Tuesday, April 28, 2009

we built a shed

Grandma and Grandpa Simpson needed a shed. They are retiring in a few weeks, therefore moving and need a place to store their stuff, while they travel and build their house (hopefully). So, we went up and built them a big shed. 12x16 to be exact. They wanted a barn roof, which we have never done...( I was intending to try to talk them out of it...seemed like too much work)...
We brought the motorhome, for the convenience, and hauled the tool trailer. quite a heavy load. Dad and Mom had the lumber package delivered the day before.the roofing.While we were getting ready to set up, Kas and Tanner found some bricks, (later on we learned they were fireplace bricks) and thought they'd found a secret treasure! We told them there was probably a body buried there!
Here we are setting up the floor. As you can see, the land was not level. We think the dirt guy misunderstood where the shed was supposed to go, and gave us a nice level work spot instead of shed spot!
Here is the completed floor. I promise it is level, even though this looks otherwise.Our first wall is up! Can you tell Dad is thrilled.The boys building a wall.
Kaleb being....well, Kaleb!

Hmmm, do they look related? Kayden giving me a pose!

second wall

All the walls are up!
While I was figuring out how to talk dad out of a barn roof, J figured out a jig for the trusses. It actually went together much faster and easier than I expected. Dad helped me situate the boards on the jig, I stapled the connecting pieces....

and Elijah routered out the excess.

While we were working on that, Shayne ran to the store (I am guessing) and came back with ice cream! Yeah! I do not know who got this shot and I really can't believe I am posting it...but, as PW says....I'm just keeping it real!.....Could I get a BIGGER bite! augh!
It was good though.

Placing the beam!
putting up the trusses.

Do you see them all inside waiting to go up! It went well I thought.
Sheeting the roof and finishing up with the siding.

You can see how big it is with Elijah as a comparison. And how much the one end is off the ground! That would have been a lot of dirt moving! I think that was to be the original door side, but was changed when they noticed the steps it would take to get through!
Using the router to clean the edges.

now the roofing. They found some with a rusty colored speckle. It was very nice.
We finished right at 9 pm, with just a short lunch break...and started at around 9 am. It was a long day but very fun, and fulfilling to see it all done. We did have a few little extras to do the next morning...finishing the door (but no hinges, so not in yet) caulking, etc....and then it was pretty much done.
They think they will paint it Barn red with white trim. Won't it be cute.

Hopefully this is just a prelude to their house. We had so much fun, and imagined everyone being here to help when the house goes up.
In other news, I cut Mom's hair.
J enjoying the sun with Delilah.
Tanner catching some air!

We had a great time. We are excited for Grandma and Grandpa to move out there. It is such a beautiful and peaceful place and I know they are going to have fun with the boys around.


CTR2002 said...

that looks so great!! Way to go!

FreeFamWorld said...

Looks terrific! Great job!!

~amy~ said...

I couldnt help but smile and get a bit teary eyed at the picture of your Father with his arms spread wide.... and the smile to match. I love it! I couldnt think of two better deserving people.... we love them:) How fun for you all:)