Thursday, August 14, 2008

Utah Trip photos

the day before we left for Utah, J and Kas left on their daddy/daughter trip. They were meeting up with another friend and his daughter. I will post more on that later. But, they did have a great time! Even though the purpose of the trip was a funeral, we still had some great times. I love my family and appreciate every opportunity to spend time with them.
The boys spent an awful lot of time in Carrie and Glenn's theater. It is cleaverly called the Glenneplex! cute, eh...there are lots of great features of the theater, but I just posted a few. they have a small fridge with an endless supply of soda and kid asked where the pop machine was, so I won't be surprised if they have one next time we, that actually could be a disaster. Carrie found an old fashioned popcorn machine, for behind the bar. Red carpet, curtains, pillows, go with black recliners, and the drk khaki walls.

Carrie and Lori have a vinyl business, and have used it well, to decorate. Their other wall has action heroes, but I mostly posted the Star Wars wall for the Moyer clan!
Carrie (I think) told me that one day a lady turned to her and made this expression..that Kaleb is modeling for us....WOW! it took her by surprise and cracked her up at the same time. Kaleb adopted the it!
Jyj got a little more time with Glenn and the fact Glenn passed down his old guitar to Jyj after restringing it and all..isn't that awesome. I am VERY grateful. I love that Jyj is picking it up. He's already learned a few Green Day songs, and Plain White T' it!
A few months ago, Kristy's tombstone was placed, so we took the opportunity to go see it. It was our girl's day....It was awesome, we met Ann and the boys down there, and just sat around her stone and relaxed. It was so nice. The boys played. It broke my heart that they are going to become very familiar with hanging out at a cemetary. We looked at other gadgets from other gravesites, and then B started climbing on some of the tombstones...I asked him if he would climb on his mom's, and he looked at it, looked at me like I was crazy, and said..."I can't," I thought, good he get's it...and then he said, "there's flowers on it!" oh well. I hoped we wouldn't be haunted for the boys playing! ;).

See Carrie, Olivia, hiding behind the flower, Lori and Amber.

This is a poem Kristy wrote. I wonder if it was a song, but can't remember.
Our trip there and back were long. Both times we drove straight through...which meant about 16-18 hours on the road. On the way home Elijah entertained us with his practice. I read a good book, and crocheted. they had games, and music, it wasn't too bad.
some parts were a little boring.
One interesting thing, we saw a guy walking with a dog...he came into a reststop the same time we did. He had a backpack, and dreds, and looked pretty dirty and road weary. He had a milk jug, that he filled at the water spout. We still had half frozen water bottles in our cooler, I wanted to give him one, because it was very hot, but you know...I have already admitted my shyness, that gets in the way too much, so...I made my kids do it! HA I love it! They are handy to have around. What amazes me, is my quiet Kaleb had no problem at all approaching a stranger. good for me! ;).

J and Kas arrived home about 1/2 hour before we did. It was great seeing them and that they had a great time. I am so greatful for the opportunities we all had to take these trips. We are blessed.


Wendy said...

We sure missed seeing you but enjoyed visiting with Kas and Jeremy. What a surprise!

lydia moyer said...

STAR WARS!!! right on! i love being able to see you guys!