Thursday, May 28, 2009

mile run continued

Well, we have been going at this for about a week now, and it is going well. I did miss a few days due to illness, but plan on hopefully getting back on it tonight. The awesome thing is my family has joined in on the fun! They have all started running with me and charting their efforts. By the second day all of the kids posted faster times than I did...which isn't necessarily saying much, but I was amazed. It is fun to take turns on the treadmill, cheering each other on, finding good running songs for each person, trying to outdo each other (good, clean competition!). They have no idea how awesome this was for me! The other day Kaleb said he felt a little sorry for me...I was surprised, and asked why, because I was soo thrilled by their participation. He said, "well, we are all running faster than you!" I laughed...and told him "NO WAY! I AM THRILLED!" He can't even come close to comprehending a mother's love and joy in watching her kids accomplish something difficult. ...but, I did remind him I would have whipped his butt when I was his age! ;)...just to keep him improving! :)
The whole ordeal has brought everyone back into our little gym...on the bowflex and it's all good. summer is coming on. I want my kids to be in shape and to value exercise, in any degree. I had no idea when I made this goal the blessing it would be for our family. Just so long as we keep up on it. I look forward to going to the track and us all running together! won't that be fun!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Garden

We finally got a garden at our house. here it is.....we have tomatos,watermelon(do they even grow here?)peppers,and zuccine.(did i spell that right?)
they are kinda droopy.

there are both of the gardens with the home made boxes!!

they really are kinda droopy!

these ones are small!

Friday, May 22, 2009

mile run

Let's go back to my childhood. I was never good in PE. I didn't like it. I was afraid of catching balls. I had weak arms, so I couldn't throw worth a dang. I could bat alright, but horrible out in the field for baseball. I couldn't run very fast... PE was just not my thing and I was alright with that....until people were choosing teams, and I was usually one of the last picked...but that was even alright, I guess....
So, in 7th grade PE when we were told we were going to run the mile regularly, I thought I was going to die. Amazingly, the first mile run I ever did, right after lunch, running in the school halls around the gymnasiam. I ran in 8 minutes! I can't remember if I walked through any of it, but I was still quite impressed. I could run! I was one of the first finishers. I didn't die. I can't say that I loved it, but I was good at it and I loved that. I joined track and ran the 8hundred, the mile and the 2 mile. Eventually, my best time was 5:57. and 13:00 2 mile. I don't remember my cross country scores, but I did fairly well. There was another girl in our school who was super fast. so, I was never the fastest, but always one of.
Towards the end of my high school career, I would develop a cramp during the 2 mile that was soo severe, I had to eventually give up the sport. The cramp would last for the rest of the week. The drs couldn't figure out what it was...stress was their guess. but that didn't make sense to me at all.
Anyways, since that time I haven't run. Nowadays, I use a treadmill to keep in shape when I am not working construction much. I hate it, because I think exercising just to exercise is very boring. so I will usually incline my treadmill to 10. set the pace fairly decent. and hang on so I can read through the 20 minutes to an hour. sometimes I will watch tv. but I will always go slow enough and hang on so I can see the words or hear or whatever. My comfort always comes first. I have tried running just for old times sake, but I am so out of shape that I will only last a few minutes before I go back to walking. either I am out of breath, or bored. ;)...
Kaleb has been in track the last few years. I cannot get him to do distance, but it always gets me excited once again. I might start to attempt to go back to my teen years, and whip out a mile, but I usually give up.
Well, the other day I read a note posted by a friend of mine who took up running last year to lose a few pounds. here is a paragraph of what he wrote:

When I started running, it was one of the hardest things I’ve done. I hated it. Almost every muscle and joint in my body was sore. I had a hard time catching my breath. I could feel the pulsing of my heart pounding in my head. I felt like I would collapse at any given moment. Does any of this sound familiar?
I was determined though. I am not a quitter.
The first three or four months of running was painful. I had pain in my knees, pain in my ankles, pain in my back, shoulders, calves, thighs, arms, neck, etc. That was just the direct physical pain from running itself. Then there were the numerous blisters on my feet. I even lost two toenails – both at one time. They just fell off. My lungs and throat hurt. Sometimes I felt like my heart was tired. On warm days I just felt like I would keel over on the side of the road

I don't know why this touched me so much but I realized I was a quitter. I was always taking the easy way out. Granted I was getting on the treadmill...when it was convenient, but every time I ran, as soon as it started hurting I would go back to walking. I would not let my body be uncomfortable...and because of that I was letting it stay weak!
I decided that needed to change. I don't want to become a great runner. I don't want to run a marathon or anything like that. I just want to run a mile in a decent time. so.....I made a goal with myself, and I am determined not to quit. I decided I will run 1 mile at least 5 times a week. I am keeping track of the pace I start and stop, of my time and how many calories I burn...only 121 or so. NOT FAIR! I am not doing this to lose weight though...just to prove that I still have it in me.
I have run three times this week so far. I am running a 10 minute mile! which blows me away. I feel like I am running fast...It is sickening. I think my treadmill has to be wrong! ;). But, it feels good. I decided I can handle torturing myself in 10 minute increments!
I don't want to be a quitter anymore! or a wimp! Thanks Dean for inspiring me!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sol Duc Hot Springs and my first RIDE!

Well, I got my motorcyle endorsement on wednesday. Thursday we'd planned a trip around the Olympic Penninsula. Jeremy and the kids were harrass...I mean encouraging me to take my own..I mean Kaleb's bike and have my FIRST bike trip. I wanted to but was very nervous. Even though I'd done quite a bit of riding in the Motorcycle class, I had done 0 --that means ZERO on the road, highway, whatever. and I am a, the odds weren't good in my mind. We had to run into Ocean Shores before we left, so I decided to ride in there, and see how I felt. We would have to come back by the house to get to our destination anyways, seemed the perfect plan. We went in. I felt pretty good. I was pleased how much easier the transition was between big parking lot to road. My biggest problem was driving highway speed. I am not really talking about fast. It is definitely a relative term here. because I was freaking out at 50 mph. I know! I felt like an old lady driver, but I couldn't help it.

I knew how pleased my family would be if I just 'went for it'! I'd actually gotten a lecture/pep talk from the kids when I took them to school about wimping out. so, I decided to go for it. I have to tell you, going straight and not turning towards our driveway was quite exillerating! I knew J was cheering me on in the back, and my kids would be proud. I didn't know how I would do, but figured it was worth a try!

Our first stop was about an hour down the road. I switched to warmer gloves. Even though the weather was nice, it gets cold on the bike. I have no windshield, or hand screens, so it is a constant 45-50 mph wind! But I was having fun! J rode behind, so I could set the pace, and he was VERY patient. I knew he would have liked to have gone faster but he wasn't going to complain. Just encourage! I was VERY grateful for that!

We cruised by Quinault, but stopped at Kalaloch to refuel my tank and take a potty break, and stretch a little. It was going well. I was having fun. I think we were about halfway there......
We went through forks, and had to stop for a photo. First time for me. Not like the movie at all! haha. I know it wasn't filmed there! but I have to admit, I was disappointed!

We stopped at a cafe for hotchocolate and fried mushrooms....little snack and a chance to warm up! At this point J decided he'd rather have a cabin at our final destination, so he is making reservations! he's a cutie!

You can't imagine how happy I was to see this sign! Almost there! Beautiful ride. When we arrived at the Lodge, J showed me our stats. It was a bit funny. Don't know if you can read it, but......we traveled 138.6 miles in 4 hours and 27 minutes. 3.9 hours traveling and 1.18 hours resting! a bit pathetic, but nice and leisurely! It says his max speed was 71 mph. I am certain that was one of the times he passed me! I know I never even went close to that speed!

we finally made it to the lodge! I couldn't have been happier. Even though the ride was good, it was enough for the first day. Even though my expectations were high, I was still pleasantly surprised by all of it. This was the first week of the season the lodge was open, so everything was clean, beautiful, fresh. It was more upper class than I was expecting. Even though we'd packed to camp, J decided to splurge and get us a cabin. I didn't complain one bit! They were cute little things. This isn't our cabin, but similar.

When we opened the door, once again, I was impressed by how cute they were. All to ourselves! Love it. By the time he called they only had 2 bed cabins, which was really fine, cause we could lay our gear out on the other bed.

There was also a good size bathroom, and a little sitting room. Cozy and roomy at the same time. We definitely will be back! After unpacking a bit, we quickly slipped into our suits, and went for a soak. The perfect thing at the end of a ride.

Afterwards we ate. We didn't even go back to the cabin and make ourselves more presentable. wet hair and all. We were both tired, and wanted to eat and hit the sack.

The restaurant had some fancy meals, but also diner style. We went that route, with fish and chips,

and a hamburger. J was good and passed on his fries for a wonderful looking salad.

Even though we were stuffed, we ordered dessert. The people behind us ordered a marionberry crisp. After we saw and smelled it, we were done for! It was heavenly. We did share though!
Sometime during the night we overheard a waiter telling other patrons he was from Minnesota. It got us wondering,....I admit I am nosy. So, we asked our waitress where she was from....Massachussetts.... Everyone was from somewhere far away. They take these seasonal jobs working at resorts all over the country. HOW COOL IS THAT! I know I would have loved doing something like that if I'd had a friend with me. My shyness might have hindered that decision, but anyways, it sounded soo cool. Meeting new people. working at a resort out in the middle of nowhere. Now that could be an awesome book theme!

Anyways, we had such a great time. We went to bed early. It was funny going back to the room and realizing no tv! J didn't know what he would do, but he was asleep pretty quickly! I had a good book, was awesome!

The next morning we ate breakfast and then had a quick soak in the pools. With the cabin we had buffet breakfast at the lodge, which consisted of hashbrowns, blitzes (heavenly), juice, bacon. I was hoping for eggs, but once again it was very nice.

The pools consist of three smaller ones, (that aren't so small) of different consistancies of heat, and then a large cool pool. I only sat in two of the tubs....the two hottest ones I think. It was VERY nice!

J adjusted my clutch a bit, so I could have more of a friction zone! (thanks motorcyle class that I even know what the friction zone is!) It helped with starting out and stuff.
Here we are ready to go. Check out time was 11:00 which was perfect.

Yep, hot spring!This is the entry way into the lodge. Isn't it pretty. Checkout and buying souveniers for the kids.

Ready to go.....

I had J show me the campground, and he found snow. FUN! but we didn't stay and play....
We found a bunch of trail heads. I am making plans. Our family loves to hike. We could backpack in, and soak in the tubs when we came out. What a great trip! I love rain forests. see all the moss....Our original plan was to go around the Olympic Penninsula, but I did not feel ready going though larger towns, and bigger highways, so we decided to backtrack. I have always wanted to see Neah Bay, and this seemed like a perfect opportunity. I didn't realize it was so far off the beaten track, but it made a perfect day trip.

We took the exit and after a few miles went through Clallam Bay. It was a cute little town. Beautiful scenery! I don't know if you can see this, but the end of the bridge is in the air. I am not sure if the sand erroded away from the bridge or if the bridge broke. anyways, it's an interesting sight. The land mass over there is Vancouver Island. and do you see the cruise ship? luckies!!!! well, I think it is a cruise ship. maybe it is the ferry that goes to Alaska. I don't know. It looks huge!

This was the view beyond the bridge to nowhere. Not sure exactly what it was but would like to spend more time over there. All of it is gorgeous!

This is the first time we have had reception since Forks, so J is checking in on K, who stayed home by himself all night for the first time, (scary for me) but of course he was fine. He had whatever was going around, so stayed home from school.
And he also had to deal with a few TBC customers and stuff. No rest for the self employed!

So, after Clallam Bay, we rode along the coast. I think they must have some bicycle race there, because there were marks on the road for every 10th of a mile I think. I loved that! The road was also very twisty and windy. It was fun to ride, beautiful and not a lot of traffic. I was so glad we took this route.

We went out to Cape Flattery which is the northwesternmost part of the continental US. but didn't take the 1/2 mile hike in, because we didn't stop for a recreation pass in the town previous. (can't remember which town that was) I checked the map, but couldn't read it....anyways. Next time we will get one. J found this road less traveled and decided we should take it.
I made it up a bit, but had to turn around. It quickly became very rough. I wasn't quite ready for that kind of riding. J went up a little further to turn around, came back and got I could see what he found...and he took me to this! Isn't that beautiful! Once again, not sure what it is called. but worth checking out further. A lighthouse on a small island!

More photos on that ride.

so beautiful!
We strapped J's camera to his bike. We've wanted to try it....and this was a perfect opportunity.

He saw an awful lot of this on our ride!

and this!
We notice I ride a little crooked! Not sure why. I don't feel like I am until I shift around a bit. I try to straighten up and end up just the same. Interesting.

Here we are. Home at last. I think we made it home around 7 pm. Long day. I was beat. the last hour or so was HARD. I had to drive faster than I am really comfortable. I was VERY fatigued from being alert all the time, and probably fighting the wind and all. BUT I was also VERY HAPPY! I am doing something I NEVER would have imagined for myself. Stepping outside of the box for me! enjoying it, and doing relatively well at it! never never imagined!

I am sure we will plan more trips. I look forward to getting a more comfortable bike. I know that will be further down the road. more important things first. But, something to look forward to. and a great hobby for J and I. I will still love riding 2 up with J, but now we have options!
Thanks hunny for a wonderful weekend!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Knolen's baptism

Knolen is Elijah's best friend.
They've been good friends for 3-4 years now... They both love riding. In fact years ago, we found a dirt bike for sale, Jeremy went to buy it, and Knolen's mom showed up right as J was calling to tell the guy he was interested and begged J to let her buy it. It was Knolen's birthday and what she'd already picked out for him, and she didn't know what she would do if she couldn't get it. J, the gentleman he is, relented, and let her get the bike. I remember when we told Elijah, (we didn't know knolen at the time, yet) Elijah wasn't too disappointed, he was more happy for Knolen. He liked him THAT much!

They also love to explore together. They both love the outdoors, and camping, shooting, just all the boy stuff.

Knolen has also sparked an interest in Elijah to play sports. Because of Knolen's influence, Elijah has gotten involved in basketball and baseball. Knolen's family totally set Elijah up with baseball gear so he can play. (His uncle and dad are coaches for their team.)

Knolen loves to be over here, and Elijah loves it at their house.

Anyways, a few months ago, Knolen came to church with Elijah. He showed interest, and began coming regularly. His parents even got him some nice sunday clothes. Pretty soon he started talking about his desire for baptism. He will be 12 soon, and is also very excited to become a deacon and pass the Sacrament with Elijah.

Well, yesterday he was baptized, by Jeremy. It was such a neat experience. He is such a great kid, and to see his enthusiasm, and desires are awesome. I feel very grateful that Elijah could find such a great friend. Here he is with his mom. She told me that this day was an extra special day, because it was the birthday of his little sister, who'd passed away a few years ago. After a short conversation, I found out she would have been 8...which is a very significant year for the LDS community. 8 is the age of accountability, where children are typically baptized! What an awesome coincidence.

I just couldn't help thinking she was looking down, pleased at her brother for the steps he is making to follow Jesus? Very special day!

It will be fun watching these boys grow in the gospel together, and interesting to see if their other friends follow! I am grateful my kids love the gospel enough to share it with their friends. They are great examples for me!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was J and my 15 year anniversary from our first wedding...(when we were sealed.) Last week we took a bike trip to celebrate. We went up to Sol Duck Hot Springs. I haven't been to that side of the Olympic Penninsula so I was very excited to go. We brought camping stuff, but after a bit into the ride, J said he wanted to stay in a cabin, which was fine by me. I want to blog this trip later, cause J has half of the photos on his camera...the first half...and posts are always better with photos! especially with me in a swimsuit! HA, you won't be seeing that!

anyways, yesterday was a good day. We had a busy day, but we were able to squeeze a little time together. J was getting ready for his next attempt at the Saddle Sore, which included getting some sleep. so, I made him nap any chance he got. Kaleb had his league track meet, Elijah had practice, typical stuff....I got home around 7 and J had already gone to bed, which made me happy cause I wanted him to get as much sleep as possible...So, the kids and I were in the living room watching tv.....and Kas went into the kitchen, and said she was doing something so I couldn't go in there. Awhile later she brings the camera and says I may need it. and then she comes out with a tray........

with cake, candles, plates and utensils.....

The candles represent J and I and our three kids. Isn't that cute! She made the cake all by herself! She's 10!Layered it and frosted it! I was impressed. She's made a few before with my help....but never by herself. I am so proud of her, her ablilities, her cleverness, her thoughtfulness.

I took the first cut, and realized how good a job she did and wanted to get a closer shot.

The other amazing thing...when I went into the kitchen later, I was expecting a big mess from her baking, but the only evidence she'd been in there was a few dirty dishes already stacked up by the sink! what a girl!

I have sweet kids, I feel very loved and blessed. I am grateful to be married to Jeremy. We have had the best of times and the worst of times in these 15 years. We've learned to appreciate each other and not take what we have for granted. Neither one of us is perfect but we seem to make a great team. I am blessed! I will stop on the mush now! ;)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Motorcycle Safety Class.....
that is what I did this whole weekend, while, Elijah hung out with his best friend's family (Knolen), and J took Kaleb to his first ever Youth Conference....(Kas went along too, since I was unavailable). They camped, and did a service project. I think there are photos....I will have to check.

Anyways, it was quite an eye opener for me...the class. I realized I did something quite out of the ordinary for me. I really never have imagined myself as a biker chick. I have not been in a classroom setting like that in years....where I had to take a test, and receive a grade for my abilities. I didn't really know what to expect, and surprised myself.

I had fun. parts of it were hard, but I didn't make a fool of myself. One thing about me, is I hate trying something new. I hate others seeing me flub up and looking a fool. I get a little scatterbrained when I have an audience. So, knowing that I would have to practice skills while others are around watching, or waiting for their turn is not appealing to me. J on the other hand relishes learning new things. He doesn't care how silly he looks, or how many times he has to try before he gets it right...and he has a tendency to be way better than average at everything he does. I tried to take some of that attitude with me when I went to the class.

Fortunately we had a small class...there were 5 students total. I think 12 is an average size. Also one of my friends took the class with me, so I wasn't going in to a room of total strangers. I'd practiced a bit with J coaching me, so that I wouldn't be totally starting from scratch, and I was amazed that even though J never took the class, and hasn't been riding for all that long, most of the techniques he taught me were right on! ...another example of him being better than average at all he does.....

So, when I was in school, I was the quiet one in the back. I rarely will speak out. I don't like being put on the spot, and unless I KNOW I have something pertinent to add, that is important, I won't share. My friend arrived before me, and I found out she's a front and center person. She was sitting in the very front, with a seat saved for that is where I ended up. And, then I know I did most of the talking while we were discussing. A few times, I figured the guys in the back were probably wishing I would shut up so we could get on with things, but I just seemed to not be able to! So out of character for me...and I still don't know why or how.

When we went out on the riding range, it was pouring. We all got soaked. I figured that was probably good, cause if we ride here we will ride in the rain....even if we never intend on it. We learned how to stop safely, turn corners, U turns, turn on and off the bike, weave, swerve, etc. For the most part our instructors were nice, and very helpful. The bikes were small, and easy to manouver. When I took the skills test, I passed, but I don't know how well I did. I felt like I flubbed on everything...but did it all. I do know I got a 100% on the written test, which was awesome.

Anyways, it was a great experience, and one I would highly recommend. Now I wish we had a smaller bike, so I could get out there and keep practicing. I am still not sure if I want to get my own beemer and become a biker woman....but I am definitely interested in pursuing it.

I am especially grateful for opportunities to stretch myself and do something totally out of character. I hope I can take this experience and step out of my comfort zone even more. It is liberating!

Oh, also, I have the best family. When I came home from my final day, they all had a card and a cake for me! very sweet!