Monday, August 4, 2008


We attended the Stoker family reunion in Seaside Oregon last weekend. Jeremy's mom's mom was a stoker....We were excited to go, because we haven't been for quite a few years, and were looking forward to catching up a bit. We were also happy for a quick little trip. Jeremy rode his bike and usually had a kid in tow, and I brought the motorhome down. We were going to trailer the bike down, so we could use it in Seaside, but I accidentally loaned the trailer out...forgetting the plan. I know Jeremy didn't mind at all biking down, though. and cause it was only about 3 hours, I didn't mind driving separate. The kids enjoyed riding with him too. Both Kaleb and Elijah had to swap out though, because they kept falling asleep. I can't imagine falling asleep! I'm too paranoid! This photo is right before we crossed the bridge to Astoria! While we were in Seaside, Jeremy kept seeing helicoptors flying around. He finally asked about helicoptor tours..and found out there was an outfit right out of he ended up taking the kids on a helicoptor ride. There were only 4 seats, so I opted out. The trip was maybe 5 minutes..but they all loved it and thought it was worth the price.
Here is the LaRene family that were able to attend. can you see us? cute bunch, eh?
Katie was wanting a new do so, I told her I would be thrilled to do it for her. this is her before shot. I totally forgot to take the after shot! NOT SMART! she went short and sassy, which is always fun to do. This is a good before picture. she's a cutie no matter what she does! We had a great time. I am so grateful for awesome family. I have been very blessed to be born into a great family and then to marry into one as well. The Stokers are a fun, friendly group!


Dan and Lacy King said...

I am so sad we could not go, hopefully we'll make it to the Warthen reunion!

Verlee said...

Did anyone set another date for the Warthen reunion? I was sad it got postponed, but could see why it was necessary. It has been a crazy year.