Monday, October 6, 2008

OSFD Open House

I have been a slacker lately. First I thought I didn't have anything fun to write about....and then I found some photos that reminded me I did...but then I didn't have time to blog, and then we got too busy, and then I had no creative juices flowing. I really shouldn't be blogging today, because I have a ton of other things to do, but now I have a few things to blog, so I am going to at least get a bit of it done.

In the middle of Sept the fire department had an open house at the convention center. I think they would normally have it at the firehouse, but ours is in such bad shape...we are waiting for the new one to be constructed...that they did it there, which was nice. The weather wasn't great, and there wasn't a great turnout, but It was well done.

Here is my hunny running the ladder on the ladder truck.

Amber and my parents were visiting, so we drug them along. Here are my parents.
Here is the ladder truck demonstrating their water flow.
J is giving a demonstration on some of the equipment. His firehouse job is being responsible for all the equipment on the vehicles....perfect job for him....His nickname is Toolbox Towery
Isn't this a much easier way to jack up a car than those little things in the truck of our cars! Youc an see grandma, Kaleb and Elijah peeking around the firemen.
I wish I would have taken a photo of my kids. We all had ff teeshirts on.
If you ever get a chance to go to a firedept open house, do it. There was a smoke house, which is a trailer, with a mock living room, kitchen, bedroom, where they will explain what it is like and what you should do when there is a fire in your house. Then they will turn on the smoke, or steam...or whatever it is, so you can see what it is like, while still being able to breathe. I was very surprised by the experience. How much you could not see, and how easy it would to be disoriented. So, then we get to practice crawling to the door, while following the wall, or whatever, and getting to the window and crawling out. It was a great experience, and something I think every child should experience. Anyways, it was a fun event.

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The Freemans said...

Looks like fun! Sure miss those events. :)