Friday, January 28, 2011

the ups and downs

So, I  mentioned in my Christmas post that we made a quick trip to Utah.  I don't think I mentioned that it wasn't planned, but I begged, and wonderful J made it work.  While I was thinking on going, I kept thinking of Lori...she's had a rough few years getting hit with the economy problems and stuff...and so I wondered if that was why.  I had her and Matt for Christmas this year, and I wondered if that was why...But, I just felt the need to spend time with her a bit more than the others.  We did have a wonderful time...even though it was a super short visit.  And I was very grateful. 
Little did I know, within hours after we rolled out of town, Lori noticed a lump in her breast.  She is only 30, and has had cysts or lumps develop on her body...can't remember what they are called.....that aren't anything.  So, there was a little worry, but nothing major.  We had a similar scare with Jessie a few years ago that ended up fine. 
Well, Lori has cancer.  Breast Cancer.  I think it is non invasive....It is amazing the things you learn, when it is you or your sister or mother with the dreaded disease.  The words all of a sudden have so much more meaning.  She has had 2 practically polar opposite opinions.  She wants to be healed.  She doesn't want to have to be cut into.  She probably wants to wake up from this bad dream and just go on with her already difficult life...where she was already putting her trust in God that things would work out for her beautiful little family...even if that meant not exactly the way she imagined or hoped.
Now, she has to make the hard how invasive do you go.  take out the lump, take out the breast.  take out both...just to be safe.  take out all the girl parts to be even safer.....  where do you go.  where do you draw the line? better, take nutritional supplements and pray for a healing?  There are soo many options.  But the wrong one could be detrimental. 
She has 5 kids.  The baby isn't even one yet.  Her big kids aren't even teenagers yet! 
I think for the most part this type of cancer doesn't kill. 
But, it can. complications can kill.   It can spread.  Is she more suseptible?  What caused it?  Why didn't it happen to me?  I'm the older sister.  She's the little sister. The one we protect. 
But, here I am. about a 1000 miles away. 
Not able to do much to help. 
Except pray. 
and send good thoughts.
wow.  life can throw you for a curve sometimes.
It does seem like she is being brave, and responsible and mature, and faithful through the whole ordeal. 
I do have confidence that she will handle this step in life very well....
and then be able to move on to bigger and better things.


  We have looked forward to 2011 with anticipation.   and here it is.  I can't believe we are already through January!  wow! 
Before we were even home from Idaho, after leaving him behind, Jeremy'd researched and set up skype.  He ran Kaleb through the motions so we could talk to him right off the bat.  We used it every day for a bit, and now use it occasionally, but I was amazed how much nicer it was to actually see J while I was talking to him.  And look at his nice back drop.  :)  I love technology...and how easy it is to keep in touch with each other. 

 We had snow....but just a bit.  I was excited, but it isn't great for trying to caulk siding on a house!  :) 
 We had to get the trash trailer unstuck....thankfully Dad was here to help.
 Which reminds me, Mom, Dad and Amber came to visit for 2 weeks.  Mom had a cast on up past her elbow...I can't believe I didn't get a photo of it.  In fact I don't have any photographic evidence of their visit, except for a few of Dad helping us at work.  I was soo busy those few weeks, that I failed big time in capturing their visit.  Sorry.  which makes me think that Mom probably doesn't even have a photo of her with her cast.  dang!
Anyways, we had a great time with them here, except that I had to work most of the time.  They will probably be back soon. 
Kaleb had a few meets for us to watch and did very well.
 We got a job where we had to replace old posts...because of the rotting brackets...stainless steel people... which was a fun change of pace, except I guess the hand digging that had to happen.  Fortunately I was busy doing something else. 

 Jeremy missed a fire.  I don't think he was disappointed.  I am sure he would much rather be doing what he is doing right now. 
 We have had some gorgeous sunrises.  I don't usually get up early enough to enjoy them...and I live it the perfect place for them.  this photo doesn't even come close to doing it justice. 
 and amazing sunsets these last few weeks.  once again...the photo doesn't do justice. 
Jeremy is doing great.  He is mostly loving his experience.  He is learning alot, and meeting alot of great people.  I think I already shared a link to follow along with his life at .
We have been busy, sometimes lonely, sick, happy, blessed, learning, growing, stretching.....already this year.  It will be interesting to see what next month holds. 
Tonight Elijah has a campout. Kaleb has an away there are already more adventures ahead.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I hate to say this...but I lost alot of pictures from Kas's birthday and Christmas and our trip to Idaho and Utah. I am hoping to find them eventually but as of now...they are gone. Sooo disappointing.
BUT....we did have a wonderful holiday.
School let out,
We had Kasidee's birthday party with her friends.
Branch Christmas Party
Took Kas out to dinner for her birthday.
Sunday J had to work..but was able to get off early...8 pm I we decided to leave for Idaho at midnight.
Stopped after 3-4 hours and slept at a rest area...oh how I love traveling in the Motorhome! Early the next morning we headed out again...with a great head start. We had a good trip down. In Motorhome, towing the bike.
There was ice...and we actually had an hour or 2 of scary roads...suvs in the ditches all over the place...but we drove slow and got through fine.
Arrived in Idaho Monday evening.
Tuesday we ventured out to Meridian to find J's school. Guardian College. He met one of the ladies who's helped him through the registration process.
After checking out the school and stuff we helped some friends move into their new house. and did some errand running.
The next few days got us ready for Christmas and starting school for J. Such an array of emotions.
We had a pleasant Christmas Eve with all the Randy Towery family, where I met Tammy and Tom's 2 babes (soo sweet). UnclePaul and Aunt Barb McKnight and Buffy (cousin) and her family. It was great seeing everyone, and such a change of pace, with 5 babies under the age of 1 at the party....It was wonderful! :) I was in beautiful baby heaven!
We spent Christmas day with G and G Jello. Very nice, mellow day. We spent most of it watching old movies...and somehow started watching the old Star Trek movies...not exactly a favorite of mine, but they were pretty funny! :) and the kids loved them. After that we watched one a night. :)
Sunday afternoon We headed to Utah to visit my siblings. It was a quick trip....we left tues afternoon....but well worth it. I love hanging out with my family, and miss them terribly.
I visited an old friend, dinner with family again and prepared to head home...oh the torment...leaving J behind.
But, we managed. And headed out Saturday morning. Our trip home was uneventful, except that my allergies got out of control! I was soo sick by the time we got home. Kaleb drove a bit, which helped...and I just trudged along so we could get HOME. I just wanted to get on with things so it could be over sooner!
When we got home I took some drugs and promptly fell asleep.
Sunday morning, I figured I wouldn't make it to church cause I felt so lousy the day before. But, I woke up at 9:35 and really didn't want to we rushed around and was only a few minutes late 10:00. It really was pathetic..but I was glad I went.
Monday everyone started school. Back to life. The first few days we could just pretend J was on duty...working a 48 and then 72...etc... But, after a few days reality hit!
Now we are down two weeks. J is loving his schooling and doing great! and we are fine here. Mom, Dad and Amber are here for a few weeks...Mom broke her arm the day we drove to Idaho...So we are pampering her.
I know the time will go by fast and not fast enough. I am so proud of Jeremy and all he has done to prepare for this time, and for his schooling. He went above and beyond to make it as easy for us as he could.
So, while he is there, schooling, studying, doing clinicals and various hospitals, and catching up with his family...we are here, schooling, working, living regular life, wrestling (or cheering on the wrestlers), seminary...etc. It has been crazy busy. but good! :)
We really appreciate all the help and encouragement from all our loved and friends. It has been amazing!

Kas turns 12!

My beautiful Kas turned 12 in December.
I can hardly believe it....seeing as she is my baby and all.
She is growing up to be an amazing, beautiful young woman.

She was very excited to move up at church.
Which is usually the matter how much we love Primary, it is soo great to move up to YW.
The last few years I have seen more and more of who Kas really is....

a lover of nature.....

A lover of beautiful things.

An adventurer spirit....who's not afrai to work hard for something good....

A lover of the outdoors.....


A lover of animals....


She learned how to make fruit smoothies this year...and loves them.

She loves cooking in general, and making new things

Adventurer, athletic, outdoorsy.....

A lover of beautiful things....

She loves babies and little kids.....

Even though I don't have photos of these...

she also LOVES her best friends,

and her cousins.

She loves writing, and drawing, and crafting... ( I think

She's a lover of books.... (like her mom) :)

She's smart, wise, clever...amazing!

I am so proud to be her mom...and to see both her dad and myself in her...but especially herself.

She is an amazing young woman...

Happy Birthday Girl!