Tuesday, July 15, 2008

After everyone arrived, we had projects for the kids, played...4 wheelers, dirt bikes, the big bouncy, etc..and ate...we Simpsons are famous for eating good. I even tried to plan easy meals, and it was still ridiculous! but yummy! we changed things up a bit though...because I got tired of cooking or cleaning.

Anyways, the weather was pretty good for our neck of the beach. Showers occasionally, not warm, but also not cold... but on the 4th, at the beach it was windy. we had wind whipping the sand up. so, there was usually smoke or sand in the eyes. We were such a beauty of a bunch. Thank goodness for hoodies!
Jessie and Jonathan

Glenn and Carrie
Tanner Olivia

You might be a redneck, if you use a bungee chord for a hair tie! I think she later switched to a piece of caution tape!
How do you like Kaleb's getup! he's the cutest of all.
Later he switched to these to protect his eyes!
Tonight was supposed to be the dutch oven pizza night. We weren't in the mood...seemed like a lot of work, so thank goodness for food storage, we threw together a few stews...regular, and a man stew with kilbalsa ( I know I probably spelled that wrong). and chicken chili. We had three different kinds of rolls, and two desserts. It was awesome. Everything I tried was delicious.
Olivia used pillsbury biscuits, with butter, italian seasoning and johnny's garlic...and made pullaparts. I did homemade rolls with similar, and judd brought rhodes with olive oil.
These look like the stews...I forgot Jessie made something vegetarian..I think stew.
It is tradition for some of our family to make 4th of July shirts every year. It is funny cause some years mom's help a lot, and other years the kids do it all...I think a mom helped with this one. I think it is Kaden's.

Here are the kids posing with their shirts. sorry, I don't have a close up. They are very cute though.
Judd got quite a few fireworks from the Queets res. We were disappointed he didn't wait until dark....but this is a good shot. I did not get many fireworks photos.
We had to make a caution line for the kids...so they wouldn't get too close to the fireworks going off. I didn't get a photo of Jake though. He grabbed long handled pliers, pulled a burning log out of the fire and used that to light most of the fireworks. You might be a redneck......it must be in my blood. I even offered him a lighter, but he turned it down. I think he used it all night.

More hoodie photos. Jessie and Rylee and Penny.

Kaleb spent a lot of time with Matthew. Shayne is the bald guy.
midnight snack...after moms and dads went to bed, they came in looking for something to eat. I thought it was cute they shared a bowl of cheerios.
I wanted to take a photo of Kaden. He is growing up so fast...but he got super silly and started dancing around for the camera and making poses. I have a dozen photos of him, but you get this one. The funny about it is he used to be quiet and would hardly give anyone the time of day. He is quite a character. Kale is in the background with mom.
Ted brought music...I loved listening to the guys sit around and play...and that Elijah was so interested. I think guitar is his new passion...which makes me happy. Judd came in a little later and played Father and Son for me...one of my favorites.

We had such a great time. I was sad to see everyone leave....but have been 'on vacation' for so long that it was also good to get back to life. My whole immediate family was there...which is a bit of a miracle. My only regret is no big family photo. We planned it, but never had everyone around at the same time. By the time everyone was here, Jeremy was out patrolling the beaches and playing firefighter. But, I know we have tons of photos...and hopefully with everyones...everyone will be represented. There is nothing like good family, and I have been immensely blessed. It was awesome to be surrounded by so many for these last weeks. It will have to last me for awhile...I am back here with just Kas and J...the boys are up north...and don't know when the next trip is planned....yes, I do...Hawaii in FEB! Yipee!

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Aww, this makes me miss everyone! I'm glad you guys had such a great time and were able to get together. :-) love love love