Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Our trip home from Idaho was long....It took us about 13 hours...In the motorhome we drive a little slower than usual, we took the scenic route, and our stops seemed to take longer than usual. Even Konu was eager to get out! Kaleb was soo funny...when we were 4-5 miles from home...Kaleb threw out a woowoo for home...and then we went about crazy. It was awesome.

Carrie came home with me. The Ed/Clea Simpson reunion was going to be at my house thursday thru sunday. Some of my siblings were going to come a few days early for an extra campout...that turned into a day trip....but, anyways, Carrie was having problems with her starter...she couldn't get her truck started...so, Jeremy used his ingenuity to use the 4 wheeler to move it over to the driveway slab. He and Jake ended up tinkering with it and getting it going...yeah!
So....we wanted to camp at Kalaloch..but by the time we traveled, and with weather questionable, we decided to do the day trip instead, which worked out great. First, we did the little Quinault hike....through the rainforest...(it's all a rainforest)
J, Kaleb, Bubba, Elijah, Cole, Levi, Elise, Judd, Ellie, Amber, Emily, Rylee, Bea, Brooke, Maddy and Kas...the dogs are Alie and Sitka
Bea and Ellie posing...aren't they beautiful. The amazing thing, is Bea is a week older than Ellie.
Clovers everywhere! Love them.

Here's another poser...Jyj

Kas and Maddy got ahead of everyone and took a wrong turn and got lost. Fortunately some other hikers helped them, and we found them quickly...We felt very blessed they were found quickly and helped along by good samaritans. They were pretty shaken up about it all.

This is the beach at Kalaloch. We built sandcastles, ate lunch and jumped driftwood...It is like this all up and down the beach...which is amazing to us...there is no driftwood in the summer in Ocean Shores...everyone uses it for firewood.

These trees are in the campground at Kalaloch. I love it here...did I already say that? There is a little forest there that totally feels like a fairy land. A few years ago Elise found it, and named it the Wildering Wood..I thought she was so clever...making up a name like that...well, this time I found out she heard it on a Barbie movie...oh well, it still seems magical!This rock is at Ruby Beach...another favorite place. We live in such a beautiful part of the country! I was so happy to be there with my family!

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