Sunday, March 1, 2009

Elijah's basketball

One day, during a basketball game, I had some time to kill. I was messing around with my camera and found the close-up setting. I did a little experimenting, and this is what I got:
Love those shots. I need to study the manual a lot more. I have a hard time getting action, I don't have many good photos of the kids participating in their sports. Elijah's basketball season ended with great success. Their team was undefeated, if we don't count the game where the refs cheated...because one had 2 sons on the other team. It was pathetic and obvious! They started out the season pretty clumsy and was awesome to watch them progress through the season into a very good team. At the beginning they had one star player who really carried the team. He transfered schools right after the last game....and we wondered how the kids would do without him. Well, it seemed like when they had more opportunities to step up, they did! This year they were invited to participate in the harbor all stars tournament. I guess they have been having this tournament for 36 years, and this is the first year Ocean Shores has been invited. We were pretty excited. 12 boys were voted to participate and Elijah was included in the team. We'd originally planned on snowboarding that day...but the coaches came out and ganged up on J and asked him to please have Elijah there. Elijah's strong point is defense.....and we found out later, the yell leader...he's loud! anyways, we are glad we stayed around for the games, because Ocean Shores cleaned house! It was an awesome sight! Everyone played great. Our coaches were good at using the whole team, and not just the best players. Every game was good. It was awesome. and Ocean Shores now has a big trophy to take back to the new school.
anyways, here are a few shots...from the tournament and also a game against PB, the other school in our district...
It appears they were scrambling for a ref right before the game, and surprisingly, the vp comes out...who knew! she had a sweater on, so one of the teachers found her a tee shirt to use instead. We were joking that it was a little hard to take a ref with scooby doo on her shirt seriously! she did a great job though!

Here you can see Elijah's blocking skills. Elijah is aggressive, and not afraid to get in someones space. He is also really good at staying with his guy.

Here Elijah is starting out the yell....OSE...and then everyone yells COUGARS! he said at every practice they would have a different kid start it out...until one day Elijah belted it out. then it became his job! He said at the tournament...after 3 games, his throat was killing him from yelling it so much. but I know he felt important!
As you can see, both teams were red and black. Our coach found some vests, which I appreciated. The game before also had both red teams, and some of the parents said the kids had a hard time passing to their teammates and not getting confused. I was grateful for a good coach who saw a potential problem and fixed it. the vests were ugly, but worked!

the last game was intense. close the whole time. here is the halftime score. we are guests!

final score. it was intense the whole game.

Here is our winning team, Elijah is bottom left in the red. Styles is next to him. he was on the original team but didn't make it to the all-stars. He came with us to watch. Coach invited him in the picture. I thought that was cool too.

We haven't had our kids in sports much, until they were older. It has been fun watching them do well.
track starts this week!..for Kaleb!

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The Freemans said...

Great up close shots! And a BIG congrats to Elijah for all his success in B-ball this year. Way to go!!