Tuesday, April 20, 2010

there's something about bikes!

So, the other day J, a friend and I went on a bike ride. We had to go to Olympia for some errands, and our friend tagged along with us. It was a beautiful day for a ride and we had a great time. We also had a very interesting experience.
While we were there I had to run to the beauty supply for a few minutes. I walked in with my riding gear on, while the guys stayed on their bikes right outside the door. As soon as I walked in, 2 girls from the back came up to see if I needed help or anything. One walked up to the door and just watched the guys for a bit and said she wanted to take her 15 min break and take a ride. I laughed and told her she should. She was soo funny, arguing with herself how she didn't even know the guys and maybe they would kill her, but she really wanted too. I took her my coat, and told her they were my husband and friend...safe...and they would love to give her a ride. I also told her if she went for a ride, I could shop longer....So, she goes out and asks. And then also asks if they will kill her if she takes a ride. It was soo funny. watching the internal struggle. and knowing she was totally safe.
J was like..'oh yeah...totally....ride with him! ' Our friend has a nice harley...a little easier to get on and off, but I also think J felt a little uncomfortable taking a girl on a ride with me right there. While she was gearing up, she was still a little apprehensive about riding with a stranger, so I told her they were firemen, thus safe! It was funny.
The other funny part about this story was the other girl working. While I was shopping she said, 'I need to see this, don't steal anything.' and then walks out to watch! I laughed soo hard. especially at the fact that her friend had my coat and helmet. I couldn't actually steal anything. It was cute.
I think bikers always like admirers. ;) fellow free spiriters!
maybe I should have tried for a discount!

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