Monday, November 3, 2008

I voted

I finally finished my ballot last night, after calling a few people to get clarifications on things. I am not a political junkie. in fact I get pretty frustrated and confused with most of it. But, I am so grateful for our ability to vote. I know many women have fought so that I can vote, and I am grateful we aren't the ones making that fight.

There is so much pressure though, to make the right choice, even when I live in a very liberal state...where my vote probably won't matter much. I do appreciate that I can still cast my vote.
I had planned on turning my ballot in early but couldn't get the time to do the research I wanted to feel informed. oh well. I voted!

I am anxious to see how things turn out and how the candidates do. I hope with any kind of win, that I will be pleasantly surprised by the actions of the elected officials. I know I really don't need to worry. I am grateful for that. I am so tired of all the crap that goes on with the elections. I hate people talking trash about others, no matter how evil they might be. I hate how we get so many 'part truths' and words taken out of context. Maybe I am so sensitive to this because of the Mormon bashing I have heard throughout my life...and because of my ancestors who suffered because of misconceptions and false truths. I just want to know the truth, and understand what is real. Fat chance in this world. So, since that isn't a possibility, I am grateful for guidance from One who knows! ;)

I think I have Halloween photos, but they are in J's camera, so I will post them later.

do you want to hear another redneck moment? yesterday we had stake conference. It is an hour drive away, so we decided to take the motorhome and make a day of it. J was working until that morning, so we were running later than we wanted, but he was able to change comfortably on the way. We packed a lunch, some snacks, and extra clothes, clean bed...etc... I just forgot pillows...After our meeting, we went to a state park, we hadn't visited before, and was pleasantly surprised. There was a river there, with salmon fighting to get up stream and spawn. Discovery chanel live. It was awesome. Not raining for the moment. Just nice. Then we came in and took a little nap while the kids played games. It was awesome. We are blessed.


The Freemans said...

Congratulations on getting your vote in! That is great. We are preparing for long lines tomorrow. Thankfully, we have nothing else to do!

Love that you took the motor home to Stake Conference. What a great idea!! Maybe we'll take the trailer to Ward Conference next week.... hee hee. :D

Wendy said...

Sounds like that motorhome has come in quite handy. The lines here for voting can be pretty bad depending on where you live so I'm glad we did absentee ballots.