Thursday, August 27, 2009

fire photo and article

I tried posting photos and the article of the fire, but didn't get it to work. I will try another way. here is the link....


hope that works at least......
I drove by the other day but didn't get a photo. It is very sad.
on the photo you can see J's name on his turnouts. He is by the window.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

killin time

It's 3 am and J just left for a house fire. We don't get them very often...where the house is fully involved....sometimes we get rv's, or shops, or old manufactured homes, but rarely a house fire (maybe 1 or 2 a year). So, I am up, hoping to get a glimpse of progress on the radio.
A few years ago it was at the house of a friend of ours. They have a new beautiful house now, thanks to great insurance, and they were not home at the time...but it is 3 in the morning. I think everyone is out of this house. It appeared they were out by the time the call went out, but I don't know. It is three in the morning. They are not getting quick response from the mutual aide stations. It is 3 am....firemen have to wake up, get to their stations, get their gear and drive for awhile to get to Ocean Shores....
I just heard them request the chaplain.
I hope everyone is ok!
The problem with being a tender hearted wife of a firefighter is I get to hear of people's tragedies....the worst moments of their lives sometimes. J can put on the professional mode and get down to business, but I have a tendency to ache for their sorrows. And we hear so many.
Jeremy is on duty tomorrow. So, he will probably be fighting the fire most of the rest of this morning and then head straight to his shift....with maybe 4 hours sleep. But, he is used to it. I can't say that I totally am. I should be sleeping.
On to better news!
We went up to Bellingham on friday to pick them up. Our original plan was to take the long way around the penninsula on the bike and camp. It would be a beautiful ride, which we have been wanting to do. We had a little work emergency that cut our trip way down. so we ended up cruising up on friday and then loading up and heading home that night in the motorhome. It was quite an eventfully full day.
J got off work at 8 am, came home and we left between 9:30 and 10. By the time we hit Olympia, we decided to stop for lunch. One thing about riding, is you have to stop for lunch. You can't just drive through and eat on the way! ;) we also ran a few errands along the way. And hit traffic a few times. It ended up taking us a good 6+ hours to get there. We met the boys at Jessie's. Shayne came by a bit later and offered to take them out to the fair, and to our motorhome....Penny was using it while she worked the fair. We walked around a bit, saw Penny working, rode a few rides, where I was reminded how weak my stomach is in old age...well, actually after having kids. I am speaking quite liberal when i say we went on a few rides. I went on one, because I was forced. I couldn't appear too wimpy for my boys. They couldn't believe that it really wasn't fun! ;) ( I am sure it didn't help I was laughing and screaming the whole time)
We got the motorhome and went out to Dad's where we met up with Kas. The kids repacked the motorhome, J loaded up the bike, and I made dad some fudge and we headed back home. It was around 9-10 pm by this point. We went back down to Jessie's to get the boy's stuff and headed home. J and I took turns driving and sleeping. We got home around 3:30 am. Did a few things and went to bed. Morning was going to come too soon.
J made everyone breakfast, which was a nice treat...bagel sandwiches, where everything was fried in butter (even the ham). It was heavenly.
We worked. and then took the boat out for a little crabbing. We actually got quite a few crab, but most were much too small. The water was a little rough. the boys and I got soaked. Kas helped J navigate. It was fun. Another beautiful day. We all came home and pretty much crashed....except Knolen came over. Elijah couldn't wait to see him.
The kids kept going out and visiting the chickens. It was cute. They were too tired to ride on Saturday so did a bit on Sunday after church. We took a nap.
Monday we helped some friends move, and picked up a dog to babysit for a few weeks. Our friends have been longtimers at the beach, so it was bittersweet to see them go. They are off on an exciting mission, and She has been wanting to move probably since she moved here. She adamently proclaimed over and over that she would NEVER be back. She's hated the rain, and the clouds and the smallness of the church here, has faced major tragedies, and has always felt that a move closer to family and more sunshine was just what she needed. But her family was established here and her husband had a great job here. We can't help but be excited for her and hope that the move is really what she is expecting. :).
I just heard the fire is under control. I don't know if that means it is out. or what, but they are going to be there awhile still either way, getting all the hot spots, and securing the place. I am sure J will have some stories to tell tomorrow. He loves his job.
I am so happy having the kids home. They are awesome. It was funny to wake up from sunday nap and see the kitchen and living room a wreck. I'd gotten used to things being the same when I woke up! ;) I've made 2 batches of bread in 2 days. I asked the kids what they wanted their first dinner...Homemade bread! It was gone in a flash so I had to make more the next day. and I will probably have to make more tomorrow. Thank goodness for the quick bread recipe. I love it. We've also made cinnamon rolls and scones with some of the dough. Of course the kids have spent some time on the bikes. Kaleb is getting back into work and asked for a time card last night. He is hoping to start earning $$$$ I think. Elijah starts football tomorrow. funfun! In the grade school they play flag, and this will be full contact. I think he isn't too excited about getting super busy with another sport, but I think once he gets going he will enjoy it.
Hopefully soon, I will have some pictures and video of some of the tricks they learned. We heard many good comments about the boys' training, and hard work. Shayne said that one of Kaleb's instructor's commented on how Kaleb worked hard, but he didn't know if his heart was in it, cause he keeps his head down, and didn't seem excited about anything. Shayne told him to set up a fight. So he did. Kaleb and Elijah were the youngest in their classes, so Kaleb had to fight a kid that was a bit bigger than him and one who was a black belt, and had been training for years. Shayne said the fight was awesome. He said Kaleb held his own very well...and impressed his instructor. It was a great boost for Kaleb. I am not sure I would have liked to see this fight but I am glad for his success...and that he is doing something he loves. (why oh why does it have to be fighting???)
Well, I am going to try to get to sleep.
I just heard another fire alarm is going off...hopefully it is false! I need my sleep!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Fire Dept

Did I ever mention we are getting a new firehouse? The existing one is old, falling apart, tiny, and pretty gross. This one has been in the works for a few years now, and is finally coming together. We did a walk through today. I have some photos to show. The bays (garage) have been going up for the last few months. and then yesterday and today they brought in the living quarters. They were built at the shop, and then brought in by section ( looked similar to a manufactured home) and craned in place. It was pretty interesting to watch. Here they are putting the trussess up on the modules. Notice the drive up...covered parking into the aide room.
You can see the modules a little better here. The white stuff is the plastic over the non existing ceilings.
Inside the bays. This is where all the trucks, engines, seadoos, etc go. It is huge, but will be filled up shortly. Look at the sheets of sheetrock...probably 4x12...massive! Another view of the bays.

This is the covered entry.
Here is one of the bunk rooms. There are 4. 2 beds to each room. The bunk rooms they are in now, are about the size of a closet. This is pretty exciting.
This is the training/class room. you can see the lines on the far wall. that is where the modules are connected. so, some technically just had one wall and the floor and I guess probably some of the ducting and stuff in the ceiling. I am not sure, but I was impressed how much was done inside since they finished connecting them all together today!
This is the front door/entry way.
A bathroom with a shower.

Captain's room. Usually they would bunk here. the door behind J goes into the log room where the calls come in. The corner will be the kitchen.
This is the day room. where the guys will 'live'. home away from home. Those windows look out in to the golf course.
I was trying to show the golf course view.....
another view from the front/side. The front pillars are brick. I guess the bay doors are going to be red. :) It was fun to walk through. the guys have been waiting along time for this, and have been living in unacceptable conditions for a long time. So, this is very excited. The plan is for an October move in...I think! We will keep you posted!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies


Love them. But, the regular recipe I have tried doesn't work well here. I think it is too humid so the cookies get soggy. If you know me at all, you know I like to tweek, here is what I came up with...and i love it even more.

1 cup butter, (melted--my new favorite thing)
1 1/2 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 cup sugar
mix together... add:
2 cups pumpkin
1 T vanilla
2 eggs
2 tsp cinnamon
1 1/2 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp salt
mix again and add:
5 cups flour ( i do a combination of white and wheat)
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
mix until dry ingredients are just mixed in.
2 bags (4 cups) chocolate chips (1 bag semi sweet, 1 bag milk chocolate)
mix in chips. drop by tbsp on sprayed jelly pan.
Bake in 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes.

Monday, August 17, 2009

J's birthday ride

I finally got photos from J's camera to post his birthday ride. His birthday was on a tuesday this year. Right after we'd visited the boys in Bellingham and dropped Kas off. J does not like his birthday to be a big deal. And I like to celebrate, we finally settled on a birthday bike ride. We invited the 'Misfits' and had Mike, Cindy and Curt along for the ride. Cindy took the motorcycle class with me, and this was our first opportunity to ride together.
We settled on riding to Astoria....a little over 2 hour ride each way. We'd do a late lunch and head home. Perfect ride.
This trip happened to be in the middle of the west coast heat wave. We started out in all our riding gear, and by the time we hit Aberdeen, we stripped out of our protective clothes. I'd worn the lightest weight cotton pants I had, which meant I was very unprotected. I did feel guilty, especially when we passed other bikers all decked out in their gear, riding in the 100 degree heat! Fortunately we rode safe, and I don't have any road rash to show for my recklessness! ;)
Here we had to stop for construction. Did I mention it was hot? We are so not used to warm weather on the beach! We probably left 65 degrees....maybe 70.

This is my view much of the time. We stopped of the side of the road aways in to give a little buns relief. J decided to check out the dirt road. It was steep up and scary coming down! I volunteered to get off...but J made it fine. The joys of duel sport!

Have I mentioned I love the water! and mountains! This is across the water from Astoria.

The Astoria bridge.

Going across the bridge. This was my first ride across on the bike. It's long, steep, high, fun!

From the bridge into Astoria....
From here we decided to continue on another half hour to Seaside. I don't know why we didn't take any photos in Seaside. We ate at PigNPancake which is a family favorite. I had halibut and chips. It was good, but I think their specialty is breakfast. We rode up to the beach and then left. It was a quick trip. We rode back to Astoria and decided to check out the Astoria Column. It is a 125 ft high tower up above Astoria. The column has a mural plastered on all the sides. It is beautiful.

J and I took the opportunity to hike up to the top. J reminded me this was a little like the stairclimb, only about 6 we jogged up. My legs were killing me right away! But it was fun.

And the view was spectacular.

Can you see me panting? and that jog didn't help my sweating in the heat at all! oh well, it was worth it.

Malteze Misfits!We had a great time. Headed home after Astoria. We stopped in South Bend for a bit of ice cream, just to cool down a bit. It was a perfect ride. warm, great locations, good friends. We got home around 6 or 7 pm. The one problem with riding, is we are sitting the whole time. J insists there is work being done. But, not enough exercise. So we decided to take a bicycle ride that night. We took the beach and figured we would go as far as felt good. We ended up riding to Ocean City. and then taking the highway home. It was the perfect end to a wonderful day.

Have I mentioned I love hanging out with J? Happy birthday, hon! 29 again! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beach Dance 2009

A few years ago, the youth program at church had to host a dance in Ocean Shores. For a few different reasons they decided to try a dance on the beach. We were excited about it, and it became a huge hit. The stake decided to make it an annual event. Each year more kids have come, and other stakes heard about it an came. The leaders decided to add a meal to the deal, and it has continued to grow. A few years ago they changed the location to Ocean City ( just down the beach from Ocean Shores) and it has just gotten better and better. We are usually responsible for the lights, and the fires. We brought a couple of ladders and big flood lights. they worked perfectly. gave off just enough light to see, but still have a dance affect.
Also the volleyball net has just been added the last few years. The first year we had one big bonfire, but have since gone to a few smaller ones. First the burn ban prevents a big fire and the smaller, more intimate ones just work better.
Every year it seems like more and more kids show up. I love it. I love seeing the youth interact. I love watching them dance...and finding out the latest dance moves (it really hasn't changed much). I love remembering how much fun we had... and seeing how much funner they are nowadays. I love that people don't wait for someone to ask...they just dance together. Sometimes you will see a couple of kids dancing while others are standing right beside them talking with them and not dancing. I love the casualness of that.
We have usually brought our kids along. They weren't in the way with the youth and it was fun for them. Our kids are still gone, but here are some dancing to the music.

The music people have a great setup. They keep all the important stuff in the car. the set up and take down were quick. I was impressed. the music was loud enough, and they even brought dance lights!
This is the first year they had a live band perform a few songs. It was awesome, but the wind was blowing enough to make the singers voice very muted. I loved it though! and hope that is a tradition that continues!

I think most everyone had a great time. Even though we had over 200 kids there, when everyone left there was hardly any litter left on the ground, which is amazing. I saw a few couples sneaking back in after it was over, from down the beach or in the dunes. I hope they were being good! ;)
Anyways, I know I am still young at heart cause I love this event. I live vicariously through all of the youth there. I see the shyer ones who are off by themselves...(that may have been me). I see the group of friends having the best time (that also may have been me). I see the kids who think they have the best dance moves ( maybe me again) and then those who are too scared to let it all out..(yep, been there). I wish they all knew how beautiful they actually are. and important. I hope they saw all the kids there and realized they are not alone in their values, and desires for good!
Kaleb wouldn't go. He is still in Bellingham and would have missed a week if we would have pushed him more, but I want him to see! I want him to know he isn't alone. The youth group here is very that crowd was one young man from Ocean Shores. only one! Kaleb feels alone here sometimes. But in the big scheme of things he isn't. He is not interested in dancing. he doesn't see the fun in it. But, I hope he will catch the spirit of it so he can meet other lds kids. I also hoped he would bring his friends. oh well. maybe next year!
I am so glad some inspired leaders decided to throw a dance on the beach and we've been able to be a part of it these years. I wish we would have thought of it in our day! ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My house is soo quiet.
The boys have been gone for over a month and a half and Kas has been gone for over 2 weeks! We have never been kidless for this long! (well, since we had kids) In fact we were the type of parents who rarely had babysitters, because we really liked being with our kids. The boys have gone to Karate on and off for the last few summers, but I don't think they ever stayed the full summer. And this year Kas is showing her 'maturity' by showing she can stay away from home too!
I am soo excited for the opportunity they are having, but I also feel like I am being cheated my summer vacation! I don't have the kids to 'play' with me! Construction is pretty slow, so we have more free time than usual, and this was the summer I wanted to hike, bicycle, etc more. The kids are older now, and we can do more!
But, J and I have had a wonderful time together. We can hop on the bike any time and be gone all day if we want and we don't have to worry about where Kas is going to go. We've gone on a few bicycle rides, dates, etc. We have talked about taking the bikes, and going camping. Or on a hike, but most of that stuff we want to do with the kids. so, we will see. We have been working on our boat, getting it running and have taken it out a few times. But, that is another activity where we miss the kids and wish they were there. I have also been using this opportunity to get some deeper cleaning done. I know this has been good for all of us. It is just very different than what we are used to. I will be glad when we are all back in the same house for awhile. I will go get them a few weeks before school starts, which will be good.
2009 will be recorded as my quiet summer!
Not sure if I will let the kids go next year! ;).
btw, we have gotten 2 tiny eggs. I think our babies are becoming teens! and I also think we ended up with a rooster in our last batch!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Earlier this week J mentioned that we could go to the Temple on Saturday. It is a 2.5 to 3 hour drive, so we don't seem to be able to go often enough. Needless to say, I was pretty excited!
Friday rolls around and I am not feeling well. J is on duty until saturday morning. We decide we will wait to see how things go in the morning and go from there.
J comes home Sat morning and we take a nap. Neither one of us slept with my insomnia, and he running calls or anticipating them!
We woke up a few hours later, feeling much better, and decided to go.....check recommends...J's expires this month! hmmm...good to know. Decide it might be a good idea to check the temple schedule: closes for maintenance 10 Aug.....hmmmm.....good to know. we just got in under the wire! ;)
We'd decided to go on the Motorcyle. wanted to try it, hadn't had the chance. It had been rainy earlier in the morning, but by the time we left it was good. so...what to do about the dress?!!! I found my most wrinkle resistant skirt, and decided to wear it bunched up in my riding pants. Right as I was putting them on, I changed my mind. I would just change where the G store was! So, I threw on my jeans, riding pants, boots...and brought skirt and shoes. I was tempted to wear the black leather boots in the temple, but resisted! ;)
We make a few stops along the way and end up at the temple about 1/2 hour before session. perfect timing! We ride over to the G store, I grab my skirt, slip on my shoes, and stow my riding pants and boots.....and head in. The line at the G store was the longest I've ever seen that will have to wait. I see no restroom what to do?!!!! grr....I am sure I looked a little silly with jeans walking around with a skirt. I walk over to the temple, through the woods and am very tempted to just change in there (the woods) but decide that probably isn't proper temple ettiquette. I really don't want to have to walk up to the temple in jeans, but finally do. Change in the waiting room restroom....and go in. by then we have 10 minutes. We are cutting it close. I rush in, change quickly into my temple clothes and get up to the chapel just in time for them to announce it is time to go in. J is still not there! I am worried we will have to wait another hour for the next session. He arrives just in time....wew!!!!
It was very nice.
When we are done, we head down to the cafeteria. closed of course! So, on the way out, I go back to the waiting room and change back into my jeans, head out and dress in my riding gear in the parking area. We decide to dinner at Claim Jumpers....which is a favorite. Fortunately the wait isn't too long and the food is delicious!
On the way home my eyes start itching. I just think I got something into it. Also my stomach starts cramping real bad. not good on a bike. I keep opening my helmet and rubbing....and thinking I am going to fall off the bike from cramps! We finally stop at Safeway in Aberdeen (about 30 min from home) I ask J about my eyes...and one is swollen, the other a bit! I am not sure if I am having an allergy attack or what. and if it would hit my stomach too.... well, I rinsed my eyes...and suffered through the trip home...where we found no Benadryl...which I couldn't believe. I always have that stuff around! This morning my eye is about half it's size from yesterday. My lower lid feels soo heavy! My stomach is still a little tender but not as bad as it was. Still not sure what hit me. J is back at work. I decided to skip church today. Didn't want to go with a puffy eye! Totally vegging today!
BUT, I still had a wonderful day yesterday! I love hanging out with J. I really enjoy riding with him. I think it is the perfect activity for a husband and wife. Time together. I was so happy everything worked out for us to go...even with the close calls. added to the adventure I guess! :)
Thanks J.

oh and other news:
dad called friday and said the boys were going to rough it camping that night. hike ( gramps said they had to stay within yelling distance) ...they ended up at the top of the water fall...set up a shelter and sleep all night without tent or bags. I have to tell you, the idea makes me a little nervous, but I was glad they had the opportunity. J used to do stuff like this all the time. I guess they made their shelter. took up snacks to eat. and hunkered down for the night. They said they couldn't sleep well, but wanted to make it through the night. They said it was cold. and not comfortable...they were sleeping on rocks. They would doze for awhile and then wake up...throughout the night. Finally when it seemed like it was starting to get light, they decided to hike home. they figured it was about 4:30 or so. Well, much to their dismay, when they got back to the motorhome it wasn't even 1 am yet! They stayed the rest of the night in the Motorhome (which is where they sleep at the Grandparents). Mom said she slept pretty restlessly worrying about them....and then about laughed when she heard they were in the motorhome most of the time she was tossing and turning!
J said he is anxious to take them out again...and teaching them a few things about being comfortable out there! I am glad they had the opportunity, in a fairly safe environment! My boys are growing up!
the funniest thing about the whole thing was that Elijah matter of factly told Dad he should bring the 22! HA! NO!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dinner talk

The other night J and I went out to eat at a local restaurant. We were sitting by the window and a couple pulls up. J informs me he ran into the guy at Ace the day before, and J'd help build his house years ago. They chatted for a bit and went on their ways. J said it was good seeing him....etc. Anyways, the guy, his wife, and another couple end up sitting straight across the room from us. After about 10-15 minutes, I hear J's name coming from their table. Of course, my ears perked up. We didn't know if the guy had seen us coming in cause we really didn't get a chance to say hi or anything and J was facing away from them....but the guy was not trying to be discreet at all. I told J they were talking about him and he said he'd heard. I couldn't hear everything but did hear....'he's at the fire dept now, and still has his construction company' actually a few times. This went on for a good 5-10 minutes. It was kindof funny sitting there knowing someone is talking about you...or your significant other. When we were getting ready to leave, J went over to say hi. He then recognized the other couple as past customers...he'd helped build their house as well. And the first thing they said...'we were just talking about you!' it was soo funny.
So, J is standing there chatting for a few minutes, and I hear the man sitting at the table behind J say, 'are you going to say hi to Jeremy?' I didn't recognize them, but J turns around and just the day before we'd been in the local grocery store while J was on duty, getting stuff for dinner. He saw a cute little boy with his dad and offered for them to come over and get a ride in the fire engine...the boy, his little brother and 2 dads in the party took him up on the offer...and here they were eating right beside us. They'd just gotten there. It was soo funny. I told J he must have felt a little like a celebrity. being talked about and recognized and stuff. He is a great guy and does a lot of good for our little community.
The only downside...I was so caught up in it all I forgot my leftovers...and they have great leftovers!