Wednesday, November 6, 2013

night visitor

Oh my gosh.  We had the craziest morning yesterday!  This last week I have been having a bit more anxiety than normal.  One early morning I thought I heard someone go out the side door.  I made Jeremy get up and check.  Another night, neither Jeremy or Kaleb would answer my text messages, for about three to four hours...even until 1-2 am.  I finally called Jeremy at work, woke him up and asked him to DROID Kaleb, who of course was safe.... at Jennie's..... watching a movie.   But, Jeremy didn't get much sleep the rest of that night, and felt horrible the next day at work.  I felt like I was getting a little out of control.  So, early yesterday morning, I woke to a sound of scampering....  I assumed it was out on our deck, but I was pretty certain the window was closed...and there is no way I would have been able to hear anything so loudly.  I have been known to suddenly wake to loud sounds that really don't exist.  I normally would have woken up Jeremy, but after the week we'd had I decided to just deal with it and go to sleep.  I was pretty sure we were safe.  So, I hunkered down and tried to fall back asleep.  About 5 minutes later, Jeremy suddenly jumps up and yells....something just ran over my back!!!  He rationalized that it was probably a moth or something...but I knew better...the rustling I heard on the deck quickly became rustling of our blanket...and I realized something had run across the bed earlier.  eek.  I told Jeremy I was almost positive it wasn't a moth.....We turned on the light...reassured ourselves that there was not still a mouse on our bed, and then I decided to use the restroom--it was about that time....
I go to the toilet room, sit down...and all of a sudden I see a big mouse run from behind the toilet seat  and under the door.  I screamed...of course!! Jeremy jumped up, grabbed a flip flop and started tracking the thing.  I am sure we were quite a sight!  We finally had him what to do?  Jeremy had my make noise so that he wouldn't get away, and guard the room...while he ran out into the shop to find mousetraps....which he couldn't find, since we have about 10 cats...who, incidentally, should have kept the mice out of our house.  Jeremy and I traded places. because I thought I knew where some were...I didn't...but, I did find a rat I brought that in.  we set it right underneath the hole where the mouse was hiding, and went back to bed.  This whole ordeal took about an hour of precious sleep.  ugh!!! After seminary I got sticky traps from Ace, and set a few up when I got home.  I was determined to get that mouse out of our room, and then house for that matter.  This has been the first mouse we have had in the house since we moved in...about 2 years ago.  pretty frustrating, since, like I mentioned earlier, we have an over abundance of cats.  I don't really like cats, but have appreciated their work in keeping the mice out...until now!!!!  ugh.
We survived the night.  Got the mouse out of the house...except I did have to wait for the kids to come home to take it out for me.  I just can't handle mice.  And hopefully we will be a little more careful, and not get more.  ugh!!!

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