens get the hang of things. I don't know if the first ones are going to be good right off the bat. silly me. I really don't know if I am ever going to be able to eat their eggs without my stomach churning a bit. But, this really is our goal...We lost two of our chickens to our new dog, Alli...shame on her! So, we have 10 now. The kids are loving having them. We will see how their eggs are....but,
Look at the size difference. They are tiny! I wonder if they are going to stay small.
Isn't it soo cute! Kaleb found the first one, and Elijah found the second one. funfun.
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Wendy said...

I just love fresh eggs. I never new how different they tasted until my coworker brought them to me. They are so good.

Verlee said...

thats what I am hoping for...actually I have had fresh eggs before and they are good. I just haven't ever taken them directly from the chicken.

Verlee said...
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