Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jeremy and Kas trip

I was getting ready to blog Kas and J's trip and decided maybe Kas would want to do it...since she knows more what's going on...I am just afraid she will hog it from now on out...I imagine she is going to get hooked on it! Let's see how she does:

so this is when we started out!!! we are at our house and my dad is helping me with my helmet!!!

we are driving out!!
isn't my dad crazy???he is driving while taking a picture!!!!!but there is an awsome sunset behind us.
this is at paytons house in kennewick we are getting ready to go! this is at one of the camp sites and when we got there it poured down tablespoons of rain!!! at night there was a thunder and lightning storm!!!!!!(we are like RAIN???!!!)
guess what, we were walking to the lake and then the park and on the way to the park a buck LICKED my finger!!!!!!!!we are at wallowa lake.
GET TO SHELTER ITS RAINING(again!!!!!)we found little shelters!!!
thats herman!!! the chipmunk!!!
this is hell's canyon.....very short bench!!

we ate lunch there. i ate chicken strips. ICE CREAM ALLEY.....YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!this is in mccall. we love going here!!

cookie dough yummmmmmmmm!!!!!!!and HUGE!!!!
me making the fire.
looks like we're indian dancers!!!
on the way to stanley.
an old mine.

this is where my dad stayed when he fought wild fires! this is elk creek.this is our camp site at craters of the moon.
me pumping water!
my dad is touching ice .this is at a cave at craters of the moon.

we have to climb out of this hole to get out of the cave. unless you back track!!

im petting our new maskot:cocoa my bear we bought on the way(it makes a baby bear noise!!)
we didn't tell grandma jello and grandpa pudding we were coming to see them. They weren't home, (actually camping in McCall). my dad broke in and when we were hiding the motorcycle in the back, I accidently left the front door open. So when they drove in the driveway they thought someone broke in and the door had been open for two days while they were gone! Grandpa went inside, and we snuck up on Grandma on the front porch. She freaked out! and Grandpa came running! He thought she'd fallen down the stairs! So we freaked him out too. It was funny! They told us it was Megan's 3rd birthday party that same night. Perfect timing!
We went to the party and then came back and spent the night with Grandpa and Grandma. me and meagan on her new"birthday tricicle"!!
meagan on the motorcycle!

My mom was coming to grandma's house from Utah. And I had the choice to either go with her or stay with dad. and I decided my trip wasn't over yet, so I went with dad. It was very, very hot! It was a long drive, but it was worth it in the end. It was an awesome trip, and everyone asks me I will just tell you the answer.........................I'd do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GO DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Verlee said...

After reading the end of that ride report I am walking on air.


Steve said...

What a GREAT trip report! Thanks for sharing it with us.

LeaAnne said...

What a great time! I think it is a great Idea for you to let her write! :) I almost wish I was doing it too! :) I Love the G&G story!! There must be something about those names!

batch5 said...

Kas did a great job! And how cute is she?! I knew Cameron had good taste even almost 10 years ago!!

Verlee said...

did anyone notice that i was wearing a daddys girl shirt about the whole time!