Monday, March 2, 2009

A guy who knows how to get what he wants!

OH MY GOSH! Ekijah knows who he is and the power he holds. He told us today he just has to give his puppy dog eyes, to get what he wants! We asked what that was and how he knows, and he says he just stares intently and gets is eyes all watery and bright.....and he can always get what he wants...and then he told how he wanted to cut in line today and gave the person...we found out later, it was a girl, the look, and she is like...okay Elijah, but not you...whoever else wanted to cut! Did that make sense? At the last parent teacher conference, his teacher said, she knew he got away with the puppy dog eyes alot, but not with her! heehee. makes me laugh! He says he doesn't even have to smile or anything..just give the eyes. what a silly boy!
I am not sure where he gets his confidence from????


~amy~ said...

I have always loved that boy:) I am telling you now.... remember Kyler in 10 years E:)

Verlee said...

remember them when they were about 1 or 2! Hehe!