Monday, May 17, 2010

I went on a field trip with Kas and her class today to some tide pools at the res. Of course our group was 'the girls' again! The 'guides'--or scientists were awesome. One was from NOAA, another from the Seattle Aquarium, and then there was a biologist from the Quinault tribe. They gave a class to the parents (or chaperones) showing us what we are to show the kids. It was a great way to do a field trip.
We saw alot of starfish and anemone.
The girls were having a blast finding stuff. The rock formations were awesome!

We also did some cave exploring. They were determined they found some bones in the back of one cave. They also convinced a bunch of other kids to go in and check it out! Pretty funny!

We were also able to see Plankton in the water and learn about how it affects the shellfish. It was a wonderful field trip. The weather was good, the ride was short. I love hanging out with Kas and her friends!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

day 4 Homeward Bound

So sunday morning we head home. But before we go....we are treated once again to a wonderful breakfast...and no pictures to prove it! Crepes!!! with strawberries, bananas, and nutella! YUMMERS!
Mom also made some granola bars, and I made the second batch of fudge!
While we were packing and loading up the car, the kids played Rock Band!

We stopped by the Portland temple on our way out of town. Ted, Kat and their family actually dressed appropriately. Aren't they cute!
Kas had a great time with Macy and Emma

Our group of 'girls' with Carter and Case. Ted was a big part of our weekend....but didn't want to be included in the 'girl shot'! Thanks Ted and Kat for taking in such a big group. We really were spoiled!
After the temple grounds, we went to my Old Mission Comp, Stephanie's. They had to get to church and we had to get to the train depot, so we weren't able to stay long, but it was still fun to say hi. I didn't take photos, since it was such a quick visit, even though I could have, I guess...they were all dressed in their sunday best!
It was such a great visit but as usual, I was happy to get home! I missed my boys! and I started getting sick on the way home! good thing I was able to sleep it off the next day!

day 3 part 2

I'm sorry this is taking me so long to post. But, this is a continuation of Saturday of our Portland girls trip. I did forget to mention that Saturday morning we were spoiled with blueberry pancakes made by Ted. He'd had them at a restaurant where the blueberries were blended in the batter, so tried them out on us. They were bright blue and yummy. He also made chocolate chip pancakes and regular ones.
I also did hair earlier in the day. sideways braids. on Kas and Emma.
aren't they cuties! You can definitely see the resemblance.
The kids played dress up.....all throughout the day.

Cutie got his nails done, and was seen wearing a tutu...even wanted to take it home!
Don't you love seeing a man at the sink?!!!!!For dinner we had Ted's famous ribs. It's a secret recipe he got from a friend. They are tender, flavorful and yummy.
We couldn't get the recipe from him but found a few clues!
temp, smoking racks, butter, apple juice.....
We all loved them. Afterwards we sat around the fire, ate s'mores. Emma led us in a story where we go around the circle each sharing a sentence to the story. It was fun.
Some were quite animated.
and thoughtful.
Later Ted played the guitar. Emma also got hers out. I love this picture.
Tim also sang some interesting songs. I didn't know he was so musical. It was a great night.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 3 Aunt Fern Party

So, friday was the Family Party at Mac and Fern Belnaps, Mom's aunt and uncle.
There were quite a few family members there--aunts and uncles, cousins...etc...
Here's Fern.
Fay (a Callahan aunt who married a Despain) comes by her looks honestly...don't you think!
Fern has done a lot of family history. She always has great stories to share. She showed us some dishes from some of the greats.
Tim in the corner, cousin Susan in the middle.
Carl, mom's cousin serenaded us throughout the day. He's very musical but just picked up the guitar on November. He was incredible. btw the sunglasses are for his blindness, not 'cool factor!' :)
The three sisters. Great group of women whom I love very much.
Fern showed us some old photos. I took pictures of pictures. didn't turn out grea, but better than nothing.
Grandpa and Grandma like I remember. Jo and Carrie Despain. Grandma's parents.Mom's siblings. I think this is when mom was my age. probably at Grandma's funeral. We realized she was my age, and mom is her mom's age when she passed away.
mom is in the middle with the scarf. remind you of anyone?
Mom's family. She is the one in the middle that looks a little like Hannah. Grandma Onita is the one sitting. Isn't she cute? Fern is the one closest. She's pretty cute too.
While we were in the bedroom looking at photos, Mac was protecting Cutie, while he was sleeping. cutecutecute!
We had a great time reaquainting ourselves. It was a good day.
but while we were visiting, Hannah broke her finger.....rescuing a golf ball! the things big sisters do!
more to come later!