Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yesterday was the last football game for Elijah. After their game, against their closest rival school, they came in and played volleyball with the girls volleyball team. That was pretty hilarious! Elijah has been doing great in football though, and it is a sport he LOVES. He had some good coaches, which helped. It has been fun watching his enthusiasm. We have not done a lot with sports this is cool. I didn't get any photos of him this year with his team or playing. sorry.
Kaleb's had his last cross country meet today. It was also actually the first he could compete in as well. We were either out of town, or he hadn't had enough practice with the others. He started late in the season. I am proud of Kaleb because he has shown his willingness to go the extra mile in training. He doesn't give up easily, and I don't think he necessarily pushes himself too hard, but he will do all that is required of him and maybe more sometimes. I think that is a great trait. He was mostly running to train for wrestling, which is starting very soon....I think next week. He does pretty well in that. I was just thinking today how much he has changed in the last year. Last year he was pretty scrawny in his singlet....He has gained a few 7-10 I am guessing and quite a few inches....His chest is filling out...he is looking less and less like a kid...sad and excitement at the same time. Anyways, it will be interesting to see how he does this year.
Kasidee is not really participating in anything. I am tempted to take her into Aberdeen for piano...but don't know if I will stay with the commute.

We had the pumpkin auction tonight. It is fun. The 4th graders have it every year for a fundraiser for their field trips. People decorate pumpkins to sell. We got one with the ff emblem on it. It is very cool...Maybe I will take a photo of it tomorrow and post it. We are doing 3 pours tomorrow I am sure we are going to be exhausted when we are done. we'll see.

Well, I decided I am going to go to Hawaii for my brother's wedding in Feb. I have been very hesitant, cause I can't take my family and it is so much money. I want to support him on his special day, but I am a worrier.... well, I decided to live large and pray that things will work out so at least J can come with me or meet up. He is awesome for making sure I can.

I know this is all quite boring stuff...but that is what's happening with us. hope you are all well. I have a funny story to tell, but it has to go with photos...and I don't want to take the time to download them it will have to wait.


Lori said...

Yeah, we ain't rednecks either! I haven't been on your blog for a while, it's so cute. Wow, J's help with the baby delivery is awesome! I thought for sure that a story like that would have made it through Barb all the way to us, but it hadn't. Tell him way too go. And I'm so impressed with your jam and pie making! I need a bit of tutoring in those areas! I'll be sure to check back often so I can keep up on the latest with your fam. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Never being able to catch up on your guys through your blog.