Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We have had a lot of things going on right now...but not time to post. First, on the first week of October it was Elijah's turn to take a bike trip with J. He has been anxiously awaiting this opportunity. We have had to postpone a month or so....so they were ansy to go. They left on wed. morning after J got off work and took a little nap, since he worked all night. Since Elijah took 3 days off of school, he'd gotten his homework to do on the trip. Here are his books... protected by the waterproof bag.
The trip down is 11 hours of driving along the wa and ore coast. It is a beautiful drive. They had great weather the first day, and really enjoyed their drive.
Isn't this a cute photo!
Here they are at the redwoods. They had some great adventures. I am going to let Elijah tell the rest of the story.
On friday morning I realized they were going to have rain and cold for the last two days...they were going to be home saturday night. So, I loaded up the motorhome, hooked on the little trailer and we went out to meet them. We ended up in Lincoln City. I love the oregon coast, and so I really enjoyed the drive. It was raining hard the whole drive though. We got to Lincoln City about 45 minutes before they did. The campground we were thinking of going to wasn't that promising, so we just waited around. I don't have any photos of the cold, wet guys. I must say, riding in the cold and wet for extended periods of time is not fun! J pants didn't stay waterproof...and he was sitting in a cold puddle most of the day. Anyways they were happy to see us! A little further down the road we found a koa to camp in that had wifi...which was a blessing for me!

The next day J hung up all the wet clothes. Before that they sat in the shower stall, with all their gear. It was a huge mound of wet gear.

But, before we hung the gear, we watched and or listened to the saturday session of conference. I was so grateful we were able to get wifi, and for great technology. We really are blessed to be able to listen, and see conference whereever we are. Checkout was at 11, which is when conference ended....so we were getting everything ready the last few minutes we were watching, and as soon as they said amen, we put the computer away and left. It was awesome. Elijah made eggs for breakfast

And Kaleb made his famous cheese toast. I love having kids who can take care of themselves. We laid around watching conference while they cooked and listened.

Afterwards, we shopped....okay...I shopped...there is a great outlet mall in Lincoln City, and then took out time going home.
We stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory...bought ice cream and squeeky cheese. Here is J eating the squeeky cheese on a cracker.
Kas is trying to hear the squeek!!!We had so much fun. I know we crashed their ride, but it was fun...and I think they appreciated riding in the motorhome.

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Wendy said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I love going to the Oregon Coast. And I'm jealous you got to go to the mall in Lincoln City. Great place to shop.