Saturday, October 25, 2008

new one

So, here's a new Mormon stereotype. The other day Kaleb was talking with a friend about something I made, and his friend said, ' man, your mom likes to cook.' Kaleb said I did, and another friend said, 'You're mom's Mormon, right?' Kaleb said I was and the friend said ''Mormon's like to cook.' and then they went on saying that when the missionaries were giving their spiel, they could add that if you join the Mormon church you'll learn how to cook! funny kids' perspectives!


LeaAnne said...

I DO LOVE to cook!!
I guess it is true in a way because we have a lot of talk about "preparing" & "preparedness" in our church! ;)
They are talking about preparing dinner right?

Verlee said...


Wendy said...

How funny. But I don't like to cook, so you can tell them not all mormons are that way. Miss you guys!

Rummfor5 said...

mormons also like to eat :)