Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaleb and more!

Last week was Kaleb's birthday!
15 years!
Grandparents Simpson and Amber came the day before.
They brought the much loved Costco Chocolate Cake.
We had cake and such on his birthday, waited til sunday for his Birthday dinner.
and will have a party with his friends on monday!We love Kaleb very much.
He is such a blessing for us.
He was the first grandchild on both the Towery and the Simpson side, so he was much loved.
He has that awesome, curly red hair.
We thought he was going to be shy, but he isn't.
He's just not super social.
He has a great heart, and likes to do what's right.
I feel very honored to be his parent, and I know J feels the same.
I can't believe it was 15 years ago...that we first met him.
Next year he drives.
and girlfriends will be a possibility...
He'll graduate in 3 years.
a mission in 4......
and then who knows what!?
I am excited to see what lies ahead for Kaleb!
Fortunately, like I mentioned earlier, Kaleb's birthday coincided with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Simpson and Amber. One day after the kids were out of school, we went down to Damon point. I know I Have posted about Damon Point numerous times...and I am somewhat sorry you are getting another one..but not sorry enough! ;) I LOVE IT THERE!
Mom loves agates, and that's the best place to find them, so we went searching!
This Photo is just for GINA.
Kas found a treasure this time...and Grandma helped her haul it back. It is a window frame it seems. She knows I like old windows, so she brought it back for me. It is on the porch now. ;)Mom found a piece of driftwood that resembled a dolphin.Kas also found this. not sure what it is. But she liked came back too.Elijah brought a full size shovel so he could dig. He would walk aways and then dig, and then walk somemore and then dig. Pretty funny!
The kids were waiting for us when we got back.I told Kaleb I needed something to carry the shells, rocks and agates in that was also handy. So, he made this for me. worked perfectly. Our treasures!
Damon Point! Where the posts are--used to be the road until we had a big storm. they used to be only about 5 feet out of the ground. It still amazes me how much power nature has! It is amazing!
While we were working J and Chase were working....on a bulkhead! It turned out great.
We've had some good, creative jobs lately! ;) I like it!!! But, I was glad I didn't have to help build the bulkhead. It was a rough job. Lots of shoveling, in the water!
We had a great visit with Mom, Dad and Amber! I am grateful they are retired now and have more time to come see us!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Beach pics

I figured out how to download the photos from my phone. I must say I found some interesting stuff on there! :) Before I post the photos from our beach walk tomorrow, I wanted to post these of jelly fish on the beach we found. I think a few months ago, at Kalaloch. We see small jellyfish pretty regularly...or chunks of them... but these big ones are not as common. You can totally see their guts!
Yesterday, we were at Damon Point. It is where the bay meets the there is basically a spit of land, with the bay on one side and the Ocean on the other. It is about a 2-2.5 mile walk to the end. If you go at the wrong time, you can get stuck out there because the tide will go all the way across. It is a great place to find agates, and other beach treasures. And a great walk.
There were quite a few patches of shells. Not sure why.

We also found a few starfish, which is not a common sight at this beach.
Elijah found this long rope and decided it was his beach treasure! He hauled it back to the car, which was over a mile away.

Occasionally Kas or Kaleb helped. I didn't touch the thing! ;)
I was really impressed they made it. I half expected Elijah to give up. It was a fun day!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today I wanted to hike, so we decided to check out the Weatherwax Trail. It is a very controversial area of Ocean Shores. Originally bought by the city as an investment, but after a vote by the citizens, can't sell it to help the city's debt. Many of the residents don't want to lose the natural habitat. I decided that we should probably see what all the fuss is about. Also, since it was a late start, this was a very convenient place to hike. btw...J was working today, so he didn't get to play with us. One of our first shots had me we live in a rain forest or what! I love moss covered trees!

Someone donated benches along the way that suggest relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Do you see the kids in the tree? isn't it an interesting looking tree? I imagine it looks completely different with it's leaves. Maybe we will have to come back in the summer!

the trail parallels a powerline road.
Teaka came along. We wore her out.
and, back at the trailhead!
Unfortunately, it was a very short trail. I was expecting a few miles. But it was nice. Kaleb said if he lived in town he would run it regularly.
It was funny, that we brought day packs with snacks and drinks, and maybe walked a mile or a mile and a half. We definitely looked like tourists!
We decided we didn't get enough hiking in, so we went out to Damon Point and walked. I left the camera in the car and only took phone photos. If I figure out how to get them on the computer, I will post some of those.
We had a great time finding treasures. Elijah found a huge rope, that they drug back to the car. Kaleb wanted to haul back a crab pot he found, but gave up rather quickly! We found cool rocks, shells and Kas even brought back a starfish. Hopefully it will survive the pond. Starfish are not common sights here.
It was a good day!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


The job we did yesterday was fun and cool. Our clients had a landscaped back yard with gravel pathways. They decided to concrete the pathways. That is where we came in. Even though they mostly just followed the existing pathways, I still felt like J and Chase did a great job forming them up. We just poured these yesterday, so they are not stripped yet. Porbably an exposed or stamped top would have been better, but the clients wanted a broom finish...which still turned out great and was a little complicated with all the curves.
There are existing stone steps throughout that were incorporated into the concrete.
This is the kind of work I love doing....creative, and makes a big difference.
I love my job!
We still need to do the sidewalks on the sides of the house and maybe eventually the front, leading to a driveway. Should be fun.

Monday, March 8, 2010


So, a few months ago I was introduced to another multi level type company. I have a brother in law who is quite successful with this type of business. One day my sister told me about this new company they were going to start. It was brand new, and they knew some of the founders and her husband was pretty excited about it. When he does mlm, he doesn't work his business the traditional way, by talking to family... but I started asking questions. I am not good at mlm. I always get excited, because of the possibilites, but I am not motivated, and outgoing enough to work the business successfully. BUT, I knew Glenn was. So, I was a little intrigued. Especially about the product. It was a drink. Made of whole foods. flash dehydrated. and then preserved in a blast cap, for convenience and max nutrition. You put the blast cap on to your water bottle, popthe product into the water, mix and enjoy. Their premise is that the pre mixed drinks that we buy at the store gradually lose their nutrition while sitting there waiting for us to buy. So, they make it convenient for us to mix our own drink, which gives us the maximum nutritional benefits.
I loved the concepts, but worried about the taste. We finally got a sample. And, it wasn't bad. Tastes a little like less sugary tang. I could handle it. especially ice cold.
BUT, what really amazed me, was how I felt when I drank one Yoli a day.
I had energy.
not the nervous kind, that you get from caffeine.
but the kind that makes you want to get up and do something.
I had motivation.
I had a better sense of well being.
I couldn't believe the good I was getting from just one drink a day.
I got to where I craved a good way. cause I knew it was good for me.
I am becoming a morning person.
It is much easier to get up and take Kaleb in the morning.
And, if I drink a yoli while I am taking him to seminary, I have been known to come home and jump on the treadmill instead of back in bed.
I love yoli and think it has improved my life tremendously.
and I am grateful!
I have also been reminded how much I don't like mlm. and constantly feel tempted to just throw in the towel....The drinks are a little spendy...$3-4 a pop. and we have been living pretty tightly these last few months. If I was a better salesman, my business could support my new habit. but, I am not.
I have also seen what I consider shady sales tactics on some of their sites. I HATE that! and can't believe it works. I get very frustrated with that. and with bothering people, or worrying about offending someone by asking if they might be interested. It is just a business that doesn't work with my personality.
But everytime I think about quitting. I realize how much personally I have gained from feeding my body healthy stuff.
I am a big fan of feeding the body, rather than giving it supplements. and this really works with my ideas.
so, I keep at it.
for now.
and see what the future holds.
I guess yoli has come out with a sports drink as well.
similar to gatorade.
but better.
I haven't tried it yet, cause that isn't my concern.
I know they plan on coming out with other things to add to their blast cap.
We will see.
If you might be interested in extra energy
good energy.
a sense of well being.
and feeding your body.
check yoli out at
and let me know if you want to try a sample.
I will share.
btw....if you think some of their site is tacky too...remember I warned you. just overlook that and look for the good. it is there!

I guess I should give you a product list:
acai extract
goji berry
OxyPhyte white tea extract

It also contains: no preservatives, no pasturization, no sugar, artificial colors, fillers or caffeine
but does contain: live, active ingredients, high ORAC antioxidants, Low Glycemic Index, Stevia Reb-A,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

10 mile hike on the beach

A few weeks ago the Scouts did their 10 mile hike. They started at the church and hiked to our house. As you can see, Ocean Shores was very cooperative. The weather was beautiful. notice the new sidewalks in Ocean Shores along Chance.
On the beach they were pretty spread out.

Rest and posing.
Walking along Connor Creek. Almost done. Some of the boys were pretty tired by this point. One even called his mom to pick him up at about 5 miles...the joys of cells phones! When I was a scout we had to walk the whole way, or get left behind....oh wait, I was never a scout. ;) But, J did say when he was a scout if he would have held anyone up or given up they would have gotten a boot in the behind. a pointy cowboy boot at that! Times have sure changed! :)
On the dunes....even closer.....

Hmmm. I don't know why we didn't get a shot of them lounging on the couch. They made good time. I was amazed. and only minus one boy! Pretty good. I know there were alot of sore feet that day.
I was hoping the boys would post this, but they didn't so I don't have any personal experiences with this activity except I dropped our boys off at the church and saw them all come straggling in. Kaleb and Brandon even ran the driveway. Pretty impressive!

Beautiful evening at the beach!

Last Sunday we went to the beach. It was a beautiful day. We forgot it was a clam tide. This is out at Roosevelt beach, probably less busy than town...but still lots of clammers. Since we've moved here, we've only gone once. I know, silly....but we don't really eat clams. Elijah goes with friends now, and we use the clams for crab bait.....
Anyways, I love seeing the line. Here's a night vision. When it is busier, that is a sureal sight! While we were driving down the beach, in our new to us suburban :) glad to have a beach worthy vehicle again.... we came across this cool castle,and abandoned fire. So, we decided to stop and keep them company.This is the boys! They are growing up so fast...well, except for Elijah. ;) He's staying short! But soo cute!Kas tended the fire most of the evening.
some family shots. Kaleb looks a little emo here, so we did another .....a little better, but still not great......
yeah, this is more like it.....We were parked right under this cave. too much of a temptation for the boys. They were up there in no time.

And then came down and challenged us to go. I couldn't resist. I don't want the boys to think I'm a wimp. I will admit I was a little winded...but that wasn't my biggest problem.
I don't really like the heights, I stayed back in the cave a little...where I had to worry about a cave in. silly anxiety. makes me crazy! :)

J helped me down. I probably looked a bit like an old lady coming down...not wanting to look down, or fall. But it was worth it. Later we were walking down the beach and a friend drove by high fiving me. I think he saw me climbing...I kindof forgot we might have had an audience...maybe I should have tried to be less of a scaredy cat and old lady coming down!

We had a great time. Made a vow to get out to the beach and bonfire more this year. We rarely do it, and people travel for miles to have the opportunity. :)