Sunday, April 18, 2010

I haven't blogged about it yet...and will, but the Freeman's came for spring break. Kas and Melissa are great friends, but something happened where Melissa felt the need to sock Kas in the eye! look at that form!!! (btw..this photo is deceiving, because I am certain Melissa is at least an inch taller than Kas) anyway...she got her square in the eye......and created this.......
this is a lousy shot...too bright...cause it was a decent black eye! As you can see...Kas wasn't mad at Missa. Good thing, cause they were only about half way through their visit.... I am just kidding... the real culprit of the black Lilah. She was sitting by Kas, swung her nose and smacked Kas in the eye. It was crazy. But gave her a killer black eye.

Look how innocent she looks! Then next day she jumped up on Kas, and got her again...on the other eye. She left a tiny mark, that fortunately didn't turn into another black eye. But, Kas's eye was discolored for at least a week. crazy!
I did think it was about time we officially introduced you to Lilah our newest family member. We have been talking about getting a dog for awhile. But, with Delilah (bunny) and all our chicks and Teaka..we weren't too gung ho.

But, one day we were driving by PAWS...the local animal shelter...and noticed the animals outside. We decided to stop in and take a look. BIG MISTAKE. we are suckers. and wanted to take most of them home with us. Of course, I looked at the beautiful husky type dogs. But, we have house dogs, and big, hairy huskies really wouldn't work. J and Kas went straight to Lilah and fell in love instantly. She jumped up and was friendly, but not barking a lot, and not freaking out. We talked about it, got information, said we needed to think about it, and left. We drove a few blocks talking about pros and cons, turned around and gave the man $95 and took her home. CRAZY!!!
first off.....we don't pay for dogs. But, we felt like paying the shelter was more like offering a donation. ;)
we weren't 100% sure we were ready for another dog.....
She's a fixed :) female, which is what we want, but Teaka, our old, fat dog...doesn't like anyone else to reign on her parade.
The shelter offers a 90 day figured what the heck.
We both strongly feel that every kid should have a dog. ALL of our kids love animals, and she did seem like a good dog. anyways.
her name was LILAH-- how sweet is that? amazingly she is about the same age as DELILAH...coincidence???? meant to be???
she's pretty well trained. a little hyper, but just a sweet, smart dog. She hardly sheds. :)
The kids LOVELOVELOVE her. Teaka tolerats her.

We have a lot of land for her to run. She takes turns sleeping with everyone. no one appreciates the 5 am wake up call to let her out...but at least she doesn't leave us treasures in the house! :)

and so far, things have been okay with the chickens, though she is VERY preoccupied with the bunny. We aren't quite sure what she wants with the bunny. intrigue, or lunch????
Anyways, we feel like we scored!

So, here's the public service announcement part.....
if you are thinking of getting a dog....
go to the local animal shelter.
but, only if you are serious.
they are all begging...take me, take me, take me.
some of them don't say anything, but just stare...pppplllleeeeaaaseee...
As you can tell, she is loads of entertainment, has lots of love, gives me an excuse to get out and walk, and is a great new addition to our family.


Maryhelen said...

Melissa was mortified and then a little proud to take the blame for such a great shiner. Liz came home with a good one from the State FFA convention...she and Kas would have been twins!
Glad Lilah is still doing great. What a sweetie!

Verlee said...

did Melissa forget that those poses were planned for this very thing? ;)