Sunday, October 26, 2008

So, most of you know we have a construction business where we do a lot of concrete. We usually don't have animals, especially wild ones walk on our wet concrete. Actually we have only had one other time we can think of....and it was right next door to this sidewalk we poured on friday. This is an exposed agragate sidewalk, so...we couldn't try and work it out....and there were probably a few little holes. j said by the time he went back to spray off the cream, there were a bunch more prints. We saw so many deer there. It was crazy. Earlier this week, we also had a dog walk all over a driveway. We live where there is a leash law, and the general contractor on the job said they never saw dogs running free there. Luckily it was also exposed and didn't show up....but we were worried for a bit. This is another job we are working on. Concrete deck and stairs. We are pouring the sidewalks on tuesday.
Back stairs and large patio.

Driveway and cool rounded flowerpots.

I really love doing concrete. Jeremy is pretty creative with designing. We are getting ready to put a shell design in a driveway. It should turn out nice. I wanted to take a photo of me in my work clothes. carhartt jeans, ragged tee shirts and hoodies. usually frizzy hair from the humidity here...not pretty at all. When I pick the kids up at school they say they always look at my shoes to see if we are going to work afterwards or not...which is funny, that they can't tell with my clothes...that are so thrashed. Anyways, a part of our daily life.....

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