Sunday, November 3, 2013

Well, since my last post before today was Feb 2012, I have a lot of catching up to do.  I decided I really needed to write a little more today....since I have a lot of catching up to do.  I read from my last post that we were on our way to Idaho, and the boys were on the way to State.  I remember it being a difficult choice to leave the boys on this great occasion, to support Jeremy...but then when all was said and done, I knew I had made the right choice.  Jeremy had planned to take his bike to Idaho, because I would have needed the car to go to State, and he likes any excuse to ride.  But, we surprisingly had bad weather...which could have been very dangerous for him on the bike.  And, even though we all knew Jeremy would do great on his test, he still felt pretty stressed about it.  He did pass, and transitioned easily into his Medic career.  Thankfully, the fd made it work.  We felt very blessed through that whole ordeal.  We even learned later of many blessings that were happening that we were not even aware of.  It was crazy.  And we felt very humbled.  
The boys had their State Experience.  They didn't place, but they did great, and had great fun.  We were real proud of them.  

Before Kaleb turned 16, he never let on that he was interested in girls at all.  But, as soon as he could date, he pretty much constantly had a girlfriend.  He usually only kept them for a few weeks, or months, until Jennie came along.  He asked Genevieve Swanson (a Sophomore) out for Prom, but even before the dance, they were pretty steady, and are still going strong.  

About the time school got out that year, Elijah brought a friend over to hang out.  This friend turned out to be Savannah Lee.  He had asked if he could take her to Prom, because she was feeling bad that she didn't have a date, but since he wasn't 16 yet, it wasn't an option.  He kept saying they were just friends, so it would be cool....but they became pretty inseparable after that first day she came over to 'hang out'....and they are still pretty inseparable.  

It has been awesome and a little scary watching their relationships blossom.  We feel very blessed that they are great young women, who've easily fit into our lives.  

Ok.  I am off for now.  But, hopefully I will add more sooner than later.  

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