Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We decided this morning, since we could squeeze a little free time, we would go crabbing, if the fog would clear. It did, and turned into a beautiful day, so we went for it. We got this little popeye boat a few months ago, and hadn't had a chance to take it into the bay yet, so this was going to be our maiden voyage! We called Travis (a fellow ff and friend) and brought him along. I was glad he came...to help out with getting the boat in and out of the water! Plus he is fun to hang out with...anyways. We had to do some work, but were able to get out to the water about 12:30! We had a great time. Each of the boys had an opportunity to drive for awhile. You can see how calm the water is and how blue the sky is. Wonderful for our neck of the wood.
Grandma Jello...this is your spot, waiting for you to get here! Hopefully when it is still warm enough to enjoy! the breeze was blowing, the surf was splashing my face just a bit. I couldn't sit there and not know that you would find that spot and not budge!...there is even a little pad for the seat! perfect!
We caught about 8-10 crab, but only one was large enough to keep, which was fine for us. That was mostly the excuse for getting out there. We had such a good time. Crabbing season is almost all year long...so if you get a hankerin for crab meat, or want a sweet ride in the Bay, I can hook you up! I know a cute captain! or a few for that matter!
I don't even think that was one we could keep....but it's a cute shot.
Kaleb and Kas were there too...I just didn't get any good shots of them!
Man how I love living on the Ocean! It's a good life. Work hard, play hard!

on another note. J and Kas are leaving on wednesday for a daddy/daughter ride. they will meet up with a friend and his daughter, and ride around for about 5 days. I am excited, a little jealous and a little nervous for them. But, mostly excited. The kids decided they each get a trip with J...since I have had a few. Elijah's planning on next month...for his birthday. maybe heading down towards California. We'll see if that works out. Hopefully they will take good photos for us!


batch5 said...

Oh how fun! I know we only lived there for a short bit but it surely was fun living by the ocean! Keep up the posts to remind me how it is...

Dan and Lacy King said...

This makes me totally excited to start living on the coast! I want to be a crab goer too!