Monday, October 20, 2008


I was able to attend Time Out for Women in Portland last weekend. I went with my Time Out buddy, Jeri.....and met up with one of my favorite missionary companions, Stef and her cousin Karen. I haven't seen Stef since before I was married, so that was an awesome reunion. It was great meeting her family that I only knew through pictures. ...I just tried to find a good photo of us in the mission to scan, but I will have to look harder. Here we were waiting in line. Jeri is a good friend to bring along. She is an early riser, so got there very early. She was about 12th in one of the lines. so we were able to get up pretty close. Our problem is none of us are super aggressive, so we didn't get the best seats but still good.
We got these cool bags when we arrived. One of the reasons I go is always for MEE aka, Mary Ellen Edmonds. Stephanie, Karen and I all served in the MTC while she was the MTC RS Pres. so, we all had fond memories of her. She is awesome. She was the last speaker and had us all laughing so hard. I think we all could have heard much more from her. Notice how her sweater matches the color scheme for the event....remember the bags?....I wondered if she bought the sweater for this years tour, or if the sweater was where the idea came from..hehe. I was going to ask, but didn't get a chance.
Kenneth Cope was the main musical guest. He is my favorite LDS performer. The lyrics to his songs are awesome. I love his outlook on life, and his love for the Savior.
I did not take very many photos this year, because they don't show up that well, but we also had the pleasure of hearing from Emily Watts, Camille Fronk Olson, Cherie Call and Elia Gourgouris. They were all wonderful, with messages I felt I needed. It seemed they reinforced the things I have already been working on.

I've heard Cherie Call before cause I had friends who really liked her, but seeing her live gave me an appreciation for her music I didn't have before.

I love Time Out for Women and am so grateful that I am able to attend with women I admire. Some of my regular peeps weren't able to make it with us.....and there are some I still am hoping to go with all my am making plans for next year. But this is always a highlight of the year for me. I feel blessed.

On our trip home we stopped at a rest stop to make some sandwiches, and a young adult came up to us telling us some story about his car breaking down and running out of money before he got home....I felt like it was an opportunity for us to carry on some of the love we were feeling all day...well the last few days, so we gave him some of our food and a small portion of what he needed. I wondered a bit if he was legit, and then really didn't care, because it felt good to share. Alot of the message we received, was on being a peacemaker, not judging others and ourselves, and feeling the love of our Heavenly Father and passing it on. It was all good.


The Freemans said...

Another great TOFW! So glad you got to go!

Dan and Lacy King said...

That is awesome you still stay in contact and even see one of your missionary companions! That is neat you got to take that time and do that!

Anonymous said...

It seems weird to see these pics without Mhef in them. It looks like you had a good time.


Verlee said...

it was very weird not seeing Maryhelen in these pictures. I think I have only gone to two Time Outs without her...and she has probably about the same without me. not too often. we are already planning for next year!