Sunday, July 27, 2008

BMW, Family and Dance Festival

We went up to Tacoma on Thursday to get J's bike...the Dakar...Someone hit and dragged it while we were in Utah...So, he has been going through withdrawls for weeks. He was also very sweet and set me up with nice riding gear...with padding and armour, so I can be safe while riding. I did not know this previously, but BMW riders have a tendency to be 'safe' riders. They usually won't ride without a helmet, and think it is crazy to ride without riding coat and pants, even in the heat. because 'skin' is very expensive to replace...fine with me! I don't have a photo yet...but will post one soon. We figure the boys can use my gear when they ride as will be small on Jyj but will work.
After the BMW shop, we went to Palizzi's. Ann was able to come home...she has been in Utah with the boys since Kristy's death, but was finally granted a month long vacation. Mom has been there this week helping out. so, J rode home that evening, since he had to work friday, and I stayed to visit for a few days. We had so much fun with the boys. Brandon had to take a bike ride with J, Carter wanted to, but hated the helmet and wouldn't ride....which was fine. I am amazed at Ann....her strength...the stability and love she has for those boys. If anyone can help them have a good, normal life, her and Al can do it. I just hope and pray the courts will give them the opportunity.
Ann and I spent many hours talking, about the why's and what if's and blessings that come through tragedy. She has been very blessed through this ordeal. It is such a testament of God's love, and the plan in EVERYTHING. She knows she has been prepared her whole life for this time...but why did it have to happen? Why did Kristy have to die in such a horrible way? How can someone who loved you do something so horrible. Hopefully someday we will see the purpose in it all. I do know Kristy is in a good place, I trust it was her time to go. She was, and is, very beautiful. There is till much that has to happen. Dave's trial has been delayed 2 months again. Seems like par for the course.....just so long as he is in prison, I guess it doesn't matter soo much.

So friday night, we went to the Regional Youth Dance Festival. It was at the Tacoma Dome. It was great. The kids did such a great job, the costumes were beautiful, the youth were beautiful. I just loved it, and the feeling there! I decided I would bring the boys for the saturday showing. Jessie and Jonathan were coming down Saturday to bring them to me....yipee! and visit. I wanted the boys to see all the LDS youth. I heard there were 2100 participants. we live in such a small branch with a small youth program. I know sometimes Kaleb feels a bit alone in his standards. But most of those youth were also trying to live well. and then there had to be many more who chose not to participate, like Kaleb. I love the Gospel, I love the programs we have, the support, the teachings that give us the right direction. I love that we have the help we need to get through any trial. I love that families are forever, and the atonement will make everything right eventually. I know this is true. Today in Sunday School, we talked about Anti Christs.....I am so GRATEFUL that I KNOW Christ lives, and that I know he atoned for our sins, that we can be forgiven and made whole through pain, I know we will all live again and that our time here is fleeting, and for just a moment. I am grateful I know what is really important in this life. I don't have to be wealthy, or have the most fashionable clothes, and that even if we are a little redneck, we are acceptable to the One who matters the most.

well, I think that is plenty of rambling for now.


Wendy said...

We miss you guys so much. Megan always talks about going to Grandma Jello's and seeing the kids. She had so much fun when you were here.

they call me mommy said...

I've been thinking about Kristy so much lately because the fourth Twilight book is coming out this week. Kinda silly maybe, I know, but I just miss that I can't talk to her about things we would have talked about. It's hard not to be angry and question the Why of it all. I know she's in a good place, it feels so selfish to miss her, but I do. Give all your family a hug from me.