Monday, April 26, 2010

Vancouver BC temple trip

So, we were able to take a quick trip up to Canada to attend the Vancouver BC temple, in Langley. British Columbia is where J served his mission. He has fond memories of the area, and the BC temple is now in my parents temple district. It's a beautiful, fairly quick drive from their place....except for the border crossing. Going into Canada was fairly quick. And, amazingly we were there in no time. Isn't it beautiful. It is a small temple, but still something like 20,000 sq feet. ;) There is also a brand new chapel beside it...with a stake center (or much larger chapel) just down the road. Pretty interesting.

For the tour, we went into the new chapel and waited. We really only had to wait a few minutes...barely long enough for a 'washroom' break, and then it was our turn. I think they had tours going out ever 3-4 minutes, and they were taking about 25 people through each group. They then take us in a classroom and show a video about temples and the history of the church in that area.

Then we get the grand tour. they had the sidewalks over to the temple covered..which was very nice. There were volunteers at the entrance giving us booties and even assisting in putting them on. They are used to keep the carpets clean. I saw a girl all growd up that I knew when we lived there. That was awesome. There ended up being quite a few friends working that day that I had the chance to see.

While we were walking over to the temple a guy started a conversation with Kaleb...asking where he was from and such...He then mentioned that he and another guy there had served their missions in the area. I told them J had also...and after a bit of talking they all realized they were in the mission together...just at different locations. So, of the thousands of people attending the open house...3 missionaries serving at the same time....some 17 years ago...were in our small group of 25. it was crazy! and awesome.
I can't seem to be able to post a link...but if you go to
go to the newsroom
go down to the article on the Vancouver BC Temple open house
there are pictures of the inside of the temple.
It is very beautiful.
they used local artists, with artwork depicting the area. and featured the area flower in the decor. It was very beautiful. Jessie said that when Jonathan went through he noticed how you could not see any nails or nail holes..that were covered. He's done a little he had a keen eye for the minute details. Anyways, as all temple are, it was gorgeous...
After the tour, we were invited back to the cultural hall in the church for cookies. I can't imagine how many cookies they had to purchase for the open house. They appeared to be costco cookies.
I heard that just last saturday there were 6 thousand visitors...and this open house went on for 2 weeks. that's alot of cookies! :) they also served lemon water and cucumber water, which I had never tried before. It was good. I saw some other friends working there. ;) (I love my Bellingham people!)
It was a wonderful experience. I am soo glad we were able to go, and bring the kids. As is the custom for Temples, Only active, worthy adults may enter the temple after it's dedication. Youth 12 and older are able to go, only to the baptismal area, to perform baptisms for the dead. So, this was a great opportunity for our kids to see the inside of the temple.

The entrance. I am sorry my photos aren't very good. It was raining...or had been...I didn't put alot of effort into them...just got the necessary ones done. ;)

family shot.

Everyone walking back to the car.

Jessie taking photos also.

We saw this cool bridge near the temple site. I forced J to take us over it just so we could get a better view.

the golden eagle is represented

isn't it cool?

We wanted to stop and get souveniers, but I couldn't find anything we didn't even stop anywhere else.

When we got back to the border crossing, it was quite a bit longer. .8 miles to be exact...thanks to our GPS! the kids in the back...and Lilah...she doesn't stay home yet...

we're getting closer....our frustrated driver.....

Jessie, Mom and Amber came along for the ride. It was going to be a short visit...They'd been earlier in the week at different times, so could tell us how their tours were different. Amber looks a little grumpy. I don't think she was...just didn't realize I was taking a shot I guess. the kids messing around in the back. I love having the suburban, and being able to carry a car load of people. :)

getting even closer....time to get out all our documents...3 birth certificates, 4 enhanced licenses, 1 passport, and one rabies paper! there were 4 or 5 booths open, so they were moving along pretty good, but it still probably took us 45 minutes to get through that .8 miles of vehicles.

The rest of our trip was just as quick. I forgot to mention, we only got to Bellingham late, friday evening....and had to leave Saturday afternoon. It was a very busy, beautiful, hectic, weekend.
Now I am excited for J and I to be able to do a session up there. :) Hopefully this summer sometime, while the kids are up there for Karate.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

field trip

Today I was able to go on a field trip with 'the girls' ..... and a few others.....
Here's my favorite 'girl'. isn't she a cutie!Of course we were at the back of the bus!
I couldn't fit all of the back seaters in.....
We went to look at the shore birds at the bay. There is a nice board walk, nature trail at the Shorebird National Wildlife Refuge.We saw mud instead.....low tide...the birds were with the water... We had an awesome guide, with a great scope...and did see a few bald eagles.
and, of course I got some poses!
Can you tell they all agreed on a look today?
braids sunglasses. jean capris.

they had to look cool for the birds...of course!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

there's something about bikes!

So, the other day J, a friend and I went on a bike ride. We had to go to Olympia for some errands, and our friend tagged along with us. It was a beautiful day for a ride and we had a great time. We also had a very interesting experience.
While we were there I had to run to the beauty supply for a few minutes. I walked in with my riding gear on, while the guys stayed on their bikes right outside the door. As soon as I walked in, 2 girls from the back came up to see if I needed help or anything. One walked up to the door and just watched the guys for a bit and said she wanted to take her 15 min break and take a ride. I laughed and told her she should. She was soo funny, arguing with herself how she didn't even know the guys and maybe they would kill her, but she really wanted too. I took her my coat, and told her they were my husband and they would love to give her a ride. I also told her if she went for a ride, I could shop longer....So, she goes out and asks. And then also asks if they will kill her if she takes a ride. It was soo funny. watching the internal struggle. and knowing she was totally safe.
J was like..'oh yeah...totally....ride with him! ' Our friend has a nice harley...a little easier to get on and off, but I also think J felt a little uncomfortable taking a girl on a ride with me right there. While she was gearing up, she was still a little apprehensive about riding with a stranger, so I told her they were firemen, thus safe! It was funny.
The other funny part about this story was the other girl working. While I was shopping she said, 'I need to see this, don't steal anything.' and then walks out to watch! I laughed soo hard. especially at the fact that her friend had my coat and helmet. I couldn't actually steal anything. It was cute.
I think bikers always like admirers. ;) fellow free spiriters!
maybe I should have tried for a discount!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I haven't blogged about it yet...and will, but the Freeman's came for spring break. Kas and Melissa are great friends, but something happened where Melissa felt the need to sock Kas in the eye! look at that form!!! (btw..this photo is deceiving, because I am certain Melissa is at least an inch taller than Kas) anyway...she got her square in the eye......and created this.......
this is a lousy shot...too bright...cause it was a decent black eye! As you can see...Kas wasn't mad at Missa. Good thing, cause they were only about half way through their visit.... I am just kidding... the real culprit of the black Lilah. She was sitting by Kas, swung her nose and smacked Kas in the eye. It was crazy. But gave her a killer black eye.

Look how innocent she looks! Then next day she jumped up on Kas, and got her again...on the other eye. She left a tiny mark, that fortunately didn't turn into another black eye. But, Kas's eye was discolored for at least a week. crazy!
I did think it was about time we officially introduced you to Lilah our newest family member. We have been talking about getting a dog for awhile. But, with Delilah (bunny) and all our chicks and Teaka..we weren't too gung ho.

But, one day we were driving by PAWS...the local animal shelter...and noticed the animals outside. We decided to stop in and take a look. BIG MISTAKE. we are suckers. and wanted to take most of them home with us. Of course, I looked at the beautiful husky type dogs. But, we have house dogs, and big, hairy huskies really wouldn't work. J and Kas went straight to Lilah and fell in love instantly. She jumped up and was friendly, but not barking a lot, and not freaking out. We talked about it, got information, said we needed to think about it, and left. We drove a few blocks talking about pros and cons, turned around and gave the man $95 and took her home. CRAZY!!!
first off.....we don't pay for dogs. But, we felt like paying the shelter was more like offering a donation. ;)
we weren't 100% sure we were ready for another dog.....
She's a fixed :) female, which is what we want, but Teaka, our old, fat dog...doesn't like anyone else to reign on her parade.
The shelter offers a 90 day figured what the heck.
We both strongly feel that every kid should have a dog. ALL of our kids love animals, and she did seem like a good dog. anyways.
her name was LILAH-- how sweet is that? amazingly she is about the same age as DELILAH...coincidence???? meant to be???
she's pretty well trained. a little hyper, but just a sweet, smart dog. She hardly sheds. :)
The kids LOVELOVELOVE her. Teaka tolerats her.

We have a lot of land for her to run. She takes turns sleeping with everyone. no one appreciates the 5 am wake up call to let her out...but at least she doesn't leave us treasures in the house! :)

and so far, things have been okay with the chickens, though she is VERY preoccupied with the bunny. We aren't quite sure what she wants with the bunny. intrigue, or lunch????
Anyways, we feel like we scored!

So, here's the public service announcement part.....
if you are thinking of getting a dog....
go to the local animal shelter.
but, only if you are serious.
they are all begging...take me, take me, take me.
some of them don't say anything, but just stare...pppplllleeeeaaaseee...
As you can tell, she is loads of entertainment, has lots of love, gives me an excuse to get out and walk, and is a great new addition to our family.

Monday, April 12, 2010

an embarrassing moment

A few weeks ago we were sitting in church during a testimony meeting. We were listening to an emotional testimony when Jeremy nudged me. I looked over at him and he motioned for me to look the other our son. I won't name names to preserve embarrassment...but one had been rooting through my purse looking for gum. He found this and thought he'd scored! Unbenownst to him, I'd realized I'd found a perfect carrier for something besides gum. My son...the unnamed one...had it open, up about chest level on the back pew.... not very discreet...with the most confused look on his face! I grabbed it, and slammed it back into my purse....and tried my dangdest and failing miserably to keep a straight face. I could not stop laughing. I would not look at my unnamed son....or J...for fear of totally losing it. I guess that will teach him for trying to steal gum from me! I guess it should teach me also...for not using a gum container for something else. but it probably won't. It just works too perfectly! at least half of my family knows to stay away from it should be good!