Tuesday, March 2, 2010

brain block

I have had a lot on my mind lately. But, for some reason I have not been able to create a post. I have tried a few times, and given up and deleted. I am not sure why. Maybe too much stuff going on. Maybe not enough stuff.
Construction is very slow. I guess that is to be expected, but it is getting old. Maybe things are picking up a bit, we will see if it lasts. This last year we have done more things that were always on our 'never do' list.... like remodeling, rot repair, roofing (we've done a few, but usually turn down). Heck, I even cleaned a house yesterday...which before no one could pay me enough to do!
I don't mind the lean times, and having to be a little more creative with our budget. But, that's usually only fun for a few weeks or months.
Thankfully we have somewhat of a food storage, but in the last few months we have run out of a lot of things we usually ALWAYS have in great supply. (ok, so not exactly a years supply) It is very weird. I keep waiting for a paycheck that isn't already doled out so we can catch up again.
the funny things we are out of......
whole wheat, peanut butter, brown sugar (I buy it by the 25 lb), chocolate chips (I usually have quite a good stock pile of those...) do you see a theme here...I can't make chocolate chips cookies! heaven forbid! ;) and I have been making white bread, (bleh) but low on white flour as well.
Because I live in a small coastal town, groceries aren't cheap here. and we haven't really had enough grocery money to make a trip in to do some real shopping for awhile. well, we did...and got the essentials that we were out of then, like white flour, butter, tortillas..etc.
Thankfully we have had enough $$ to buy the convenient things and/or they have been on sale....like cheese, milk, produce...
But, one time a friend made a challenge on facebook after the Haiti quake, that instead of buying groceries that week, eating what was at home and donating the money you would have spent. Even though, I knew we had much more than the Haitian, and many others, I didn't do it. We were really low on essentials that week. But, we probably could have...and eaten beans and oatmeal for about 2 weeks.... oh yea, and eggs. we have plenty of those! but, I couldn't.... I love food too much!
Gratefully, I still feel very blessed. Our car (main transportation) broke down enough that it wasn't worth repairing. We were able to get into a suburban with no money up front, much help from loved ones, and a little divine intervention. I am soo happy to be in a tall 4x4 with lots of space for kids and gear. I am soo happy I can drive on the beach again without worrying about getting stuck. I am soo happy to be able to actually have a view again while driving! :) we are blessed!
Some friends also gave us a hottub. It is old....probably from the 80's. but with my mechanically minded dh, he had it up and running with minimal cost. It sits out on our back deck (off our bedroom), is small and cozy--just right for our family, and has already brought us great family time. We go out almost every night and enjoy the stars, rain, each others company. We are blessed.
Even though money is tight, we have been able to take care of the necessities. We've gotten into our stashes and been able to make ends meet.
Hopefully, we can go back to building reserves.
1. fill our pantries back up.....I am soo grateful for counsel to have a supply.
2. refill piggy banks, and change cups and savings accounts....those come in handy sometimes.
3. learn lessons from this experience, so this doesn't happen again.
We are determined more than ever to set more money aside for a rainy day. Hopefully construction will pick up and we will make a few extra $$.

I am grateful for this time, but especially that J and I are on the same page and dealing with this together. Actually this has to be a family effort, and for the most part, everyone is working on helping out.
I know that many are struggling right now.
It seems there are more suicides lately.
and lots of big disasters.
Times are HARD.
But, at the same time there are many miracles.
Tender Mercies.
Love shown.
Opportunites for learning...stretching.
Opportunities to find other talents, and look outside the box.


FreeFamWorld said...

Isn't it wonderful to see the blessings that come when we don't have all we think we need or want...I think sometimes it's easier to notice them when we're struggling a bit. And that we don't notice them as much when we have all we need or want, even though they're there because we wouldn't have those things without blessings coming in different places.
Keep looking up! ♥

Jaycie said...

These are my favorite kinds of posts. just everyday worries, but seeing the bright side!