Monday, July 19, 2010

Poker Run

Malteze Misfits are doing a poker run for the Sun and Surf we did a trial run one day. Started at the fire dept. Here's my man! :)
Quinault was the 2nd stop

we had lunch there at the cafe. Quinault Lake.
Seabrook was next. love the sign. I want one.
We went home and to work. but the next stop is the Green Lantern. and then back to shores. The first stop was the Motorcycle shop in Hoquiam. That is where J will be stationed. I won't be able to go....helping with the 24th celebration interferes! busy weekend. but, it was a great ride.

part 3 Idaho Trip...little Simpson Reunion

The second reunion was at SageHen Resevoir an old hangout that we loved. We invited G and G Towery along, which was fun. They have a cute little trailer they have had for forever, they are working on restoring...this is the new toilet! gotta love it! The outhouses were real flush toilets or running I REALLY appreciated my flush toilet in the motorhome. I am getting soft.

Gramma wasn't feeling well, but we got her in the water, which improved her health immensely! She loves water and she was right in her element.
The kids also LLLOOOOVEDD the water. It was a little chilly...but still fun! Beautiful day!

These girls were inseperable. see their matching outfits! :)

Don't they look soo happy! :) I really think they were btw...they are just too cool to smile.
There is a photo somewhere of Jake and Judd posing at this pipe when they were younger...they were recreating! with a little help! :)

beautiful hike to a waterfall. The kids all worked together to help each other over the hard was awesome.

Glenn is soo funny.
I did lots of haircuts...hid the hair behind a log. wonder what people will think when they find it. Is that littering? I guess hair isn't biodegradible.
Elijah learned a few new songs...and did a lot of practicing. the cute trailer and truck.
Emily was winning Grandpa Randy's heart.
watching the storm roll in. Every night a lightening storm came across the lake. Pretty awesome.
One night gave us hail. and a ton of rain. Nature is amazing. We kidnapped Lilly as much as we could.

Lots of cousins=Lots of fun!
The boys rode on our way out of camp. Getting ready to go.
Lilah with her head out the window.
14 miles of curvy, dirt roads...perfect for the TW200's. The boys loved the ride.
Back on the highway. getting ready to load up.
They got pretty good at it. Salmon river
Looks like a friend from caldwell...the road was lined with fishermen rigs.
Long ride home.
Did I mention Elijah did alot of practicing. good thing I liked the song, and guitar music. :)
Every aspect of our vacation was wonderful. We had a great time....well, except Glenn's foot....We were very grateful for all who worked to make it wonderful for us...and for such wonderful families!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

phase 2 Big Simpson Reunion

Well, we had our Big reunion at the ranch again. We love it up there and were really glad J could come with us this year. I didn't get good photos but they'd made a lot of improvements on the lodge this year. The horses were out in the field when we got there which the kids loved. Bryan came out a day early to let us have extra riding time. He is GREAT.
The kids were happy to see their cousins.
While we were walking around the first few hours, Jeremy pointed out that my toenail was hanging! GRRRoooosssss! I didn't even feel it. It was crazy. I had to peel the rest of it off. There was soo much dead skin around my was soo ugly!!!!!but thankfully painless!
I told you we had a good horse ride. Jeremy and Elijah enjoyed helping with the horses. I didn't get any photos though.
The next morning they had the flag ceremony which is awesome.
Elijah helped raise the flag.
Dad's siblings were each on a horse. It was cool. and they all seemed to handle the horse very well.

Dad and LuretaLeland
Leonard and Doris
Nolan, the oldest....
all lined up...
My cousin, Flent singing the National Anthem...
This is Bryan's family...the cowboys of the Ranch. Aren't they cute.
One of the horses spooked from the, Bryan took her out to get her accustomed to it. It was fun watching.
The wagon and rides were a new addition. Fun rides. I missed them..cause we found something a little more exciting.

Grandma Doris with her grandkids. I just loved the shot! Glenn got in a motorbike accident, where he tore up his heel and broke a few bones. Here's my man doing what he does best! Everyone was grateful to have him around.
The 2 funny things that happened, was while J was working on the foot, and Glenn was in a ton of pain...he took a break to take some photos of the injury! soo funny! Also, about 3-4 people offered their pain drugs. We found out there was a great supply of drugs at the reunion. And everyone was soo generous! ;)
I went with Carrie to take him to the hospital. I figured she would appreciate the company...and support. ( I really went so I could take photos of the process! HA)
We had to go down to Eagle...which was a bit of a drive. We were very grateful for the pain meds Glenn was offered when he started feeling a little relief from the pain. The urgent care in Eagle was great. They said Jeremy did a great job with his butterflies...
It was pretty gross....
cleaned up and ready for sutures!
14 stitches, and 2 crushed toes. This definitely put a damper on his trip, but he was a great sport!
Saturday was the auction, which is always a hit. I got a few great things. It did get hot though. so J took off his shirt to work on his farmers tan!
We had a great time...I didn't take as many photos as I should have.
We also had a talent show the night before. and My friend Lotus came up with her kids which was an awesome treat...and I didn't even get photos!
next will be our small Simpson reunion.
If you are looking for a great place to hold a reunion, or just take your family to the mountains...check out the ranch. You will not be disappointed.