Wednesday, October 6, 2010

catching up

hehe. I just read my last post, and so much has happened since then. It is awesome. I am planning on just doing a quick recap, and add more and or post photos later. I have had so little extra time lately....but have so many post ideas....we will see what wins out in the end...knowing me. I won't ever get around to expounding on things. ;)

WE MOVED!!!!!! that is part of the reason I am so behind. we had a month to move from our old place to the new one, and it still wasn't enough time! Life is so crazy busy right now.
So, we are back in Ocean Shores, in a beautiful, new house on the bay side of the penninsula. It is always fun trying to resituate everything in the new place. I have had a bit of a time with it. I don't know what to do with all my decor, cause we don't want to put alot of holes in the new house. I love being in a new place...but it is also scary for me, cause i worry about every scratch, stain or nick we might create. Also, being a builder, I see all the little mistakes...and want to fix them. some of them are fixable and some aren't. Oh well. We are renting with the opportunity to buy when J is done with school....we will see! The week we moved in some lady approached J at the lumber store, asking if we were locked into this house cause she had one down the road with a shop...and she just knew she could help us get financing! Pretty funny. But, we will stay here at least until J is done and then who knows!

J is doing his online classes. He stays up half the night working on them. I feel so bad for him....moving, 2 jobs, being a dad and school for him...which means crazy time and little sleep. He actually got sick right along the mix...which is very uncommon for Jeremy. do you think it slowed him down? Hardly!!! He's an animal. J was worried about doing well with his classes (he is taking online classes right now) but he is doing great. I am very proud of him.

Even though the building industry has slowed down a bunch, we are super busy and seem to be getting busier. It is such a blessing for us. Hopefully I will post more about it, cause there is a cool story behind all that. BUT, we are especially grateful cause we are hoping we can have things paid off enough with extra reserve to help while J is away at school. Huge blessing!!!

Elijah started football like I mentioned earlier, and so did Kaleb much to everyone's surprise. He didn't start until school started so he is just now eligible to play. We don't have a jv team here, so he is on the varsity. We don't anticipate him playing much this year, but he has gone in a few times and is enjoying it. They have a decent team....won a few, lost a few, so.....we will see.
Elijah is doing great. He is definitely one of the stars on his team. they had a good win and a horrible loss already this year. Elijah is still one of the smallest guys on the team, but he won't let people get by him...and is hard to catch. He made his first touchdown in the first game! It was awesome.
and not to be left out...Kas is playing soccer this year. This is her first year, and she also has some natural talent. She is really enjoying it. They barely have enough teammembers so she gets a lot of play time....everyone does!

Seminary is going great. I have 5 kids who regularly come, which is awesome. they are all great kids, who make it fun! I have been blessed with being able to get up...another big blessing. I am really loving the study time, and what we are learning. So far, it is a great experience. I was released from my sunday school class...but still have my relief society position. Hopefully that will change this weekend.

Alot of people have been moving out of our already little branch. the elder's Quorum Pres, the YM Pres, the YW counselor, the Branch Counselor, the RS pres, and now maybe the new RS Pres, the other we only have 1 who is confident to play in Sacrament Meeting! is just crazy....
Lots of changes....and prayers for new members to move in!

We had wonderful visits from My parents, and Amber and Jeremy's parents within about a week apart. We loved spending time with all of them. It is hard living so far away from all our families and many friends.

Well, I think I about have us caught up. Life is good, we are very blessed. and feel soo grateful.

oops. I forgot one major important thing. Kaleb is driving! He got his learners permit. I let him drive home from Hoquiam....well, from the outskirts of Hoquiam. He has had some drive time in our yard and stuff, so I felt pretty confident. Until we went through the hills....scary! but we survived. He is always driving now. On saturday J had to do a dump run. He let Kaled drive his (standard) truck, with the full trailer to Hogans Corner....which is about 5 miles maybe....through Ocean Shores...and then bring it home empty. So, he's had his permit less than a week...and Kaleb is driving a big, jacked up truck, hauling an empty trailer, through town, and about 30 miles...driving stick shift!!!!!! crazy! but, the Towery way!!!!! I guess he almost hit a guardrail...but an inch is as good as a mile, eh? and stalled out at a turn in town..and kindof blanked out! :) but he made it! Glad he has his dad to teach him that kindof stuff. I won't even drive the trash trailer to the dump.....mostly cause I don't want to back it in...but....pretty soon I can take Kaleb and he will do it for me! :)
We are definitely moving on to a new phase of life...where the kids can drive! YIPEE!!!!