Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Yesterday was J and my 15 year anniversary from our first wedding...(when we were sealed.) Last week we took a bike trip to celebrate. We went up to Sol Duck Hot Springs. I haven't been to that side of the Olympic Penninsula so I was very excited to go. We brought camping stuff, but after a bit into the ride, J said he wanted to stay in a cabin, which was fine by me. I want to blog this trip later, cause J has half of the photos on his camera...the first half...and posts are always better with photos! especially with me in a swimsuit! HA, you won't be seeing that!

anyways, yesterday was a good day. We had a busy day, but we were able to squeeze a little time together. J was getting ready for his next attempt at the Saddle Sore, which included getting some sleep. so, I made him nap any chance he got. Kaleb had his league track meet, Elijah had practice, typical stuff....I got home around 7 and J had already gone to bed, which made me happy cause I wanted him to get as much sleep as possible...So, the kids and I were in the living room watching tv.....and Kas went into the kitchen, and said she was doing something so I couldn't go in there. Awhile later she brings the camera and says I may need it. and then she comes out with a tray........

with cake, candles, plates and utensils.....

The candles represent J and I and our three kids. Isn't that cute! She made the cake all by herself! She's 10!Layered it and frosted it! I was impressed. She's made a few before with my help....but never by herself. I am so proud of her, her ablilities, her cleverness, her thoughtfulness.

I took the first cut, and realized how good a job she did and wanted to get a closer shot.

The other amazing thing...when I went into the kitchen later, I was expecting a big mess from her baking, but the only evidence she'd been in there was a few dirty dishes already stacked up by the sink! what a girl!

I have sweet kids, I feel very loved and blessed. I am grateful to be married to Jeremy. We have had the best of times and the worst of times in these 15 years. We've learned to appreciate each other and not take what we have for granted. Neither one of us is perfect but we seem to make a great team. I am blessed! I will stop on the mush now! ;)


Lori said...

Happy Anniversary! Your hair looks so cute--did you totally get it chopped? I love short hair cause it's so easy to do. Are you going to the reunion in June?

Verlee said...

yes yes and yes! can't wait!